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Abrie Fourie

Abrie Fourie
Pile of Bikes
Amsterdam, 2000

26.09.01 Abrie Fourie seeks bibles for public monument
26.09.01 Opportunity to exhibit at Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder
26.09.01 Call for entries: 'Art tunes into a New Channel'

21.08.01 Marketing service for professional artists

21.09.01 World Trade Centre crash: collecting visual artefacts
21.09.01 Cape Town Month of Photography 2002
21.09.01 Fortis Graphix animated gif contest
21.09.01 Diaz Strand Art Café in Mosselbay
05.09.01 Submissions invited for Walking the Street 2002
05.09.01 Documentary picture story competition
14.08.01 Spier Outdoor Sculpture Biennial
10.07.01 South African photographers' database
10.07.01 JavaMuseum online project
03.07.01 PPC Cement's Young Concrete Sculptor Awards
05.06.01 Proposals for the Museum of Temporary Art
05.06.01 Gallery 111 invites proposals
29.05.01 Art and science collaboration symposium
24.04.01 5th Kochi International Triennial Exhibition of Prints

31.07.01 Artists' residency at Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder, Norway
24.07.01 Contemporary dance residency in Switzerland
05.06.01 Surreal Estates residence in Sacramento, California

05.09.01 Opportunity for freelance artists
12.06.01 Space for hire at João Ferreira Fine Art
08.05.01 The new Michaelis Art Shop
17.04.01 Monthly photographic crits
06.02.01 SAARTE-Zine - Free electronic art magazine

Abrie Fourie seeks bibles for public monument

For his participation in the Joubert Park Public Art Project, which opens in mid-October, artist Abrie Fourie proposed a public monument constructed out of bibles in as many local languages as possible to be placed in the park itself. It is an extension of a previous piece, Piles of Bikes, constructed out of abandoned bicycles on Dam Square in Amsterdam during 2000. The intention of the piece is to be "public property by implication - whether people choose to take some bibles for themselves or decide to sell them etc, it is their prerogative. This will not only be a twist on the general perception of a monument but also literally become public art via their participation in the performative aspect of the work that greatly depends on their interaction," he says. The structure itself requires 500 bibles to build a structure of 2m x 1m, but as yet Fourie has not received the number of bibles required. This "educational/spiritual takeaway of sorts" is described by the artist below:

"Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God." [Matthew 4.4, The New International Version, (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan Publishing House) 1984]

This project necessitates the participation. As an artist coming from a Christian perspective I hope to build a monument that will function as a spiritual pitstop of sorts, literally a takeaway monument for members of the public.

As we all are aware, Joubert Park is a poverty-stricken area alluding to hunger generally associated with poverty. In light of the latter the intention of the project is that of providing a more important source of sustenance than food; rather than merely providing temporal relief from physical hunger, it nurtures our spiritual needs in a way that benefits us eternally. Further to spread hope through the written word as well as an educational element being a publication that is published in many vernacular languages/dialects for which there are as yet no other written forms.

This a opportunity for individuals, organisations and corporate to participate in the building of this exciting monument that is intentionally not physically a landmark but can rather a signpost for an eternal monument of hope. Public participation both in the donating of and eventual picking out of the bibles from the constructed monument will help with the development, in a country where development, education and upliftment are a priority on the agenda or should be.

I'm in need of as many bibles as possible you can participate by either donating a bible (that's lying somewhere on a shelf gathering dust) or any financial donation in order to buy bibles of as many local languages as possible.

This is an opportunity to show true love to those around us.

For participation details you can contact Abrie Fourie on 082 7754 272 or email or contact:
the joubert park public art project
Bie Venter - 614 8274 (t) or 618 1139 (f) or 083 728 5606; PO Box 53257, Troyeville 2139 Johannesburg

Proposals invited for exhibition at Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder

Already host to an artist residency programme, Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder (LKV) now offers an exhibition opportunity to a guest artist. If you've already applied for a residency you can still apply for this exhibition without being excluded from other periods of the residency. If you haven't applied yet we hope you will apply both for the exhibition and the artist residency program.


Trondhjem Kunstforening (Art Gallery) wishes to offer an exhibition to a guest artist at Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder. The exhibition will be arranged in the period from February 7 to February 26. In addition Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder will offer one of the studios, including a flat, to the exhibitor. The gallery is 62, 6 square meters. The offer for the exhibition does not include transport.

Social security number
Address, incl. zip-code and country

Enclose your Curriculum Vitae on one separate sheet (max.1 A4-side), containing the following information:

1. Education
2. Selected solo exhibitions
3. Selected group exhibitions
4. Public commissions
5. Represented in collections
6. Brief characteristic of your artistic practice

Please enclose 5 slides (or video/CD-Rom) of your work. Write your name and the number on the cover.

Slide # 1, with a description of the work
Slide # 2, with a description of the work
Slide # 3, with a description of the work
Slide # 4, with a description of the work
Slide # 5, with a description of the work

Accompanying person

Place and date


The application, which must contain a completed and signed form, a CV and 5 slides (or video/CD-Rom), and should be sent to Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder, Mellomveien 5, 7042 Trondheim, Norway, before October 10.

Call for entries: 'Art tunes into a New Channel'

'Art tunes into a New Channel' is South Africa's first significant all-digital, non-commercial exhibition. It is co-ordinated by TBWA's digital company, Digerati, and intends to create a new consciousness of the digital medium. But as an art form. The exhibition will open on 31 October 2001 at the Vega School of Brand Communication, in Benmore, Sandton and will run for one week.

"You know, you just get sick of hammering together nasty banners and micro-sites that have to work in Netscape 2 beta/IE3 at 640x480 in 16 colours. And this is the chance to show the world the work you're really proud of, the stuff you do when you're not considering the limitations..." Aragorn23, one of the exhibition co-ordinators.

All digital artists (studying, working or playing) are invited to release themselves from commercial constraints and strut their freestyle stuff.

"All the digital shops that still pride themselves on creativity are consoling themselves with the couple of awards events there are, many of which have no significance to us. This is just a chance to do really creative work. But, importantly this is about art and not a Flash intro for a new beer brand - no matter how great it is." Jason Levin, MD, Digerati


The exhibition has seven categories:

  • Website
  • Earspace (pieces 500x400 pixels in dimension and under 20KB in size)
  • Broadband
  • Flash
  • Code
  • Games
  • Other

The entry fee is R100 per work and the overall winner will receive a R5 000 cash prize. Work is only eligible if it was not produced for commercial gain or exhibited before. Finalists will be advised by email on 23 October 2001. The exhibition opens 31 October 2001.

Go to to enter or for more details.


Service for professional South African artists

Art-Appreciation, Inc is an international fine art company dealing with original art works using two marketing channels to promote artists' fine art. First, our website will library fine art images from 189 United Nations countries. This will be accomplished through our contacts with the Ministry of Culture from all United Nations countries. This process has already been started and we have begun scanning images into our site from many countries.

The second marketing channel will be through existing brick and mortar galleries. As I am sure you are aware, there are over 85 000 galleries worldwide. Our goal is to establish a virtual private network within 700 galleries, which will include the images on our site, plus the images in the gallery, plus the images of all other galleries within our network association.

As you can see, this gives an artist a much higher degree of visibility/exposure and a much greater opportunity to sell his/her art. The artist establishes a wholesale price for his/her art and we guarantee that price for the artist. Furthermore, at this time, there is no cost to the artist to become associated with Art-Appreciation, Inc.

Send your contact details and we will send you our 'Artist Packet' containing all the information about our programme.

If you have any questions about our programme, please feel free to contact us. Visit our website at

We believe we can offer you an exciting marketing opportunity. Our mission is to assist talented artists achieve the financial success they deserve. I am confident we will be able to represent the artists from your country in a very professional and financially rewarding way, both now and in the future.

George James, CEO, Art-Appreciation
819, East Strawbridge Av #3, Melbourne, Florida, USA, 32901
Tel: (321) 956 9660


Request for assistance in collecting visual artifacts (email from Colette Gaiter)

Hello everyone

There are people receiving this email all over the world. I have heard from some of you regarding the tragedy here in the US. I am writing to you because I have an idea for a way to use the internet to create a useful public archive.

I have been working on a project called 'Unofficial Communication'. I have received a grant from the University of Minnesota to research low or no-budget personal visual communications intended for a large audience. One way to think of these communications is as "private broadcasts". The goal is to document and contemplate the significance and meaning of non-commercial written and visual messages that individuals place in the public landscape. With the help of research assistants, I have been collecting images of graffiti, handmade flyers and stickers, personal "billboards", shrines and other markers, non-commissioned artworks, etc.

After the horrible events of this past week, people have used "unofficial communication" to write messages in ash on windows in lower Manhattan and make flyers to try to find missing loved ones. Here in the Twin Cities I have seen trees tied with huge red, white, and blue ribbons, stenciled signs adorned with flags placed in boulevards, and a huge banner with a message to President George Bush, among others.

I am asking your help in collecting more of these images. If you live in the Twin Cities, please email me the location of something that you saw and I can go and photograph it. If you are out of town or out of the country, you can send me a description of the artifact. If possible, it would be wonderful to get an image, digital or otherwise. You can email it to If you send something that has been published, please let me know the source.

One of my original motivations in pursuing this project is to show the persistence of the individual voice even in this time of hi-tech media concentration. As powerful as the news agency images of this past week are, there are many more images that have stories to tell but will only be seen on a small scale. I hope to document some of the essages that individuals took it upon themselves to create and place where others would see them.

At a time like this, it is easy for individuals to feel small and helpless. I see these signs and messages as assertions of personal power, indications that people do not give up, but use whatever tools they have to send messages to others. Regardless of the content of the messages (and I am interested in the full range of content) they are artifacts of this space in time. They will be temporary, and because of the urgency in collecting them before they disappear, I have taken the risk of imposing on you to help with this project. If you find this request inappropriate or intrusive, my sincere apologies.

Please forward this message to anyone you think might be willing/able to contribute something. Your contribution will be acknowledged with your name unless you request otherwise. If you can participate, thank you in advance for your help,

Colette Gaiter (

The second Cape Town Month of Photography

After a year of planning and fundraising, we are once again proud to invite you to participate in the premier photographic event in southern Africa. The second Cape Town Month of Photography will take place from March 15 - April 14 2002. Following on the huge success of the first MoP, which featured 104 exhibitions (more than 400 photographers represented) in and around Cape Town, we are committed to putting together another superb event showcasing a range of excellent photographic exhibitions reflecting the wealth and depth of our local talent. There will be international exhibitions from Britain and Finland amongst others, as well as representation from several SADC countries. For 2002, the Month of Photography is the core visual arts component of the Cape Town Festival.

There is an invitation to participate on our website, and more will be printed and distributed. If you would like to receive an invitation by mail, please contact Claire Breukel (, tel: (021) 422 2625), the projects manager at the Centre for Photography, with your postal details.

As far as our fundraising efforts are concerned, we have been very pleasantly surprised by the support received to date. At this time our sponsors include the Arts and Culture Trust, the National Arts Council, ProHelvetica, the European Union, the City of Cape Town and others. Minister of Arts and Culture Dr Ben Ngubane is in discussions with his Finnish counterpart in Helsinki, hopefully smoothing the way for a joint 2004 Finnish/South African Month of Photography

We will possibly be in a position to support individual and group exhibitions financially, but those of you planning to submit proposals for exhibitions, should in any event source your own funding.

Geoff Grundlingh

Fortis Graphix animated gif contest

This an international, juried, bi-monthly event. The goal of the contest is to provide a forum for gif animators to show off their handiwork. The animation must be an original created by you. Higher scores are awarded to those animations which use original artwork. Judges look for originality, creativity, humour, download time, visual impact and technical proficiency. Animations must not exceed 100k.
You may submit up to four animations per month. First prize is $20 and the entry deadline is the 25th of each month.

Email: Website:

Diaz Strand Art Café calls for work

The proposed Art Café in Diaz Strand in Mosselbay will soon be open and is looking for artists to exhibit there. The Art Café will be an excellent venue for artists producing painting, sculpture or performance art to exhibit during the coming December holidays. An estimated 80 000 to 100 000 people will be there for the Diaz Summer Sun Festival alone. If you are interested in exhibiting in Diaz Strand, contact the PR Department of SD Developments.

Tel: (011) 807 8878 or 082 408 5270

Submissions invited for Walking the Street 2002

'Walking the Street' is the second annual art exhibition hosted by the retail outlets of Lower Main Road, Observatory, Cape Town, designed to give both artists and retailers a higher profile. Lower Main Road is giving over window and interior space to a selected group of artists for an exhibition from February 16 to March 16 2002. The work selected for the exhibition can be for sale (no commission or rental for space will be charged by the shop owners) and the artist will receive great exposure to the public at no expense of their own.

Four categories of work will be accepted

  • 2D - paintings, drawings, prints, photos
  • Sculpture
  • Installations
  • Environmental - on buildings, pavements, sky etc

How to enter:
The artist is requested to either submit a photograph of the proposed work, or sketches of the proposed idea accompanied by photograph/s of some recent work. The panel will select the group of artists for the 50 shops and you will then be able to prepare for over the course of the following three months.

Send your submissions to:
Klarity Art Gallery, 59 Lower Main Road, Observatory 7925

Tel: Katherine on (021) 448 2322

Closing date: September 29 2001

Documentary picture story competition

Your 10 pictures must tell a story about "relationships" within South Africa, each not being bigger than 10x8, accompanied by a 300 word explanation of the story. Jurgen Schadeberg and his team will scrutinise your entries and choose the most successful. The 10 best stories will be exhibited at the Bensusan Museum of Photography in Johannesburg from November 2001 to the end of January 2002. Exhibition standard reprints will have to be made by finalists. First prize is a Leica M6 sponsored by PPS.

Send your entries by October 10 to:
Documentary picture story competition
Photography Department
Private Bag X021

For more information contact:
Thinus Mathee
HOD: Graphic Design and Photography
Vaal Triangle Technikon
Tel: (016) 950 9309
Fax: (016) 950 9789

Spier Outdoor Sculpture Biannual

Spier and Public Eye are proud to announce the first Spier Outdoor Sculpture Biannual, to be held in 2002 in conjunction with the Jan Marais Nature Reserve, Stellenbosch.

Artists are invited to submit proposals for work to inaugurate an Outdoor Sculpture Biannual, to be held in two venues: the grounds surrounding Spier (a wine estate, open-air theatre, recreation area, hotel and conference centre in the winelands near Stellenbosch. See for a virtual tour of the Spier Estate) and at the Jan Marais Nature Reserve (a fynbos park in the centre of Stellenbosch). Work at the Spier Estate should be suitable for outdoors, and durable for a 3-month period. Proposals for the Jan Marais Nature Reserve venue should be more site-specific and of a relatively permanent nature

(Unfortunately, no security can be provided).

Two special events will be held at Spier to coincide with the Sculpture Biannual:

- A symposium on art in public spaces, organised by Public Eye.
- An exhibition of artists' drawings, maquettes and documentation of production and installation.

The exhibition will open at Spier in the second week of January 2002, followed by a second opening at Jan Marais Nature Reserve in second week of February. Both sections of the exhibition will close at the end of April. An exhibition catalogue will be produced and will be available by mid-March 2002.

A panel (yet to be appointed), consisting of Public Eye and Spier representatives as well as an independent adjudicator, will select fifteen participants from the proposals submitted. Durability is a key criterion for selection. For the Jan Marais Nature Reserve component of the show, preference will be given to land-art _ the installation of which could be completed some time after the opening. This will allow visitors to the exhibition the opportunity of watching the artists at work.

Each of the chosen artists will receive a fee of R10 000. Further funding is to be raised by the artist. Public Eye and Spier will provide letters of support for such fund raising applications. All work submitted could be for sale, and in this case, would be subject to a 15% sales commission to Public Eye.

Proposals must include a budget, technical specifications and a provisional installation schedule.

Time Line: Sculpture project and symposium

  • First week August: Call for proposals.
  • Sunday August 19 at 10.00am: Site visit with interested artists (Spier Farm stall and Coffee shop).
  • September 30: Deadline for proposals to be handed in for selection.
  • Mid October: Selected artists commissioned. Issue of press release for Spier Outdoor Sculpture Biannual and Public Art Symposium.
  • Mid January: Opening at Spier.
  • End of January: Opening at Jan Marais Nature Reserve. Each artist to have separate walk-about.
  • 2nd week January: Spier tours by participating artists, workshops and talks to be held.
  • Every Sunday: Guided tour by trained guide (also by appointment).
  • Middle March: Launch of catalogue, Symposium on Public Art to be held
  • End April: Spier Estate exhibition to be dismantled, restore landscape, wrap-party and launch for 2nd biannual to be held in 2004.


Proposal: (about 100 words)

Technical specifications


Potential additional sponsors

Images: Please include a drawing/photo/other of your piece (no bigger than A3 and no 3D objects)
Accepted proposals will be exhibited at the Press Launch

The organizers reserve the right to change details of the call for proposal and Time Line. No proposals will be returned.

Email proposal to: Public Eye
Or post to: Public Eye, PO Box 13610 Mowbray 7705 Cape Town)
Phone: Robert Weinek (Public Eye Co-ordinator) +27 (21) 4481087

Database of South African photographers

The South African Centre for Photography is compiling a database of all Southern African photographers. At this time we would like only your contact details to be able to send invitations, announcements etc per mail. Telephone and fax numbers would also be useful. If you know of photographers without e-mail address who would like to receive information from the Centre for Photography you may include their details as well.

Send your details to Claire Breukle at as soon as possible.

Online project - Call for submissions

JavaMuseum - Forum for Internet Technologies in Contemporary Art ( is happy to launch its second online project, entitled 'Art as software - software as art - software for art'.

This call is addressed to artists and software developers who use the environment of software as a means of artistic expression, who develop software applications for artistic purpose. The works to be submitted may not date from earlier than 1995 and there are no limitations concerning the used developing technology or environment.

Terms for work/software:
- Not larger than 5Mb
- Fully functional
- Installer and uninstaller integrated
- Available for free download and free use (at least for a limited evaluation period)
- Language: mandatory English, but additional languages are welcome
- Platform: PC

Each artist/developer may submit up to three works/software applications. Software developing companies are welcome to submit applications as long as all participating developer(s) are listed individually. The project intends to spotlight creative work in the technological area between 1995 and 2001.

A selection of the best submissions will be published as an online exhibition at the end of 2001. The exhibition will remain as a permanent art resource on the JavaMuseum Server.

Participation is free of charge. Deadline: September 30. For a submission form please contact

PPC Cement's Young Concrete Sculptor Awards

Artists "young" in the art of sculpting are invited to enter the 10th annual PPC Young Concrete Sculptor Awards competition. Since its inception, the competition has grown from strength to strength and has been run under the auspices of the Association of Arts Pretoria and sponsored by PPC Cement. Concrete must be used as the main material for the sculpture, but other materials such as wood, bronze and glass may be incorporated in the work. A maximum of three entries per artist may be submitted and a nominal fee of R30 per work is payable to the Association of Arts Pretoria. There are no restraints as to the size of the sculptures, which will be exhibited both inside the gallery and outdoors in the PPC Cement Sculpture Garden at the Association of Arts Pretoria.

This year only two prizes will be awarded - one for the Best Sculpture on Exhibition and one for Technical Excellence in Concrete Sculpture. The R20 000 prize-money will be shared equally between the winning artists in each category, ie R10 000 each. It was agreed that one artist could in fact win both prizes if his/her work fulfilled all the judging criteria for best sculpture and technical excellence in concrete sculpture.

"We decided to deviate from the traditional first, second and third place prize system as there have been occasions when the second or third prize winning work was technically excellent and should have achieved the same kudos as that afforded the first prize which, although well thought out and innovative (eg an installation), was not crafted with technical excellence," said Beth Harris, public relations manager of PPC Cement.

Works must be submitted to the Association of Arts Pretoria on either Saturday 22, Tuesday 25 or Wednesday 26 September 2001. The official opening of the exhibition and prize-giving ceremony will be held on the evening of 1 October 2001 and the exhibition of all works entered will continue until Thursday 11 October 2001.

PPC Cement and the Association of Arts Pretoria are also organising a full-day workshop, which will demonstrate the versatility of, and the best practices in, working with concrete. The workshop will be held at the Cement and Concrete Institute in Halfway House on Tuesday, 7 August 2001 for a fee of R60 per person.

Experts in various fields of concrete technology will cover topics such as: how concrete works; demonstrations on using pigments, super plasticiser, latex and lime; finishes in concrete; and moulding.

Beth Harris continued: "This is the second time that a workshop of this nature has been arranged and based on last year's success, we are confident that the students and artists who attend will benefit from the knowledge they will glean from this workshop.

"We look forward to receiving this year's entries and to see what students from all over South Africa can produce. Previous winners have gone on to successful careers in sculpting, and this is truly encouraging both for PPC Cement, as the sponsors, and for aspiring sculptors."

Further information and entry forms are available from Beth Harris at PPC on (011) 488-1786 or Nandi Hilliard at the Association of Arts Pretoria on (012) 346-3100. Should you wish to attend the workshop on 7 August, please confirm your booking with Nandi Hilliard at the Association of Arts Pretoria on (012) 346-3100.

Proposals for the Museum of Temporary Art

The Museum of Temporary Art, Cape Town - we take the "con" out of contemporary art.

The Museum of Temporary Art invites you to propose an installation in the unique exhibition space in Observatory.

Send your proposals to curator Barend de Wet -

Gallery 111 invites proposals

Gallery 111 invites all creative artists, poets and experimental musicians and performance artists to submit proposals for exhibitions and performances. The gallery in its new venue is at present compiling a time table of events for the coming year and beyond.

There are two distinct areas at the gallery; the ground level and the basement. The basement is suitable for performance work and also has conventional gallery hanging facilities. There is a bar and kitchen area for all catering needs adjoining the basement. The ground level is a high ceilinged space ideal for all types of work and has numerous electricity outlets suitable for video and other new media installations. There are a number of transitional spaces such as the entrance area and stairwell which can be utilised for small exhibitions and installations.

Gallery 111 encourages the participation of student artists and other beginners. We offer art tuition and life drawing conducted by Maggie Dunbar and Jeff Lok. As the need arises there will be computer graphics courses for fine artists.

The gallery is available for private functions. There is safe parking in Commissioner Street and when there are gallery openings and functions we have a visible security presence. An added attraction is the availability of Big J's sports pub upstairs which serves drinks and meals at very good prices and has dart boards and a pool table. The gallery is situated on a major bus and taxi route. If you need to view the gallery it is advisable to phone 083 763 8216 to make an appointment as the space is run on a part-time basis by volunteers. Costs involved with exhibitions and functions are highly negotiable and are tailored to each event.

Gallery 111, 414 Commissioner Street, corner Grace Street, Fairview 2094, Johannesburg
Tel: 083 763 8216

'ArtSci2001: Catalyst for Collaboration'

Art & Science Collaborations, Inc (ASCI) presents 'ArtSci2001: Catalyst for Collaboration', a symposium (November 2-4 2001) at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY). Full details:

How can the discoveries of scientific research and the powerful metaphors of art combine to impact society at large? Some artists and scientists are exploring the promise of art-sci collaborative projects. This third international symposium produced by Art and Science Collaborations, Inc (ASCI) will feature multimedia presentations on extraordinary projects involving artists and scientists, ranging from photographs rendered in hybrid grass, to a musical score based on brain activity, to sculpture grown from living tissue. The presenters will discuss the opportunities and pitfalls of collaborating across disciplines and invite questions from the audience.

Stephen Jay Gould and Rosamond Purcell, authors of the recently published book Crossing Over: Where Art and Science Meet will deliver the keynote address on Friday November 2 from 7-8pm at CUNY. Tickets are available to the general public.

In addition to 16 fascinating art-sci presentations, Saturday and Sunday's all-day programming includes breakout, poster and resource sessions, plus many networking opportunities. The symposium will attract artists, scientists, technologists, writers, scholars, humanists, educators, and all others interested in the synergy possible when the barriers between disciplines are removed.

Pre-registration: Seating is limited and people will be attending from around the world, so pre-registration (May 1 - Oct 1) is recommended.

Introducing: ArtSci INDEX (an incubator for collaborative inquiry). Take a sample tour of a new online research tool that ASCI is building! Its purpose is to create a rich global database of resources and requests from individuals wishing to collaborate, barter, research or fund art-sci collaborative projects. Perhaps you will find a collaborator and then meet face-to-face at the symposium! for a tour.

Seeking: We are now seeking innovative products, services, venues and funding opportunities targeted to the art-sci-technology market for our Resource Room. Send e-mail to if you wish to showcase your company or become a sponsor.

The symposium is a co-production of Art & Science Collaborations, Inc (ASCI) and the Science Research and the Continuing Education & Public Programs departments of the Graduate Center at City University of New York (CUNY), and was made possible, in part, with the generous support of the Rockefeller Foundation and AT&T Foundation, as well as our media sponsors: Leonardo Journal and ArtByte magazine.

For more information contact

5th Kochi International Triennial Exhibition of Prints

For established and aspiring printmakers, this triennale comes recommended by the Association of Arts, Pretoria. Information on the events, which offers some very substantial prize money, is available at the following website:

Entry forms and other necessary forms are provided on the site. Those applying should contact the organisation (details below) by fax, email or snail mail. Entry forms will not be sent by fax or email however - these must be dowloaded from the website. Deadline for entries is 31 October 2001.

Enquiries can be addressed by email to or by post to:

Kochi Pref. Handmade Paper Coop Union
287-4 Hakawa Ino-gun
781 2128

Fax: 088 892 4168


Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder, Trondheim, Norway

Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder (LKV) was established in 1993. The name means "artists' workshops in Lademoen" (Lademoen is the name of a part of Trondheim). LKV contains 34 artists' studios, 6 workshops and 2 guest studios. The studios and workshops are located in an old school building dating from the turn of the century. The five-storey building has a total floor area of 2 264m2. In addition to 34 private studios the facility also includes two project rooms at 90 and 55m2 respectively. Over the last 6 years we have built up a printmaking workshop, photographic dark room, metal and welding workshop, carpentry, a computer room and digital video editing suite. LKV is run as a foundation.

LKV offers two guest studios (50m2, headroom 3,8m). The studios contain some basic tools (hammer, screwdrivers, stapler etc). The studio flats (30m2, fully furnished accommodation includes bedroom/living room, kitchen and bathroom) are located in a connected building. Both the studios and the flats are provided free of charge to artists from all over the world for a duration of 1 to 3 months. Longer residency can be negotiated in special circumstances. The rent for the studios is paid by the local authorities.

Residents may be asked to give lectures about their work for other artists in Trondheim. LKV does not have a gallery, any exhibition must take place in the studio, in one of our project rooms or outside LKV's premises. Guest artists may use the workshops by paying a fee. The guest artists are selected once a year by a committee of 3 professional artists on the basis of applications with slides or other documentation of work.

Trondheim is situated in the centre of Norway and lies on a fjord two hours from the open sea. The city is surrounded by a fine landscape of agricultural land, forests, hills and highlands with more mountainous regions to the south and east. Trondheim is the 3rd largest city in Norway. The city has throughout history been a cultural, spiritual, commercial and an educational centre including the University (NTNU) with institutes for film and drama, philosophy, anthropology, architecture, industrial design, construction technology and technical research. Trondheim has a rich cultural life with an art academy, music conservatory, symphony orchestra, concert hall, theatres, cinemas, clubs, bars and cafes.

For more information and application forms, contact Kjetil Krøvel (manager, LVK) at

Tel: +47 73 51 3515 (Mon, Tues, Thurs 10am - 4pm)
Fax: +47 73 51 3372

Contemporary dance residency project invites applications

The Arts Council of Switzerland, Pro Helvetia, is currently investigating the possibilities of a dance residency project in Switzerland. The residency would serve the needs of South African choreographers in their artistic research. In addition, the project aims to favour cross-cultural encounters between the two countries.

The Swiss partners of this project are involved in a contemporary and avant-garde art network. As such we have opted to work with contemporary or avant-garde dancers/choreographers from South Africa rather than with traditional or classical dance. This choice is not the result of classification of any kind, but rather assures the compatibility of both partners.

Period and length of exchange
Provisionally, a two-month stay is planned, between June and September 2002, in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Call for application
Interested South African choreographers are welcome to apply for this residency programme. More information is available on request from:

Murielle Perritaz
Tel/fax: (021) 425 4701

Surreal Estates Live/Work Community for visual artists, designers, mixed media artists and others

Surreal Estates, Ink, Sacramento, California, USA, invites visual artists, stage designers, mixed media artists and other artists interested to join their Live/Work Community in the Dixieanne neighborhood of Uptown Sacramento. Surreal Estates is a unique artist-owned project and invites visual artists to apply for ownership of a residence (500-700 square feet) and detached studio (800-1200 square feet).

The Uptown Art District, Surreal Estates' neighborhood, is the fresh, fertile and fascinating art scene in Sacramento. Opportunities abound for artists. Come be a part of Sacramento, and Surreal Estates!

For more information visit:


Opportunity for freelance artists

We are working on an international business opportunity via the internet that will require drawings, illustrations and cartoons of faces to be done on an ongoing basis.

We are looking for artists who:

  • are very good with sketching and drawing human faces from photos
  • are very good with cartoon representation of faces
  • are willing to create examples of 1 and 2 above for evaluation purposes
  • have access to email to receive and dispatch photos and sketches
  • have access to a scanner or a scanning service to capture sketches
  • are capable of responding quickly (on average within one day) to assignments
  • are prepared to get paid per assignment, for which the fee will be negotiated
  • are prepared to enter into an agreement that will protect the interest of both parties.

If you are interested, or know of someone who may be, please send your contact details to Dawie at

Space for hire at the João Ferreira Fine Art gallery

João Ferreira Fine Art presents the ultimate venue for hire for functions, photo and film shoots, parties and launches. We offer NY loft-style architecture, spacious interior, live music, safe parking, catering and other facilities within the gallery space.

80 Hout Street, Cape Town

Tel: (021) 423 5403 or 082 490 2977
Fax: (021) 423 2136

The new Michaelis Art Shop

The Michaelis Art Shop has moved and re-opened in a space adjacent to the school's gallery. The shop supplies a wide range of fine art materials and offers student discounts on presentation of a valid student card. The shop is competitively priced and now officially open to the public.

The Gallery, Michaelis Art School, Hiddingh Campus, 31-37 Orange Street, Gardens
Tel: (021) 426-1948
Shop hours: 9am to 5pm on weekdays

Monthly Photographic Critiques

Many years ago a bunch of Cape Town photographers used to meet once a month at UCT to discuss their creative and/ or professional work. The evenings produced some heated debates and bruised egos but were ultimately very constructive. More recently Eric Miller initiated and hosted the iAfrika sessions and the Monday night Biocaf´┐Ż evenings. We have decided to resuscitate these useful crit evenings at the Centre for Photography. They take place on the third Monday of every month at the Centre for Photography (31-37 Orange Street, Gardens) at 7.30pm for an 8pm start.

All photographers are invited to bring photographs, photo essays and/ or slides they would like to discuss, to these meetings. The works discussed will include ALL disciplines, not only documentary work. All full-time photography students are also welcome as are photographers from other parts of SA. We will use the Centre gallery space (where the Paul Weinberg show was) as there is good exhibition lighting and loads of parking.

As we will need to limit the number of critiques/ discussions per evening, please contact Geoff Grundlingh on 082 490-2459 or Eric on 083 225-9675.

SAARTE-Zine - Free electronic art magazine

SAARTE-Zine is the premier South African Free Monthly E-mail Art Magazine. The aim of the magazine is to inform people about art events in South Africa. It is non-profit making and the content is determined by the responses that we receive. If you would like to publish any information in the SAARTE-Zine please submit your contribution ASAP in order to have your latest press release published.


Michael Matthews
Digital Publisher