Boxing Madiba

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To view the Boxing Madiba page
you will require a version 4
browser capable of supporting Dynamic
HTML. This is available for free
download and installation from the
Electric Ocean "ToolShed" on the
Bosman Johnson FCB site.
Unfortunately the page will not be
visible without this requirement.


Celebrate the birthday of a real fighter

A "Boxing Madiba" was created for the Bosman Johnson FCB website by Electric Ocean as one of the elements of an online "immersive experience" that uses new web technology to create a series of screens that offer more than a static website would. Through the inventive use of Dynamic HTML, Electric Ocean hoped to portray an image of Bosman Johnson FCB as an agency founded on ideas and creativity.

The Boxing Madiba plays on the idea of the business practice of "boxing clever", inviting browsers to control a stylised arcade-game version of President Mandela as a prime fighter.

Technically, Dynamic HTML (hypertext markup language) is a radical advance on the constraints of the older "flat" web page markup language which dicates the layout of web pages. DHTML allows layers of "flat" HTML code to be placed in relation to one another, allowing the user to make the Madiba illustration "jab", "bob and weave" and dance the inimitable "Madiba shuffle".

Original work produced by Lyndon Hale and Evan Milton of Electric Ocean, scripted by Nisan Bloch, illustrated by Ivan Johnson. Reproduced for ArtThrob with kind permission of Bosman Johnson FCB and Electric Ocean.

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