Archive: Issue No. 111, November 2006

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Yes Men

Yes Men

Yes Men

Notable online portfolios
by Carine Zaayman

Mikhael Subotzky

Since his meteoric rise to fame, Subotzky has been prolific on both the national and international art platforms. His newly launched website called Images By is a dynamic website that showcases this artist's work.

The website suits the tenor of his work extremely well. Subotzky's photographs fall primarily into the genre of documentary, which means that in some sense, the works tend to capture a moment of particular significance or one that is especially telling of certain events or situations. As such, the work often benefits from explication of context, which is sometimes presented as text. On the website, which has been cleverly and dynamically designed, the user is able to browse an impressive series of works, as well as gain some explanation of the context simply by mousing over the images.

Alexis Van der Haeghe

Belgian animator and designer Alexis van der Haeghe's website contains some gems, but the best ones are to be found in the animation section. The short film Stilt Walkers is definitely among the best of the work featured here and is even worth the visit alone. Another fine example of his work is Old Toy ( The films are sensitively animated, the characters are convincingly handled and the storyline intriguing.


This shrewdly constructed website by Dutch designer Koert van Mensvoort, contains a wealth of entertaining material. For instance, on opening the homepage, one is greeted by a parody interface reminiscent of Google and type that appears in the search field 'Koert recommends Koert for almost everything'. From this humorous introduction, one can enter the site and browse a number of his projects, animations and short movies which reflect on the nature of nature, design and technology.

Andy Ward

The illustrations presented in this portfolio are simply exceptional. Andy Ward, who describes himself as an illustrator, character designer and animator, presents some of his portraits, as well as editorial material, poster designs and other work. The 'Music' section, under illustration, is a highlight here, but even more so is the animation section. Some may be familiar with the Super Barrio character, reworked by Ward and Bob Jaroc. Ward is further associated with Slinky picture (, which is also worth visiting.