Archive: Issue No. 64, December 2002

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Judy Moolenschot
Date: December 10
Subject: Australian student

I have a young Fine Art graduate from Australia staying with me in Cape Town at present. She won a travel award from her university (Ballarat in Victoria) last year. I have offered her a base for the three-month period of her stay. Unfortunately I am unable to take her to any other centres to view good art. She is interested in public art and has been involved in such projects in and around Melbourne. She knows about recent public art in Johannesburg and I wondered if there is any hospitable/knowledgeable person in that area who could look after her for just a few days on her way through to the UK (early Feb) and show her the local Art scene etc. She is a very adaptable, pleasant and easy-going person from good background. Eats anything, cheerful, enthusiastic � has worked with handicapped youngsters and been an AFS student in Belgium. Any offers?

I have forwarded your message to the Trinity Sessions in Johannesburg and I will be sure to let Public Eye in Cape Town now about her.

Debra West
Date: November 25
Subject: Artthrob

After reading ArtThrob edition 12, I'm not sure if you know how valuable a source your online arts magazine is for educational purposes. ArtThrob provides valuable biographical information as well as images of artists' work. I recommend it to students at the Cape Technikon when they're looking for info on our local artists. In the near future a webpage of sites useful to our Built Environment and Design students will appear on our library's website and ArtThrob will definitely be on it. thanks for a wonderful and interesting magazine.

Debra West, faculty librarian: Built Environment and Design, Cape Technikon library

Thanks. It's reassuring to know that our site is of relevance to students and practitioners other than Fine Art aficionados.

suzanne joubert
Date: November 25
Subject: ArtThrob critics

Hi there - Is there any way your art crit Paul Edmunds could speak English in his reviews? Also, it would be great if he could include some quotes by the artist instead of assuming he knows what the artist had in mind. A slight attempt at humour and making the crit accessible to all would really help. I find Paul's approach unbearably arrogant and pompous - unlike the rest of the ArtThrob crits - who are great.

Thanks so much

I'm in no position to defend my character from your charges, but I can respond to some of the things you say. I think my English is pretty clear, and my grammar's not too shabby. More to the point though, I don't think my writing is inaccessible. If it sounds a bit complicated I'm just trying to give the appropriate amount of attention to what is often a very serious undertaking on an artist's part. On one point I must disagree with you however. Unless I say that I am speculating on the artist's intention, I am either applying my own interpretation (that's my job after all) or holding the artist up to something they've said. I don't think that's quite the same as 'assuming (I) know what the artist had in mind'. Thanks anyway for your letter, we encourage any engagement with our writers.

From the Editor:
Hi Suzanne, Thanks for your feedback. I think you raise a valid point, although in this instance I must come to Paul's defence. I personally believe Paul writes in a concise English that is accessible to most of our readers. Prior to joining ArtThrob I greatly admired his commentary. Sure the odd review (and I do not necessarily mean Paul here) on ArtThrob can be hard weather, but I nonetheless think that ArtThrob has endured because it offers fair and objective commentary. Having viewed a number of artist's biographies, I am amazed to note how many include mention of reviews on ArtThrob. But don't read my note as a dismissal. Please continue to point out where you think we have gone wrong. It is greatly appreciated. Regards, Sean.

Mark Singleton
Date: November 25
Subject: Angry email

I apologize for the angry email I sent last was written in a moment of blind drunken rage after a lengthy struggle and several closed gallery doors without them seeing my work...(some of which is too large and fragile to move around conventionally). I also apologise to all the readers of ArtThrob. Hard times can sometimes get to one.

Regards and keep up the great work ArtThrob.

Mark Singleton

No problem Mark, it's big of you to apologise. Things can get a bit tough at this time of the year, hang in there.

Alexis Rowland
Date: November 25
Subject: Gail Iris Neke

I am a student at Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky, USA. I am doing a paper on rape in South Africa and I have come across several of Gail Neke's works on this website. However, when I enlarge the images of Continuum and Did you destroy? the text is still too small to be readable. I have emailed the gallery but received no response. Could anyone either send me the text on these images or email me a larger picture in which the writing is legible? These pieces would enhance my paper immeasurably.


Alexis, I have forwarded your mail to the gallery, hopefully they will reply to a more familiar correspondent. I suggest you do a search using ArtThrob's search engine and see where else the artist has exhibited, you may get more joy from them.

Cecile Richardson
Date: November 23
Subject: Erich Mayer

I inherited a watercolour by Erich Mayer, which my grandmother told me is entitled 'Die Eerste Posbomm', dated 1938. What is it worth? Please contact me a.s.a.p.

Kindest regards,
Cecile Richardson
011-734-4641 or 082-725-9504

Cecile, This is not really our area of focus. I suggest you contact Stephan Welz and Co. (Sotheby's)