Archive: Issue No. 126, February 2008

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David Goldblatt

David Goldblatt
Monument honouring Karel Landman who farmed
in this area until 1837, when he became a leader in the Great Trek.
He took a party of 180 Whites and their servants on a trek of
885 kilometres into Natal where he was prominent in several battles
with the Zulus. De Kol, Eastern Cape. 10 April 1993.
silver gelatin print on fibre paper
20 x 24cm


Emily Stainer

Emily Stainer
Cage II 2006
mixed media


Jeremy Wafer

Jeremy Wafer
Clouding Over 2007
dvd projection
10 mins 28 secs (looped)
dimensions variable



   [10.02.08] David Goldblatt at Michael Stevenson
In 'Intersections Intersected', acclaimed photographer David Goldblatt juxtaposes pre- and post-apartheid images. Often this allows viewers to reflect on the changes our country has undergone, but sometimes a more fluid interpretation of the twinned images is called for. Clearly underlying all of this, and in particular Goldblatt's 'neutral' documentative approach, is a steady cynicism of dominant political power and a critical dissection of the values people impose, endure and negotiate. Tavish McIntosh reviews.

   [10.02.08] John Bauer at art b.
On occasion of John Bauer's exhbiition at art. b, Lloyd Pollack visited the artist. Here he describes the universe and cosmology this apparent 'Outsider' has created, reflecting on the reasons for his retreat into the world he creates and the work that necessitates its existence.


   [10.02.08] Ernest Cole at Iziko South African National Gallery
Student Lauren Reid reviews Ernest Cole's 'Chronicler of the House of Bondage' at Iziko SANG, which, while doing great justice to the images he produced in the early 60s in South Africa, does little to flesh out his entire life as a professional photographer.


   [10.02.08] 'A Legacy of Men' at the Johannesburg Art Gallery
In reviewing the Jacki McInnes-curated 'A Legacy of Men' at the JAG, Anthea Buys suggests that a 'morally outspoken project such as this one treads a precarious line between providing viewers with a contemplative space or provoking them to act (or refrain from acting) in a certain way'. She questions the success of pitching a show such as this only at a Gallery-going audience.

   [10.02.08] Allison Kearney and Emily Stainer at Goodman Gallery
Michael Smith reviews Allison Kearney and Emily Stainer's joint showing at the Goodman Gallery, concluding that although 'there was much there, both visually and conceptually, to stimulate initial debate and sustain further exploration, one's sense of the bodies of work that made up the show is that it represent steps towards bigger things rather than great stuff in its own right'.


   [10.02.08] 'Light Show' at Bank Gallery
AVA Director Kirsty Cockerill visited 'Light Show' at Bank Gallery in Durban. South Africa's current energy crisis threw the show's theme into deep relief as works by Jeremy Wafer, Siemon Allen and others interrogated the show's premise in an intelligent, relevant and evocative way.