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A studio in Amsterdam

Ever imagined yourself flying off to Amsterdam and working there as an artist for a few months, with your own large studio and living space? If your application to the Thami Mnyele Foundation is accepted, this could be you, as they say in the ads.

The Thami Mnyele Foundation is an independent organisation run by volunteers, artists and art friends, and supported financially by the Amsterdam City Council and others. Founded in 1992, and named for the South African artist/activist killed in a cross-border raid, the Foundation has been invaluable to a number of this country's artists in providing a cultural exchange and facilitating their entrance to the Amsterdam art world.

Every year, a number of African artists are selected for a working stay of three to six months. Airfare is paid for, and accommodation and working space is in a former school building occupied by other artists. A modest living stipend is provided. The Foundation organises visits to local artists, participation in training programmes or workshops.

What the Foundation is looking for: resourceful artists who will work independently during their stay and make good use of their time; the submittance of a general plan at least a month before arrival so the foundation can set up contacts etc; feedback to the Foundation in Amsterdam in the form of a post-visit report; feedback in South Africa: passing on the experience gained here in the form of workshops.

For application details contact the Thami Mnyele Foundation at PO Box 10768, 1001 ET Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Tel/fax: 0931-20-625-6274; e-mail:

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