From: Kurt von Schuschnigg, New York

Subject: Marc Latamie

Please let me know how I can get in touch with Marc Latamie. Thanks for your help.

- Can anyone help with this query? Thanks.

From: Fons Geerlings, director: Foundation Africaserver

Subject: ArtThrob

I just went through your marvellous ArtThrob virtual magazine and linked it to our This server brings info about and from Africa. We pay a lot of attention to African art and made among others four exhibitions with work from African artists living in Holland. I am continuously looking for virtual exhibitions which I grouped in our section arts and culture. I hope you can find time to have a look at our website which is in English and Dutch. If you wish to make a link feel free to do so.

- This website is well worth bookmarking, and we have added it to our links.

From: Pierre, Revue Noire

Subject: ArtThrob

After spending some minutes on the net and discovering your site (I must confess this was the first time) I'd like to congratulate you. It is easy to access, short and bright info, nice review from Paul on Beuys, just great. May I let you know the Revue Noire photographic exhibition will be in São Paolo from October 27 to November 15 before coming to CT. I'll let you know more soon.

From: Hans Neuendorf, artnet

Subject: Welcome to the search engine

Congratulations! You are now accessible to art professionals the world over on

Focusing exclusively on the artworld, has introduced the Internet's first search engine devoted to the artworld, and we have marked your URL for inclusion.

The search on is not mechanical or haphazard, glutted with page after page of dead links and useless information. Rather, we are an edited search, focusing on those sites of specific interest to collectors and art professionals.

Should you know of additional sites for consideration, we would be glad to hear from you.

- Another website to check out, particularly for the international reviews and magazine content.

From: Catherina Scheepers

Subject: ArtThrob

Bob Weinek alerted me to ArtThrob - it really is a pleasure to have access to the info that it offers - especially here in a small Free State town where we can't get The Sunday Times, let alone the Mail & Guardian! So thank you.


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