From: Deon Botha

Subject: Congrats

Congratulations on an informative, to-the-point and quick and easy-to-navigate website.

From: Kearn Bamber, ePAGES Internet Consultants

Subject: Great Site

Hey Guys & Girls & Others

Great to see such a site in this (so they say) deprived little backwater of ours. Do you have an offline mag, or just electronic?

Also do you want some material from Durban (besides the NSA)? I can spread the word if you like eg I am sure Virginia and Carol (current listed NSA exhibition) would have given me some pics if they knew the opportunity to reach 75 million was there. Mail me a poster and I'll put it up on the NSA board etc.

PS: Any chance of reducing the image sizes on your pages - all that file size really adds up, man.

- So glad you like the site, which is online only, and goes up at the beginning of each month. Regarding file size - we know it takes a while to download, but think that postage stamp-sized images don't do the work sufficient justice. Yes, do send material for possible inclusion - it can be e-mailed to or posted to Sue Williamson, 4th Floor, 152 Sir Lowry Road, Cape Town, 8001.

From: Jaco-Louis Groenewald

Subject: Technology

I would just like to know what technology you used in setting up your website. Are you running the site on a Microsoft NT server? I would really appreciate it if you can forward me the answer.

- The technology used to set the site up was Apache, and it runs off a Sun server

From: Uwe Pfaff "Hip Hop"

Subject: surf report

Hi Sue

Have just been out surfing and came across this arty wave. good to see you around these shores.

It is amazing how the net connects things around us, and inside us.

For the past 10 years I have been into the art of survival as a family man with fast growing children.

Things are easing off now and I have been doing lots of drawings.

See you around and keep well

- Uwe Pfaff was well known in the early Eighties for his fine wood sculpture and his drawings


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