Monthly issue No 20. April 1999
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Diane Victor opens at the Goodman

Willie Saayman opens at the Area

Toma Muteba Luntumbue's displaced doors,
part of 'Trafique'

Brett Murray exhibits on 'New Worlds' in London
See Editor's Journal

Lize Grobler exhibits on 'Oos Wes Tuis Bes'
at the Klein Karoo festival

A video still from Stitch by Bridget Baker,
part of 'Channel'

Sfiso Ka Mkame opens at the Goodman

Masha du Toit performs at Art Night
and at Oudtshoorn

Carol-Anne Gainer 'ex-poses' herself
at the Market

Mark Hipper is showing new work at
João Ferreira

Zwelethu Mthethwa is the subject of Artbio



Brenda Atkinson is guest writer for Johannesburg this month

Sfiso Ka Mkame and Percy Konqobe at the Goodman
Carol-Anne Gainer at the Market
'Transmigrations' at the Johannesburg Civic
6.4.99 Winsor and Newton Millennium Painting Competition at the Sandton Civic
6.4.99 'Leonardo da Vinci: Scientist, Inventor, Artist' at Pretoria Art Museum
20.4.99 Gerhard Marx at the Johannesburg Civic
20.4.99 'Six Pack' at the Rembrandt van Rijn Gallery
20.4.99 Martine Margoles at the Media Mill 27.4.99 Diane Victor and Thea Soggot at the Goodman


Video fest 'Channel' at the AVA
David Goldblatt at the SANG
Video art at the SANG
13.4.99 'Isintu - Ceremony, Identity and Community' at the SANG - Paul Edmunds
20.4.99 Mark Hipper at João Ferreira Fine Art - Tracy Murinik
20.4.99 Berni Searle at the Mark Coetzee Fine Art Cabinet - Tracy Murinik
20.4.99 Willie Saayman at the Area


13.4.99 Fashion and Gordon Froud at the NSA


Art at the Klein Karoo festival: 'Oos Wes Tuis Bes' and 'Bloedlyn' reviewed - Lauren Shantall
More about Art Night - Tracy Murinik
New art quarterly reviewed
Grey Areas launched
Trans-Atlantic openings for Kentridge
'Trafique' opens in Belgium - Wendy Morris
13.4.99 'Trafique' reviewed - Wendy Morris
Cape Town gallery goes to Frankfurt
Capetonian for deAtellier 63
6.4.99 Tracey Rose and Minnette Vári in Austria
13.4.99 'New Worlds' opens in London
6.4.99 Editor's London Journal
13.4.99 Editor's London Journal II
20.4.99 Editor's London Journal III
27.4.99 Editor's Holland Journal
Series: The Professional Artist III - CV


Robin Rhode


Zwelethu Mthethwa by Ashraf Jamal


US call for AIDS-related work
Advice for artists Taipei Biennial
Applications for Amsterdam
6.4.99 Awards to recognise support of arts and culture
6.4.99 Funding applications invited
20.4.99 Workshop manager wanted




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