Peter Mammes

Triumph Prosthetics for the People

Triumph Prosthetics for the People 2014, Invitation,

Triumph Prosthetics for the People

Triumph Prosthetics for the People 2014, Invitation,

Iconography of the Just

Iconography of the Just 2014, Invitation,


'Iconography of the Just'

Peter Mammes at ROOM Gallery/Projects

The exhibition presents new and recent works by Peter Mammes, whose style is framed within the intricate and repeated use of collected patterns alongside juxtapositions of referential iconography influenced by the artist’s travels in Russia and India.

According to the Mammes his work 'deals with contradictions, discrimination, deformity and hypocrisy.'
The intention is to encourage viewers to question their own established and contextual perspectives when considering what is deemed as 'normal'. In the seemingly beautiful compositions that make up the presentation, macabre iconography and repeated patterns are used.

Applying his artistic license Peter Mammes juxtaposes problematic historical figures along side deformity and guillotines; animal skeletal remains as signifiers of time, the polemics surrounding nationalism, and questioning of what is deemed as 'absurd'. Peter says: 'The current state of the world is precariously kept in its place, our views about gender, class and race are manipulated to fit a certain norm, those norms have not been constant throughout time and they are also different in different locations around the world. ... Our deformities, culture and gender does not give us a free reign to discriminate and judge because from another contextual perspective we are the exotic and strange.'

11 July 2014 - 09 August 2014

'Triumph Prosthetics for the People'

Peter Mammes at NiROX PROJECTS at Arts on Main

Peter Mammes’ investigation of the fluid nature of civilization, the underlying nature of how events really were and how circumstances would probably be perpetuated regardless of what we were meant to learn from history.

An elaborate and purposeful creation of otherness through patterned compositions of drawings. A reassessment of the human race’s current condition by looking at the obscured and hidden objects that society has deemed grotesque and inappropriate, Peter Mammes’intent is to make the viewer question his or her assumptions and preconceived ideas.

Mammes is not stating an ultimate truth, he is only leading the viewer to question and discuss this age and societies particular assumptions and taboos. Mammes has worked on his distinctive style of drawing by collecting subject matter from strange and far away locations, he has also incorporated found objects like unwashed blankets and sheets from mental hospitals.

The drawings are simultaneously a critique and homage to dubious figures and sinister subjects that can be interpreted in multiple ways and has purposefully been illustrated in an unambiguous way.

26 October 2014 - 16 November 2014