Kevin Brand
Pietà 11 1998
Black, grey and white sontape
Installed on the wall of the
Musée de Dakar


Kevin Brand invited to Chicago

Kevin Brand's success at the Dakar Biennale with his outdoor installation of more than 4000 "pixels" of black, white and grey plastic tape affixed to the Museum of Dakar to form Pieta 11 (ArtThrob 10) has led to a further invitation. Under the auspices of the University of Wisconsin, Brand will travel to Chicago in December of this year in order to select a suitable building and plan a new piece, which will be erected in the spring of 1999 as part of a major art event, Art Chicago Project 1999.

Geers for Pace Roberts Foundation

For the past five years, the Pace Roberts Foundation for Contemporary Art in San Antonio, Texas, has offered artists one of the most prestigious artists-in- residence programmes available anywhere. Arts professionals around the world are invited to nominate candidates, who must then prepare an elaborate packet of slides and documentation for submission. Judging is by leading international curators and museum directors. Successful candidates receive a round trip airfare to San Antonio, living, working and exhibition space as well as logistical support and stipends for living expenses. The residency ends with an exhibition and a handsome catalogue. Previous residents include Antony Gormley, Cornelia Parker, Felix Gonzalez-Torres and Annette Messager. This year, Kendell Geers has been accepted for a residency, and it is understood that Tracey Rose is next in line, for 1999.



Cultural Weapon too sharp

"Arm Yourself with Information" is the subhead on the red cover of The Cultural Weapon, a journal compiled and distributed monthly to subscribers by arts and culture consultants Article 27 under the editorship of Mike van Graan. Each issue contains an editorial on a current cultural issue, and is filled with the sort of invaluable information about funding, lists of visual arts residencies and bursaries, current cultural exchanges between countries that is almost impossible to winkle out in bulk by the individual. There are also pages of press cuttings on the arts. At R54 to subscribers for six issues of the 100-page publication, funding was clearly essential, and in this case it was the generous Royal Netherlands Embassy who, since April 1997, was the principal funder.

Now it seems that the criticisms directed at the Department of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology in editorials in The Cultural Weapon were a little too painful for the Director General, Mr Roger Jardine, to bear. Some time back Van Graan was surprised to receive a request from his funders to remove their logo fom the inside back cover of the magazine. He was shocked to be given to understand that Jardine had expressed his disappointment at the Embassy's funding of the Weapon, deeming it inappropriate that a foreign government should be funding a publication critical of the South African government - a disappointment subsequently denied by Jardine.

Now Van Graan has decided to go public on the matter, issuing a press release pointing out that for the Department of Arts and Culture to exert pressure in this way is completely out of line and against the principles of democracy. To save themselves the embarrassment of having to account for their actions, they are happy to deprive the public of an invaluable resource.

It is the kind of bureaucratic meddling which fills one with forboding.

For the full text of Van Graan's statement on the matter, or for more on the topic, click on to

Arts and Culture Forum launched in Cape Town

Cape Town is this year's winner of the Arts and Culture Trust President's Award for City of the Year in Support of the Arts. The Mother City was cited "for being the only city in the post-1994 era to devise an arts policy with its constituents and develop a mechanism to put this in place".

And it has, too. More than a year of planning in which the City Council did its best to contact as many cultural organisations and individuals as possible, staging a series of working meetings, has led to the launch of the Arts and Culture Forum of the City of Cape Town. This took place on June 13, in the Joseph Stone Auditorium in Athlone, and a programme of action was put forward, and subcommittees formed.

Anyone who wishes to have a say in the cultural life of the city can get involved. Direct inquiries to Rae Salie at 937-2417.

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