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From: dr lena lapschina

Subject: help

please, send me web_adr
of johannesburg_biennale
(or e-mail)

dr.lena lapschina

- The Johannesburg Biennale organisation does not exist any more - the office which co-ordinated it was the Africus Institute of Contemporary Art in Johannesburg which was sponsored by the city of Johannesburg, who closed it down at the end of the 2nd Biennale, citing lack of funds. Certain individuals are trying to get a new initiative going - and it is hoped that somehow funding and energy will be found for a third Biennale.

From: Justine Lipson

Subject: what happened to coartnews?

Do you know what has happened to coartnews, the magazine that was launched with such fanfare not so long ago? Is there going to be a second issue or was this just a once off? A pity if that is the end of it ...

- The following reply was received from Clive Kellner, editor of co.@rtnews:

Dear Justine Lipson & Sue Williamson

I am pleased to confirm that the second edition of co.@rtnews southern african review of contemporary art and culture is near completion and will be available in July together with an updated web version. I would like to thank you for your support and the kind words you expressed at the possible loss of such a publication. We are presently engaged with editorial discussions concerning the third edition. I am concerned as to why you would suggest that the magazine will not be continuing. In addition, co.@rtnews is a free publication which is distributed to art gallerys, such as the Civic Gallery, not only in Johannesburg but also in Cape Town, Durban, Soweto, the Karoo etc. The magazine is in its infancy, and will grow in scale and distribution with time. We also have international distribution and contributors. We are contributing to the contemporary South African art context through education, providing exposure for artists, offer valuable information in our Info section and have a website for a larger audience. I believe that a true spirit of cooperation and support is required in building a new nation and productive contemporary art scene in South Africa.

Yours sincerely

Clive Kellner

From: jeannette jansen

Subject: low lustre, high art

hello out there,

my name is jeannette jansen, im living in cologne, germany and im a (grafik/screen/jewellery) designer. when i read about the 'low lustre, high art' exhibition at your website and - especially when i saw these beautiful pieces of jewellery i just had to mail you; i would love to get in contact with the designers for im planning the following project: a workshop called 'everydayfetish', during a weekend or 3 or 4 days, where people can do jewellery-objects with the help of professionals, inspired by a different and for most of them as i think, strange culture. i think people are still very much interested and inspired by african culture and art and that will bring them to new ideas and make them find their own way to do pieces of jewellery that are a kind of "everyday-fetishes", that give the owner a positive feeling and energy, accompanies him every day and that can tell him a little "story". i am very much inspired by the idea of multicultural working and i hope some of you will be as well. or maybe, if you are not interested personally, you know somebody here in germany who is. so please let me know what you think about it and mail to

lots of love and a very good time at the grahamstown festival.


From: Debbie Odendaal, Curator: Arts Association of Bellville Gallery

Subject: Artthrob Congratulations

Congratulations on your wonderful, informative and comprehensive website. Only just finding my way on the internet I happened to stumble upon ArtThrob and was suitably impressed.

I would like to receive information on how to be listed on your site.

Some background info: Our gallery will celebrate its 10th birthday at the current venue in Feb 2000. It is nonprofit-making and (I am biased of course) regarded as one of the best exhibition spaces in Cape Town. We host 12 to 13 exhibitions in the Main Gallery annually as well at least 12 or more exhibitions in the adjoining Vestibule Gallery - consisting mostly of ceramics and two or three jewelry exhibitions. There are two annual competitions: The Foto '99 and New Signatures. The Gallery also hosts a Music Concert on the last Sunday of every month.

Hoping to hear from you soon.


- ArtThrob is always happy to receive information and images about forthcoming exhibitions, either e-mailed or sent to the address on the Contents page - but listings go through a selection process, and accordingly inclusion is not automatic.

From: vinnie v juttanont

Subject: Project

My name is Vinnie Juttanont and I am currently studying African arts at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. I am interested in conducting a dissertation on South African artists ... how their work has (consciously or unconsciously) changed since 1994 and especially on their opinion of whether South African art is manufactured and in what way etc.

I would greatly appreciate any opinions and help. In London, South African artists' works that are accessible to me at the moment are William Kentridge, David Koloane, Louis Maqubela. Any suggestions would be welcomed. My e-mail addresss is Thanks!!!

- I'm not sure what you mean by "manufactured", but speaking generally the ArtThrob archives are a useful source of images of artists work from the last two years - try looking at the artbios - and from next month a search engine will make tracking down specific artists much easier. For overviews, catalogue essays are invaluable. For information on how to purchase catalogues with good essays from two recent group South African shows, try contacting these curators: 'Democracy's Images' - a Swedish-curated show of photographs and photo-based work: Katarina Pierre at This show also has a website at Then there is '[Rewind] Fast Forward.ZA' which recently opened in Holland (see News). Here the curator was Bozzie Rabie at

From: Kuno Terwindt

Subject: Peet Pienaar

Hello people

I am a curator from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and I really would like to get in contact with Peet Pienaar as soon as possible. I don't know his e-mail adress or phone/fax number. Can you help me out? I hope to hear from you soon. Greetings, Kuno Terwindt.

- Kuno Terwindt's e-mail address has been passed on to Peet Pienaar.

From: Mike Kerkhoff

Subject: Lucas (?) Sithole

I would welcome any information on Lucas (?) Sithole and his sculpture and paintings. Thank you.

- I suggest you contact the Goodman Gallery at Are there any other Lucas Sithole specialists who would like to respond?

From: Martin Kaminer

Subject: The Art of Azaria Mbatha

Do you know anything about dealers or galleries offering works by Azaria Mbatha? I am interested in any information you might have about the availability of his famous print series of images from the Old Testament. I understand that Mr Mbatha has lived in Sweden for many years but that his works are exhibited in South Africa.

- Can anyone help?

From: Hein Koen

Subject: Looking for Ewan Rowett !!??

I am trying to get contact details for artist Ewan Rowett. Can anyone help ?? Please mail me at Thanks.

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