Archive: Issue No. 109, September 2006

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1.09.06 Tyrone Appollis retrospective at Sanlam Art Gallery
1.09.06 Berni Searle at Michael Stevenson Contemporary
1.09.06 Nicola Grobler at Erdmann Contemporary
1.09.06 'Amajita in Conversation' at the AVA
1.09.06 Lyndi Sales at Bell-Roberts Contemporary
1.09.06 'The Cape Town Biennale' at blank projects
1.09.06 Dan Halter at João Ferreira Gallery
1.09.06 Cameron Platter and Ed Young at Bell-Roberts Contemporary
1.09.06 'Home' at Old Biscuit Mill complex
1.09.06 Alta Botha, David Jackson and David Bloomer at the AVA
1.09.06 Katherine Glenday at Irma Stern
1.09.06 Brett Murray at João Ferreira Gallery
1.09.06 'Out the Box' festival at the Baxter Theatre
1.09.06 'Movement' at Greatmore Studios
1.09.06 'Drawing Room 3' at what if the world...
1.09.06 'Memory and Magic' at the SANG
1.09.06 Auction of prints and multiples at 34 Long
1.09.06 Helga Kohl at Alliance Française
1.09.06 William Scarbrough at Michaelis

4.08.06 Nicholas Hlobo at Michael Stevenson Contemporary
4.08.06 Marieke Kruger at Bell-Roberts Contemporary
4.08.06 'Review' at 34 Long
4.08.06 Marianne Podlashuc at the Old Town House
4.08.06 'Breaking the Silence - A Luta Continua' at the Slave Lodge

7.07.06 'Second to None' at the SANG

11.04.06 'Facing the Past' at the SANG


1.09.06 Deryck Healey at Glen Carlou Vineyards


1.09.06 Gina Niederhumer at Cape Francolin Art Hotel


1.09.06 Self-Portraits at the Chelsea Gallery


Tyrone Appollis

Tyrone Appollis

Tyrone Appollis retrospective at Sanlam Art Gallery

A mid-career retrospective of the work of Tyrone Appollis provides a sample of the prodigious output of this visual artist, musician and performer. The exhibition offers viewers an assessment of the development and growth of the artist's work through a selection of his most recent paintings in the context of earlier works going back more than 20 years.

Stefan Hundt, curator of the Sanlam Art Gallery, said in a statement: 'Tyrone is one of the Cape's most versatile artists� His style is eclectic and he often borrows ideas and conventions from other artists of the western renaissance and modernist canon. All this and a good dose of pennywhistle, some Bach, some Brubeck and Robbie Jansen makes Appollis' pictures resonate in a mélange of colour and sound that could only be described as truly the Cape Flats in sight and sound.'

Opens: August 30
Closes: October 12

Berni Searle

Berni Searle
Yield 1
lambda print

Berni Searle at Michael Stevenson Contemporary

Acclaimed artist Berni Searle is this month exhibiting her latest project, a triple screen video installation called Night Fall, at Michael Stevenson Contemporary. The video is coupled with a series of related prints. The artist has placed herself, precariously, atop a huge mound of crushed red grape skins that have spurted out from an overhead funnel. Shot mainly in slow motion, at dawn and dusk, the work is described as contemplative and dreamlike, disrupted by an unexpected series of 'falls'.

The work alludes to the traditional process of crushing grapes with one's feet but this ritual enactment becomes somewhat futile because the juice has already been extracted. This more symbolic reading evokes ideas relating to abundance, excess and vulnerability.

Opens: September 21
Closes: October 20

Nicola Grobler

Nicola Grobler
Installation detail of 4 AUTO-STROKE 2006

Nicola Grobler at Erdmann Contemporary

Nicola Grobler's '4 AUTO-STROKE' at Erdmann Contemporary deals with the significance of cars in the South African context. She sets about stripping cars of their usual associations and exposing them as vehicles for human folly and self-obsession. Part of the idea of the exhibition is to use other spaces - like car repair shops, dealers, tyre specialists and parkades - as venues for installations with sound and materials. Viewers will be provided with a map of the multiple venues, which they can explore on foot. On opening night, viewers can visit at least one alternative venue comprising an installation with cars and sound.

Grobler says in a statement: 'In South Africa, where the gallery and museum-going public forms a small percentage of the population, putting work up in alternative spaces means that the work is exposed to a wider audience. People can view art when they go in to check their wheel alignment. They may prefer to read through a magazine, instead of engaging with the piece; nevertheless, art has come out to meet the public. Not vice versa.'

Opens: September 6
Closes: October 8

Kemang Lehulere

Kemang Lehulere
Lefu laNtate
still from life-size projection

'Amajita in Conversation' at the AVA

Thembinkhosi Goniwe, currently completing his doctorate at Cornell University, this month invites several artists to produce works of art that operate on two levels: they contend and engage with the gallery space while also negotiating the space as interactive site for representations, displays, installations or performances.

The participating artists are: Garth Erasmus, Sipho Hlati, Vuyile Voyiya, Randolph Hartzenberg, Kemang Lehulere, Mgcineni Pro Sobopha and Roderick Sauls.

Opens: September 4
Closes: September 22

Lyndi Sales

Lyndi Sales
159 life vest (detail) 2005
paper and lights
2500 x 1500 mm

Lyndi Sales at Bell-Roberts Contemporary

Lyndi Sales explores the practice of probability or chance theory and attempts to draw parallels between gambling and destiny in this solo exhibition called '1 in 11 000 000 chances' at Bell-Roberts Contemporary.

Her exhibition engages with issues around evidence lost and vagueness of memory, analogous to a deteriorating puzzle with missing pieces. According to the press release, Sales conveys 'a material sense of complex imbrications, the deterioration and decay of the political and personal, the past and the present'. To this end, Sales uses collage, layering, cutting and patching to create delicate and detailed paper works.

Opens: September 13
Closes: October 7

'The Cape Town Biennale' at blank projects

Artists frustrated by the recent postponement of 'TRANS CAPE' and 'X-Cape' until March next year have been offered the chance to squeeze their planned work into a one-roomed gallery in a condensed tongue-in-cheek version of the month-long art event. Andrew Lamprecht says talk of postponement is much exaggerated: 'In response to the Cape Africa Platform's postponement of their not-a-biennale, we are proud to present the entire event at blank projects. All artists, official and fringe, are hereby formally invited to submit the works that they would have exhibited at the Trans Cape and X-Cape events.'

Lamprecht will act as CEO, artistic director and chairman of the board of 'The Cape Town Biennale 2006' and Kathy Coates will be the curator.

Opens: 6pm, September 13
Closes: October 6

Dan Halter

Dan Halter
Stone Tablets/ Bitter Pills 2005
13 x 13 x 7cm each, installation dimensions vary

Dan Halter at João Ferreira Gallery

João Ferreira this month hosts a début solo by artist Dan Halter that comprises a range of artworks engaging with his experience as a white man growing up in Zimbabwe and his present condition of 'self-imposed exile' in South Africa.

The exhibition includes video, sculpture, weaving, collage and assemblage. According to the media release, the exhibition has its origins in post-conceptualism, literary cut-ups, games of culture and currency, and the histories of colonial occupation and revolution in Africa.

Halter says: 'I think art does create a consciousness that can cause social or political change. I think art should attack the status quo in as many different ways as possible. I think it should manifest itself wherever possible, on the streets and in buildings. I think this particular body of work was made for a gallery audience - to jolt the intellectuals out of their complacency and to start looking at the future of South Africa with an awareness of what is going on in Zimbabwe and the rest of Africa.'

Opens: September 6
Closes: September 30

Cameron Platter

Cameron Platter
Carved wood

Cameron Platter and Ed Young at Bell-Roberts Contemporary

Cameron Platter and Ed Young both present solo shows, entitled respectively '3 Missed Calls' and 'It was only a blow-job'.

Platter has diversified from his well known drawings and videos and includes sculpture on this show. His recognizable characters, from gangster elephants, rhinos, g-stringed Go-Go cats, penguins and crocodiles in swimsuits recur alongside spaceships, fast cars, chainsaws, Cuban cigars, bloody eyeballs, casinos and other imagery. Platter has produced a catalogue to accompany the show.

Alongside, Young presents a show described as 'an attempt to portray his absolute genius and multi-disciplinary talents' as well as the publication of his public apology, a book called I Can Explain.

Opens: September 20
Closes: October 7

David Bloomer

David Bloomer
Railway House (detail)
700 x 500mm

'Home' at Old Biscuit Mill complex

A recently redeveloped complex in Woodstock called The Old Biscuit Mill is the venue for a visual art exhibition that engages with the complex notion of 'Home'. It is hosted by the The Public Pool Production Company, which is now based at the Old Biscuit Mill.

The exhibition is curated by Ena Carstens, Nicholas Hales and Nadja Daehnke, who will show their own work alongside artists Jo O'Connor, Lyndi Sales, David Bloomer, Tina Jensen, Johann van der Schijff, Clare Menck, Svea Josephy and John Murray.

In a separate initiative at the same venue, what if the world... is kicking off its weekly 'Neighbourhood Goods Market' in an old warehouse at the complex. It runs every Saturday, starting on September 2, from 9am - 4pm and includes art installations, fresh produce, fashion and more. For more info about this call (021) 461 2573.

Opens: September 27
Closes: October 6

David Jackson

David Jackson
oil on canvas

Alta Botha, David Jackson and David Bloomer at the AVA

Alta Botha exhibits a mixed media installation in the main gallery this month, while David Jackson shows recent paintings in the Long gallery and David Bloomer's colour photographs entitled 'Impressions' are upstairs.

Opens: September 22
Closes: October 13

Katherine Glenday at the Irma Stern Museum

Katherine Glenday, known as a porcelain artist, presents a collaborative show of visual and performance art at the UCT Irma Stern Museum. Participants work mainly with sound to challenge paradigms on many levels, exploring interaction between soundwaves, paper, porcelain, air, and dance. According to the Irma Stern Museum, Glenday explores 'the flow between stillness and sound, movement and stasis and the dynamism of artists in communion'.

An associated programme of music and dance performances by the Remix Dance Company will also be held at the Irma Stern Museum, Hodgson Hall and the Little Theatre on UCT's Hiddingh campus.

Opens: August 29
Closes: September 16

Brett Murray

Brett Murray
Red Sea 2006
painted steel
100 x 80cm


Brett Murray at João Ferreira Gallery

'Sleep Sleep' is a new series of works by Brett Murray. The show includes bronzes, paintings, prints, plastic cut-outs and photographs. The exhibition made its début at the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg in April/ May this year and now comes to Cape Town, where Murray lives and works.

Murray is well known for his satirical works. 'Sleep Sleep' began life in 2005 through an intention to explore different materials and processes to allow for jumps and associations between ideas. Murray said: 'I consciously didn't constrict or frame what I was doing into a thematic straightjacket'.

His bronzes describe children's toy-like animals in a thinly veiled critique on notions of incompetence, greed and buffoonery. There is a series of large perspex cutouts of sleeping heads, a group of photographic self portraits called New Beginnings, a Zen-like series of portrait paintings of his 'favourite politicans' arseholes', a series of reworked Cardies-style images, and a few text-based works.

Opens: September 27
Closes: October 28

'Out the Box' festival at the Baxter

A multi-disciplinary festival on the topic of puppets, masks and visual performances takes place at various city venues this month including the Baxter, various theatres on UCT's Hiddingh Campus, and the Gugu S'thebe Cultural Centre in Langa. The Little theatre complex on Orange street will host performances including Peter Van Heerden's Bok with the Erf 81 Collective and the Odd Enjinears' National Symphony Orchestra.

The festival has been developed to provide a platform for the presentation and support of visual performance created by both established and new artists working to explore new and alternative visual languages in performance in South Africa.

A major part of the festival will be centred around artistic development and skills sharing, with workshops through the week and a symposium on 'The Power of the Object in Performance in Africa' on Friday September 15. Other workshop contributors include the Handspring Puppet Company, run by Adrian Kohler and Basil Jones.

Opens: September 11
Closes: September 16

'Movement' at Greatmore Studios

'Movement' comprises works in progress by visiting artists at the Greatmore Studios in Woodstock. Coster Mkoki (Zimbabwe), Mambakwedza H Mutasa (Zimbabwe), Petros Ghebrehiwot (Eritrea) and Ugochukwu-Smooth Nwezi (Nigeria) are currently resident there.

Mkoki's work usually engages with emotional and social comment about his environment, through observation and interaction. Fellow Zimbabwean Mutasa defines the core of his work as 'consciousness of the presence of present things'. He works mostly in sculpture but also explores photography, painting and performance as expressive tools.

Ghebrehiwot depicts daily life, in particular activities usually regarded as invisible. He is currently working on 'the social world' where individuals gather and form a crowd for social, cultural, political or religious reasons: 'A crowd is powerful and can bring change'. Nzewi is described as exploring the different terrains of art for creative expression.

Xolelani Pat Matshikiza (Cape Town) and Yeul Byung Lee (Korea) will also exhibit. Local artists resident at Greatmore, including Madi Phala, Mandla Vanyaza, Nadja Daehnke, Nicholas Hales, Norman O'Flynn and others, will open their studios to the public.

Opens: 5pm, September 22
Closes: September 26

Heather Moore

Heather Moore
Dandelion 2006
Acrylic on wood

'Drawing Room 3' at what if the world...

what if the world... this month hosts the third in the series of acclaimed graphic art shows called 'The Drawing Room'. It comprises several Cape Town-based illustrators, designers and artists: Jesse Breytenbach, Jacqui Stecher, Francesco Nassimbeni, Heather Moore and two newcomers to the collective: Heath Nash and Willeen le Roux.

Opens: 5.30pm, September 1
Closes: September 30

Contemporary art of the !Xun and Khwe at SANG

A retrospective selection of 82 of the best works produced by seven artists from the !Xun and Khwe Cultural Project in the private collection of Hella Rabbethge-Schiller of Rosenheim, Germany, is on show at the SANG this month. Entitled 'Memory and Magic' the works on paper and canvas span the period from the inception of the project in 1994 until the present.

Rabbethge-Schiller inherited a farm near Kimberley in the 1970s and built up a visual archive of over 400 works from the !Xun and Khwe artists in an nearby community. The collection is regarded as the largest and most comprehensive of such art in existence and has until now resided outside South Africa.

Opens: September 23
Closes: January 2007

Walter Battiss

Walter Battiss
silkscreen, edition 25
60 x 43cm

Auction of prints and multiples at 34 Long

34Long is offering a carefully selected collection of prints and multiples for sale at auction in conjunction with ONAUCTION. The auction will be held at 6.30pm, Wednesday October 4. Viewing takes place on September 29 (9am � 5pm), September 30 (10am � 2pm) and October 3 (9am � 5pm).

The auction includes lithographs, serigraphs, etchings, photography and cast sculpture. 34Long says the auction has been conceived to address the growing demand from new collectors for quality artworks produced in techniques and media that permit production of multiples of a unique original.

Auction: 6.30pm, October 4

Helga Kohl

Helga Kohl
43 Haus des Rechnungsfuehrers

Helga Kohl at Alliance Française

Namibian photographer Helga Kohl, who participated in the 2005 Bamako Biennale, shows her photographs of Kolmanskop at Alliance Française this month. The famous ghost town, situated between Lüderitz and the Bogenfels rock arch on Namibia's southern Atlantic coast, is one of many former diamond settlements that lie disintegrating in the sands of the Sperrgebiet. Kohl photographs the circle of life evident in the remains of the once inhabited town, now half covered by sand.

Kohl has had solo and group exhibitions in South Africa, Namibia and beyond. Her main focus is architectural and fine art photography. She has a keen interest in the San people and has undertaken documentary work on their lives. She has also been involved in documenting the work of Namibian artists for the National Art Gallery of Namibia.

Opens: August 29
Closes: September 12

William Scarbrough

William Scarbrough
Wayne Williams Family Bedroom_001 2006
archival digital print (Williams Family Archives)

William Scarbrough at Michaelis

From 1979 to 1981 a series of mysterious murders in Atlanta, Georgia gripped the world and were covered each night on the evening news. During this time, a killer, or group of killers, brutally murdered 68 African American children and young adults. Twenty-five years later, it is widely accepted that Wayne Bertram Williams is the Atlanta Child Murderer.

'Reclamation' is American artist William Scarbrough's most recent work. The artist uses the Atlanta child murders to explore the power of the media and the illusive nature of memory, having spent the past five years in an effort to reclaim what to him was a media event, witnessed on television as a 12 year old boy in the early 1980s. He has directly challenged 'the truth' of these murders by going back to interview all the people involved: the police, FBI and GBI investigators, the prosecution and defense teams in the Wayne Williams trial, local authorities and politicians, reporters, authors, supreme court justices, eyewitnesses, mothers of the victims, the Williams family, and even Wayne Williams - the man convicted of the murders, juxtaposing his discoveries against the media presentation of this tragic event.

These interviews were recorded on video, while the artist also assembled documents, images, television news footage, police files, court decisions and pulp articles. From this enormous database, Scarbrough has created 'Reclamation', a multimedia installation utilising modern technology to navigate a media frenzy that consumed and regurgitated this story during an age of technological infancy. What Scarbrough brings to us is his journey through masses of information, confusion, sensationalisation, bewilderment and conspiracy.

Opens: 6pm, September 5
Closes: September 19

Nicholas Hlobo

Nicholas Hlobo
Intende 2006
rubber inner tube, ribbon, fabric
200 x 150 x 150cm (approx)

Nicholas Hlobo at Michael Stevenson Contemporary

Nicholas Hlobo, the 2006 Tollman award winner, holds his first solo exhibition this month presented by Michael Stevenson Contemporary. Hlobo's affinity for non-traditional materials such as rubber inner tubes, leather, ribbons, soap and found objects is strongly evident in his latest creations.

Hlobo's work often explores issues related to sexual identity, masculinity and ethnicity and frequently makes reference to Xhosa idioms. In this exhibition, he explores 'comfort, shelter, protection, beauty, cleanliness, sacred space, pleasure and fantasy'. Hlobo said of his process in a 2005 statement: 'I always find that the material tends to dominate the entire process. My ideas evolve in unexpected ways as the material helps me discover new things. The start usually seems like trying to roll a rock as large as a double-decker bus, and by the completion of the work I go, "Wow, I can't believe I went through that and came back sane".'

Hlobo has exhibited at numerous local and international venues this year, including the group exhibition 'Olvida Quien Soy - Erase me from who I am' at the Centro Atlantico de Arte Moderno in Las Palmas, Canary Islands. He is also one of 28 South African artists selected to participate in next month's four-week art event, 'TRANS CAPE'.

Opens: August 19
Closes: September 16

Marieke Kruger

Marieke Kruger
To a Promised Land
charcoal and pastel drawing and digital print on Hahnuemeule paper

Marieke Kruger at Bell-Roberts Contemporary

Marieke Kruger creates multi-dimensional, ambiguous spaces that draw the poetic and the everyday into an imaginative conceptual interplay. In 'To a Promised Land' she explores the possibility of bringing about a dialogue between identity, womanhood and a sense of belonging through porcelain, etching, digital and litho prints, charcoal and pastel drawings.

Kruger was recently shortlisted as an Absa L'Atelier finalist. She has held two solo shows, participated in numerous group exhibitions and undertaken two residencies in Belgium.

Opens: August 16
Closes: September 9


Toughness cover
acrylic on wood

Robert Hodgins

Robert Hodgins
Study in blue and orange
oil on canvas

'Review' at 34 Long

'Review' at 34 Long is aimed at introducing new work from the international circuit in addition to showing selected works from the gallery's inventory. A highlight is a work by Japanese artist Mr., who is a protégé of Takashi Murakami. The latter is one of Japan's best known contemporary artists famous for his 'super-flat' productions at Kaikai Kiki in Tokyo. The exhibition also includes work by relative newcomer and Kaikai Kiki associate Chiho Aoshima whose work, according to 34 Long, has not been exhibited in South Africa before.

Viewers will also be able to buy a limited edition hand-coloured spot etching by UK artist Damien Hirst, called Xylene Cyanol dye solution. Hirst's spot works have become a phenomenon, with 500 paintings produced at the last count. 34 Long says the most popular item in the Tate Modern store is apparently the Hirst spot badge, of which over 20 000 have been sold. Also on exhibition are works by Amsterdam-based South African artist Marlene Dumas.

Opens: August 8
Closes: September 9

Marianne Podlashuc

Marianne Podlashuc
Herder met Bokke 1958
oil on board

Marianne Podlashuc

A young Podlashuc with one of her works

Marianne Podlashuc at the Old Town House

A selection of artworks by Dutch artist Marianne Podlashuc is on show at The Old Town House until the end of October. Each artwork is accompanied by a caption that highlights the vicissitudes of the era in which she lived. She was born in 1932 and lived through the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands during WWII. Her awareness of social injustice is reflected in her South African work of the 1950s and 1960s.

Herder met Bokke, painted in 1958, was rejected by the Vrystaat Kunsvereeniging for political reasons, an event that precipitated the formation of the Bloemfontein Group that same year. Her painting Three Boys (1961) became well known when it was used as a cover for Alan Paton's Penguin edition of Cry the Beloved Country.

Curator Hayden Proud states: 'Her realist style fits well within the Dutch tradition and most of her subject matter was drawn from local sources. She played an early and unacknowledged role in forging a realist art in South Africa that was subtly critical of apartheid.'

A special tour of the exhibition will be held on Women's Day, August 10 at 10am .

Opens: July 6
Closes: October 31

Slave Lodge

Murals from the exhibition (detail)

'Breaking the Silence - A Luta Continua' at the Slave Lodge

The struggle against apartheid is explored visually through scrapbooks, body-maps, photographs, memory cloths, drawings, paintings, banners and film in this group exhibition entitled 'Breaking the Silence' at the Iziko Slave Lodge.

The artwork has been produced by Western Cape members of the Khulumani Support Group, which helps survivors of apartheid violence and torture. Stories from the Bontheuwel Veterans' Association are included, as well as a selection of rural stories that are also available in a booklet called The eye has never seen enough, the ear has never heard enough.

The exhibition is the result of five years of collaborative work between the Human Rights Media Centre and Khulumani. A parallel educational outreach and seminar programme is being arranged. The Slave Lodge also recently opened its doors to a permanent exhibition about slavery and the role the Western Cape played in the global slave route. Artist Roderick Sauls has created a memory wall and Garth Erasmus exhibits a sound installation.

Opens: July 31
Closes: November 30

Zanele Muholi

Zanele Muholi

Tracy Payne

Tracy Payne

'Second to None' at the SANG

Curated by Virginia Mackenny and Gabi Ngcobo, this large show of (mainly) women's work commemorates the spirit of the Women's March to Pretoria in 1956, and celebrates the power of women, while examining issues of gender, race and identity. Artists include Penny Siopis, Diane Victor, Tracy Payne, and rising young artists like Lolo Veleko and Zanele Muholi. See Linda Stupart's review.

Part of the show but in its own exhibition space are the arresting large scale black and white photographic portraits of some of the 75 women featured in Karina Turok's newly launched book, Body and Soul (Doublestorey Publishers).

Opens: June 24
Closes: September 3

Vuyisani Mgijima

Vuyisani Mgijima

'Facing the Past: Seeking the Future Reflections on a Decade of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission' at the SANG

A decade after the country's Truth and Reconcilliation Commission was established, an exhibition at the Iziko South African National Gallery recognises and reflects on its achievements. The show includes often iconic works by artists such as Steve Hilton-Barber, Rose Kgoete, Kevin Brand and Zwelethu Mthethwa as well as works which 'look to the future' by Given Makhubele and Vuyisani Mgijima among others. All works are from the permanent collection of the Iziko South African National Gallery.

Opens: April 4
Closes: end 2006


Deryck Healey

Deryck Healey
Are Black Heads White I, II, III 1979-1990
wood, glass, paper, bronze, acrylic and enamel
249 x 249 x 15cm

Deryck Healey at the Glen Carlou Vineyard

Swiss businessman Donald M. Hess, founder of the Hess Group, owns an impressive contemporary collection including works by Andy Goldsworthy, Georg Bäselitz, Susan Derges, Franz Gertsch, Alois Lichtsteiner, Leopoldo Maler, Nakis Panayotidis, Vincent Prud'homme, Gustav Troger and recently deceased South African artist Deryck Healey. A selection of works by Healey forms the bulk of this inaugural show at Glen Carlou winery outside Paarl, supplemented by several Goldsworthy 'snowball paintings'.
Healey, born in Durban in 1937, lived and worked in South Africa and the UK. The collection will undergo regular changes; according to curator Myrtha Steiner, and an installation by Goldsworthy is one future possibility. Said Hess at the opening: 'If you imagine that an artist puts heart and soul into art, you can't just walk by because the painting needs time to respond to your looks. I have also learnt to rely on my eyes and my intuition... Art mirrors not only the artist and his feelings and interior life or ideas but also mirrors the times we live in. A sincere artist can't just paint a field with flowers when he thinks about the world.'

Opens: August 24
Closes: Ongoing


Gina Niederhumer

Gina Niederhumer
No 4 2006

Gina Niederhumer at Cape Francolin Art Hotel

Austrian fibre artist and lecturer Gina Niederhumer exhibits 'Fragments of the Past' at Riebeek Kasteel's Cape Francolin Art Hotel. The exhibition is based on photographs taken by herself on a recent visit to abandoned Namibian towns.

Niederhumer identifies with the loss and sense of longing for distant places and people. Her works use thread, cloth, and the needle to physically join up and overcome, at least symbolically, the sense of disjuncture that is so normal in a country characterised by colonial and economic migrations and the consequent fragmention of families.

Opens: September 1
Closes: October 21


Judy Woodbourne

Judy Woodbourne
Alchemical Diagram
gold-leaf on board painted with oil, with etched copper cut-out
30 x 40cm

Self-Portraits at the Chelsea Gallery

The Chelsea Gallery in Darling hosts a group exhibition of self-portraits this month. Participating artists include: Tyrone Appollis, Beezy Bailey, Jean Beeton, Hardy Botha, Lien Botha, Gabriel Clark-Brown, Peter Clarke, Alice Goldin, Natasja de Wet, William Kentridge, Gregory Kerr, Erik Laubscher, Johann Louw, Nicolaas Maritz, Judith Mason, Clare Menck, Wang Peng, Francois Roux, Eris Silke, Lyn Smuts, Jan Vermeiren, Herman van Nazareth, Nina van der Westhuizen and Judy Woodbourne.

Opens: 11am, September 2
Closes: September 30