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3.06.05 2nd Annual VSC/Triangle Residency Fellowships Programme
3.06.05 Unseen City invites contributions
3.06.05 The Third Brett Kebble Art Awards invite entries


09.05.05 Video Channel calls for proposals

26.04.05 VellanoArte 2005 calls for submissions
26.04.05 Images sought for South African tourism book

04.03.05 Enjin Museum of Dead Media calls for contributions
04.02.05 Position available at Artthrob, KZN

07.01.05 The Statue of Freedom
07.01.05 Traveling Magazine Table by Nomads&Residents
07.01.05 Tsunami - call for submissions

04.12.04 Exhibition workshops for 2006 Commonwealth Games

05.11.04 The Surface-online invites contributions

02.08.04 Gallery in Georgia, USA seeks South African artists

01.05.04 Remembering-Repressing-Forgetting Newmediafest 2004

01.11.03 AVA invites submissions

15.10.03 My Mission: call for submissions

15.09.03 Donate your art to aids orphans auction website


04.03.05 UNESCO-Aschberg Bursaries for Artists Programme


26.04.05 Brett Kebble Art Awards seeks input for its 2005 outreach programme


2nd Annual VSC/Triangle Residency Fellowships Programme for Artists from Africa and the Arab World

The Vermont Studio Center (VSC) is pleased to announce the 2nd Annual VSC/Triangle Residency Fellowships Programme for Artists from Africa and the Arab World, funded by the Ford Foundation and administered in conjunction with the Triangle Arts network of workshops and residencies.

All African and Arab artists are welcome to apply for these awards, which will provide 8 outstanding artists with an 8-week VSC Residency in 2005/2006. The Fellowship Award includes studio space, housing, meals, roundtrip travel stipend, travel insurance, materials and shipping allowances, daily living stipend, and a one-week cultural trip to New York City museums and galleries hosted by Triangle New York.

A VSC Residency is an ideal opportunity for meaningful interaction with American and international professional peers in a non-competitive, supportive environment. The Triangle Fellows will be scheduled in groups of 2 or more in September and October 2005 and May and June of 2006 (for those interested in a winter experience, November � April is available, too). Artists who wish to work collaboratively are encouraged to submit joint applications.

Application forms and further information can be found at Application materials must be received at the Studio Center by June 15, 2005.

For more information about the Vermont Studio Center, visit For more information about Triangle, visit

Unseen City invites contributions

The youth of Cape Town and Amsterdam, two cities that are both torn and connected by history, convene in this project and show a new urban reality through the use of the arts. Artists are invited to submit relevant work on the website.

Want to see your work on the world wide web? Want to share your urban experience? Interested in connection? Join artists, designers and photographers from Cape Town and Amsterdam in this unique web-based project.


The Third Brett Kebble Art Awards invite entries

The Brett Kebble Art Awards is South Africa's premier award for contemporary visual arts. The aim of the awards is to showcase the best of South African visual art and has served to bring the talents of rural artists to the attention of a wider audience. The Awards were established in 2003 by Brett Kebble, a high-profile South African entrepreneur and art collector as a personal initiative, giving artists from various disciplines the opportunity to showcase and be recognised for their work on a scale never seen before in South Africa.

One of the prime objectives of The Kebbles is to highlight the investment potential of South African art, and thereby focus on the mutually beneficial opportunities that arts patronage can provide to both artists and investors. It has met with overwhelming support from the South African artistic community.

In its first year The Kebbles received the largest number of entries for any art award in South Africa, with entries from well-known figures in the art world as well as up-and-coming, relatively unknown artists. Of the 1600 entries received in 2003, 167 were selected for the finalists' exhibition. In 2004, 2097 entries were received, of which 236 works were exhibited in a space in excess of 3000 square meters at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. The 2004 exhibition drew record crowds for an event of this nature, with more than 13 000 visitors recorded over two weeks.

For the next Kebble several innovations have been introduced, including a stipulation that all work submitted must have been produced in the 12 months prior to the closing date for submissions and not exhibited elsewhere. The third Brett Kebble Art Awards (2005/6) are scheduled to take place in February 2006 in Cape Town.

Six top works each receive R60 000, whilst one exceptional work earns its creator R200 000. In addition, merit awards of R10 000 are allocated by the judges at their discretion. A new award for a distinguished work with the theme of 'Beauty' will be introduced at the forthcoming Kebble. It carries a purse of R60 000.

This is the first of a series of themed prizes which will become one of the hallmarks of forthcoming Kebbles. This year's rubric, 'Beauty', is calculated to stimulate debate among artists, critics and viewers alike. For many artists conventions of beauty are there to be challenged, linked as they have been to social, cultural and political positions that are being overturned. This will be awarded over and above the other awards in the competition and artists should not enter specifically for this award.

The notion of categories has been abolished for the forthcoming Kebble. This is in order to allow artists to be as unrestrained as possible and recognizes the increasing difficulty in categorising contemporary art.

Clive van Den Berg, curator of the highly successful 2004 exhibition, will curate the third Brett Kebble Art Awards. He will be assisted by award-winning artist Kathryn Smith and Nandipha Mntambo, recipient of the 2005 curatorial fellowship.

Works for the next Kebble will again be selected by van den Berg, co-curator Kathryn Smith and curatorial fellow Nandipha Mntambo.They will be assisted by a panel of independent selectors comprising previous Kebble winner, Tanya Poole, Jo'burg Art Gallery director, Clive Kellner and artist Sipho Mdanda who is also curator of Freedom Park Museum in Pretoria.

The winners of the third Kebble will be selected by artist and lecturer Frank Ledimo and Julia Charlton, curator of the Wits Art Galleries (WAG). A third judge will be appointed later in the year.

Regional centres across the country (Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, Polokwane, Thoyando and Giyani) have been appointed to receive entries. Selectors will travel to these centres to view the original works before making a selection.

Artists wishing to enter installations will once again have the opportunity to provide the selectors with a proposal for consideration. Provision has also been made for artists who are unable to send their work to one of the regional centres as a result of geographical or cost restrictions. They may enter by sending photographs of their artwork via email or post to the Awards' headquarters in Cape Town. In addition, the curatorial team will conduct field trips to remote rural areas in search of promising work

Entries must be received by Monday August 15, 2005. Entry forms are available from or the regional selection centres.

Tel: (021) 761 0549


Video Channel calls for proposals

VideoChannel is looking for video works on the themes 'Self-portrait' and 'Totalitarianism' to be included in its online collection on and the offline DVD collection to be presented in the framework of the interactive installation of ' [R][R][F]2005--->XP - global networking project', as well as in selection for presentation on media festivals and exhibitions. It is planned to select a maximum of six to ten video works.

The thematic context 'Self-portrait' and 'Totalitarianism' operates in a narrow and wider sense. The videos have to be submitted as digital files - Quicktime, Real Video or .aviDIVX compression for preview, or URL for preview or download, and the selected works will be required to send as high quality videos as Quicktime or mpeg2DVD (PAL/NTSC) on CD or DVD (data) by snail mail. The videos may have a running time between one and five minutes, with possible exceptions. One submission per artist on each theme only.

Please use this form for submitting: of artist(s), email address(es), URL(s) (in case of an artists' collective please credit all participants properly)
2. short biography/CV (not more than 300 words each)
3. 1 work/project only with title, year of production
a) type of media file
b) URLof the posted work online
c) URL from where the projectfile(s) can be downloaded
4. work description (story included, not more than 500 words)
5. screenshot (.jpeg, max. 800x600 px)


The submitter/s declare/s and confirm/s that he/she/they is/are holding all rights on the submission and give permission to include the submitted work in 'Cinematheque' online/offline environment until revoke.

Signed by (submitter)

Please send the complete submission to with VideoChannel 'Self-portrait' or 'Totalitarianism' in the subject line.

VellanoArte 2005 calls for submissions

The artist's association of Val di Nievole once more invites international artists to participate in a symposium and art happening in Tuscany, Italy. Vellano, a small medieval village, becomes an open air studio, theatre, stage or gallery for this event. Visual artists in all media, performing artists and musicians are invited for interaction, work, communication and representation.

The event aims to:
- to culturally enrich the Vellano environment through artworks or projects.
- to encourage research and bilateral cultural exchange through art and communication.
- to foster interaction between local and international artists and the residents of Vellano

This event will be promoted by the residents, the Proloco (a volunteer association), the Circolo Arci (recreational centre) and local businesses of Vellano and the city of Pescia. Vellano di Pescia, Tuscany is a hilltop village with 600 inhabitants, the largest of the '10 Castella' in the valley of Nievole, between Pisa and Florence, in the province of Pistoia, near Pescia. These villages have managed to maintain their typical medieval architecture for over 1000 years. The regional agricultural products, olive oil, wine, chestnuts, wood and stone as well as paper manufacturing, metal work, leather production and the flower industry has shaped the culture of the area around Vellano.

Deadline for applications is July 3, and the festival takes place from September 1 - 11. Chosen artists will be informed before July 10.

For more information email or visit

Images sought for South African tourism book

Struik Publishers is looking for 200 fresh new images that represent the spirit of South Africa. Do you have photographs that fit the bill?

A survey of departing international tourists showed that these visitors left the country impressed with far more than just the beautiful scenery. They spoke too of friendly hospitable people, of mineral wealth, of wildlife riches, of excellent cuisine, of inspiration... Struik is looking for images that represent this kind of diversity and beauty. Selected images will be used in a mainstream tourist souvenir to be published in November 2006.

The picture quality must obviously be appropriate for use in such a coffee table book: pin-sharp transparencies that are up-to-date, have not been used extensively elsewhere, and that clearly illustrate the places/events described.

So, can you see your country through the eyes of a traveller? While we're not quite going for the warts-and-all approach, or for a wildly artistic take, we are looking for images with a certain freshness to them - images that accurately portray a bright country full of hope, colour and inspiration.

All images must be clearly labelled with the destination and your name. Transparencies are preferable to digital images.

For more information, contact

Enjin Museum of Dead Media

Enjin in collaboration with The Trinity Session is embarking on the development of a Museum for Dead Media. The purpose is to call the public's attention to the significance of collecting or preserving one's redundant or dated technology, reflections on ways in which these tools are still applied in creative processes and of course to reflect on the advancements in new technologies and media. Key to this project are questions around what shape and form a museum of dead media could take. Is it a building, a collective networked data system, a discussion forum or a series of presentations and features in future issues of the magazine and dvd supplement. The first steps towards this project manifest in the Hobbs/Neustetter installation at Design Indaba and the call for interest and ideas on creative uses of dead media, and concepts for the 'museum'.

Who is involved?

Enjin is South Africa's leading resource for creative professionals, brings you comprehensive coverage of the art of design, 3D, animation, video, effects, web and interactive design. Enjin addresses the needs of those within the digital media market by providing relevant and forward-thinking content. Now in its sixth year, Enjin Creative Magazine consistently delivers the content that people want to read.

The meeting of Stephen Hobbs and Marcus Neustetter as an artist collaborative fuses their interests in urban social change and virtual culture. Over the years their artistic practices have resulted from experimentation with the juxtaposition of high and low tech, dead and new media interventions. These experiments manifest in public space, galleries and museums and in the arena of their artist lab: the Trinity Session. Taking into consideration the exclusivity of the museum and gallery context, current projects focus on social research and mobile platforms enabling their artistic expression.

Directed by Hobbs and Neustetter, The Trinity Session is a contemporary art production team that investigates the strategies and relationships between art and business, collaborative practice, network development and creative contextual response. As Hobbs' personal artistic interest is the urban environment and Neustetter's the digital and virtual, the thematic focus of The Trinity Session revolves around these subject areas. Heavily informed and influenced by context, The Trinity Session defines its approaches from a position within Johannesburg, South Africa, thusdetermining its attitude tolocal and global debates, networks and partnerships for survival and sustainability of the visual arts industries. By acting as correspondents and consultants, and approaching the work process from a network and 'accommodation and exchange of information' angle, the purpose of the working dynamic is to produce in a cross-platform multidisciplinary way with artists, institutions and corporate brands and services. Interests lie in interdisciplinary working methods, conceptualising and interacting with like-minded partners.

Enjin is building a museum and we need your help. Create a visual piece in any format or material. Submit your personal or professional interpretation of dead media to Enjin magazine for inclusion in the Enjin Museum of Dead Media. Works will be selected to feature in future editions of Enjin magazine, and for pride of place in the Museum. There are no entry restrictions - all visual comments on the theme of dead media are accepted and encouraged.

For more info, download the emodm brief and submission form from www.enjin Send your museum piece concepts and proposals to . Call (011) 339 2785 or 381 7711 for further information.

Position available at ArtThrob

ArtThrob currently has a vacancy for the position of KwaZulu Natal Editor.

KwaZulu Natal Editor:

We are looking for a suitable candidate to fill the position of KwaZulu Natal Editor, which is currently vacant. The position is ideally suited for a recent graduate and/or a working artist looking to become established as an emergent voice in the local art scene.

The position requires the successful candidate to manage the relevant provincial listing (i.e. KwaZulu Natal), write at least two critical reviews per monthly update, as well as submit newsworthy articles for the News section (from time to time). The position requires diligence, excellent writing and editing skills, an ability to work to strict deadlines and passion for the local arts scene. ArtThrob is a not for profit publication and relies on the generosity of sponsors and practicing artists who donate their work through the Editions for ArtThrob programme to fund and sustain itself. As such the position will be remunerated through a fixed rate in keeping with our funding structure.

Please send letters of interest (in email form), a CV appropriate to the position and at least two samples of �writing (1200 � 4000 words total) to Andrew Lamprecht at

Deadline: Wednesday, February 23

The Statue of Freedom

We wish to make designers and artists all over the world aware of a competition to design 'The Statue of Freedom' in South Africa. The statue will be the most significant piece of public art in Africa since the pyramids.

The statue will be erected in Mandela Bay in the Port Elizabeth harbour precinct and will commemorate the freedom miracle that has occurred in South Africa.

The competition will be officially launched early in January 2005, but you can visit the website at and register your interest. The competition is open to 'all creative South Africans as individuals or in consortia and involving associates from elsewhere in the world'.

Both the competition and subsequent project are under the auspices of the Mandela Bay Development Agency.

Traveling Magazine Table by Nomads&Residents

Nomads&Residents is a forum for visitors in the arts: making connections, supporting networks, setting up meetings.

This is an open call for magazines or periodicals published by non-profit and alternative spaces, independent groups, artists, and artists' collectives to be part of the 'Nomads&Residents' Traveling Magazine Table'. This collection of materials will be on view at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies at MIT, Boston, this winter and spring. If you would like your magazine or periodical to be included in the collection, please send two copies of your latest issue(s) to:

The Center for Advanced Visual Studies
Attn: Traveling Magazine Table
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Avenue N52-390
Cambridge MA 02139

For more information:

Tel: 617 452 2484

Send materials to:

About Nomads&Residents

Big cities are in a continuous flux, with a coming and going of people who settle in, stay temporarily or move through. Newcomers enter this flux, become part of the life of the city, and make connections with others. The city, as a space, contains possibilities through the dynamic relationships between people, which may provoke an active engagement. Strangers become friends, ideas become practice, models are being transformed into action. Nomads&Residents originated in New York, yet also bases its activities on the coming and going of people who settle in, stay temporarily or move through cities such as Los Angeles, Rotterdam, Munich and Amsterdam.

To read more about Nomads&Residents and browse through its archive and calendar of events please visit:

Tsunami - call for submissions

The current Asian tsunami disaster made it again evident: the human being cannot control the destructive powers of nature.

A Virtual Memorial and [R][R][F]2005---XP initiate on occasion of this disaster and in solidarity with all affected people in this human tragedy a net-based art project environment, entitled 'Tsunami'.

The title 'Tsunami' does thematically not only refer to this or similiar disasters in present or past, but beyond that 'Tsunami' is primarily also understood as a symbol for the inevitable, the immutable, for powers of nature, powers of destiny which cannot be controlled by the human being, situations of helplessness of which the human being is irrevocably at the mercy. Has he any chance to escape or take influence?

Nearly everybody wherever he may live has had experiences of that kind in one or the other way already. Artists around the globe are invited to reflect on these traumatic conditions of human life and submit art works, documents, texts or any other material which can be submitted as digital file.

'Tsunami' - this collaborative project will be published and featured on and simultaneously and will take part in all coming physical events of [R][R][F]2005--->XP, global networking project by Agricola de Cologne.

Following file types are accepted:

Text: .txt, .rtf, plain email
Image: .jpg,.gif., png
sound: .mpg3
movie: .mov, .avi, wmv, .swf, .drc, .mpeg2

The submission can consist of different parts, works or documents but must not exceed 5MB. All serious contributions will be accepted.

First deadline is March 31, afterwards ongoing, but the project will be launched on February 1 and from then on continuously updated.

Please use this form for submitting

1. Name, Email, URL
2. Brief bio (not more than 50 words/English)
3. Work(s) (number of entries, titles, year of origin, medium of original work, submitted media file types)
4. Short description for each submitted work (not more than 50 words/English)

Please send the submission as individual files attached to with 'tsunami' in the subject line.

Exhibitions and workshops for the 2006 Commonwealth Games

'Ubuntu - To Make a Place' is an exhibition to be staged as a highlight of the Commonwealth Games cultural programme. It will be located in the Melbourne Museum in association with the Spirit of the Games exhibition. 'Ubuntu' will offer visitors an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the cultures gathered in Melbourne for this event. They will see thought-provoking objects made with creativity and skill from materials local to the makers. Outside the exhibition, communities in Melbourne and regional centres will be able to interact with the makers through a series of satellite residencies in schools and galleries. The exhibition will help us understand the differences between cultures, while appreciating the shared creativity of their makers.

In July 2004, representatives from 14 southern countries met for the first time to discuss what it is that they might have to say to each other. This gathering marked the initial phase in a four-year journey designed to develop south-south dialogue that realises the new energy and potential of southern countries emerging from shadows of colonialism. The 'Ubuntu' project, administered by Craft Victoria, arises from this meeting.

The focus of Craft Victoria is to celebrate the 'world at hand'. This involves an appreciation of the skills and materials in our midst, both as an expression of local identity and as a means of adding value to our work. Craft Victoria manages the South Project, which is designed to find ways of giving expression to what it means to live in the south - 'Think global, make local' is one of its core principles.

At this stage, Craft Victoria is seeking expressions of interest from organisations and individuals who might be part of this project. In particular, we are looking for support in:

- distributing information about the opportunities of this exhibition for makers
- assisting makers travelling to Melbourne for the event
- professional development opportunities
- interest in being part of the discussion about the meaning of 'Ubuntu' and its relevance beyond South Africa

The South Project is a three year journey leading towards a Festival of the South in 2008. This journey entails four meetings where artists and writers can continue the exchange about what it means to live in the south. The first was in Melbourne, July 2004. 2005 will be in Auckland/Wellington (New Zealand), 2006 will be Santiago (Chile) and the final gathering in 2007 will be in South African (location to be confirmed).

'Ubuntu - to make a place' is one of many projects based on collaborative possibilities. Countries of the south are conditioned to be gazing northwards. This is an opportunity to look to each other and see what we can achieve together.

For more information, contact:

Kevin Murray
Craft Victoria
31 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000
Tel: 61 3 9650 7775
Email: or

The Surface-online invites contributions

The Surface-online is a Scottish-based international chronicle of observation and comment - a shop window for aspiring writers, poets, illustrators, photographers and journalists. We offer no fee.

The Surface is completely and fiercely independent and involves no charge at any time to either reader or contributor. The Surface is self-funded through donations. If you would like your work showcased to literary agents, art directors and editors worldwide then please feel free to contribute.

Each edition of The Surface will be hung on a theme, each theme broad and open to interpretation - your interpretation. We are open to suggestion on future themes.

Submission Guidelines:

Submissions should be made to the editor of the specific section. Please read and follow the guidelines at

Visual Arts -

Photography -

Strip Cartoons -

For all other communications please contact the editor at

The Surface represents the diversity and talents of creative people. Submissions should reflect the interests of an international readership.

2004/05 - Themes

America - Following the USA elections we reflect on America. Despotic Empire or land of the free? America has established itself as a sole superpower - but to what purpose? There seem to a lot of people either side of the fence when it comes to loving or hating America. Does size matter? What does America mean, politically, economically, demographically, etc.? Does everyone believe the ideals that America holds dear - freedom, democracy? Are there truly any things which are self-evident? The deadline for copy and artwork is December 10, 2004.

Language - Reflections and explorations of the English language in its many forms and variations. In examining language are we looking at how our language shapes how we think, and therefore who we think we are? What would it mean for humanity to have a truly global language, should it ever occur? The deadline for copy and artwork is February 10, 2005.

Rise and Fall of God And the Devil - the inspirations of the sublime and the profane. Is God particularly relevant to the age in which we live? Secularism; do we actually need God any more? Have we grown up? The deadline for copy and artwork is April 10, 2005.

Second Generation - the impact of being the children of emigrants, (political, economic, nomadic), born in lands foreign to your parents, but so familiar to you. The tensions of the two cultures and values, the Old Ways contrasting with the New Ways, the irony of parents emigrating to provide a better life for their children, but still wanting their family to follow the old traditions, culture, values, language even, and religion, and the fabulous art forms that evolve from the melting pot of humanity the Global Village can and does produce. The deadline for copy and artwork is June 10, 2005.

Games - from the social games we play: white lies, flirtation, roles in society; to actual contests of strength, intellect or guile between people and countries. Olympian feats to drawing room farce - the world as the artist's game board. The deadline for copy and artwork is August 10, 2005.

Degrees of consciousness -The subtlety of consciousness and the scales on which it occurs. Sentience; self-awareness. From a single neuron to a whole universe. Where does it come from and can it be reproduced artificially? Is it just an illusion? What does it actually mean, if anything, to be able to reason about one's existence? The deadline for copy and artwork is October 10, 2005.

'Etcetera' - a new section edited collectively by the editorial team, it will contain approaches and material that don't fit into the more formal areas of The Surface: we want to highlight Internet-based installations, films, music, avant garde work, new projects online; in fact, anything that feeds our theme and provides surprise. This section will be accumulative with material, links and other media being retained and compacting as the issues proceed.

'Postcards from the edge' will be our own central pivot to this new section - it could be seen as artistic form of Bogging where artists and writers are connected from the same location - the writer produces a short piece of prose/poetry/text as the message of the postcard and the rtist/photographer creates an image. It will be about a specific place - in a one off production or as a series.

For more info, contact

Gallery in Georgia, USA seeks South African artists

Fine Art Gallery in Roswell, Georgia (USA) seeks talented artists from South Africa. The gallery is located in an affluent part of the city, surrounded by other galleries, bookstores and fine restaurants.

Please submit work and resumé to:

Laramee Fine Art
984 Canton St.
Roswell, Georgia (USA) 30075

Email submissions should be sent to:

Remembering-Repressing-Forgetting Newmediafest 2004 global networking is preparing a feature related to Iraq - the war and the period afterwards, and is looking for proposals of net-based art works, papers, articles, comments, links etc which fit in this spectrum.

Accepted works and items must have a clearly defined copyright note and will be included in the new Iraq module to be created. Besides URLs of works or sources, certain media files are acceptable, see specifications below.

Please use this form for submitting:

1. first name/ name of artist, email, URL
2. a brief bio/ CV (not more than 300 words)
3. title and URL or type of media file
4. a short work description (not more than 300 words)
5. one screen shot (max 800x600 pixels, .jpg)

Please send your submission to with 'Iraq' in the subject line.

Only these types of media files are accepted:

1. text - plain email, .txt or .doc
2. image -.jpg
3. movie -.swf, .dcr, .mov, .mpeg

The deadline is ongoing and as soon as submissions are accepted, they will be included and posted.

AVA invites submissions

The Association For Visual Arts (AVA) in Cape Town invites submissions from visual artists who wish to exhibit at AVA from 2004 onwards. The Selection Committee of the AVA meets every two months to review submissions and the next meeting takes place on Wednesday, November 19. Selection meetings take place every second month thereafter.

Interested artists should bring to the gallery six to eight works (these can be supplemented by visual material such as slides and photographs), a CV and a short letter of intent or an artist's statement. The committee is most interested in reviewing the work that the artists wish to exhibit or else their most recent works. Artists can collect their works the day after the meeting.

In addition, any curators wishing to curate exhibitions for AVA should submit proposals to AVA's Selection Committee.

AVA is committed to the ongoing promotion of art and artists, both emerging and established, both formally trained and self- taught. For more information, contact Estelle Jacobs.

Association for Visual Arts
35 Church Street, Cape Town
Tel: (021) 424 7436
Fax: (021) 423 2637

My Mission: call for submissions

'{self}_representation 2003', the new show on Le Musee di-visioniste curated by Agricola de Cologne and launched on September 30 2003, invites artists to submit to the recently initiated project 'My Mission', a collection of textual self-representations in form of artistic statements.

Please send your statement as a short text in plain email format (no more than 500 words), stating how you see your mission as an artist.

'My mission' is an ongoing project with an open end, so you can send your statement at any time, there is no deadline.

All serious entries will be immediately included.

Send submissions to with 'My Mission' in the subject line. or

Donate your art to AIDS orphans auction website

Last year the Art for AIDS Orphans auction raised over a million rands for AIDS orphans. Organizer Nicci Bailey is currently setting up a permanent charity website gallery,, and are requesting that all artists who would like to donate a piece for this worthy cause to log onto our site.

Contact: Nicci Bailey


UNESCO-Aschberg Bursaries for Artists Programme

The Programme UNESCO-Aschberg Bursaries for Artists falls under the aegis of the International Fund for the Promotion of Culture (IFPC) of UNESCO. Visual Artists can apply for residencies throughout the world. For the brochure with a list of all residencies please contact UNESCO-Aschberg Bursaries for Artists at the address below or download it from The selection procedure is shared between an International Artistic Committee which meets once a year under the supervision of the IFPC and the host institutions. In general the deadline for applications for residencies in 2005/2006 is April 30 (please check the institution's closing date for applications).

1, rue Miollis
F-75732 Paris Cedex 15 / France
Fax. 0033-1-45 68-55 95


Brett Kebble Art Awards seeks input for its 2005 outreach programme

The Brett Kebble Art Awards is currently planning its outreach programme for 2005. We would greatly appreciate your input and recommendations regarding any rural art community projects, groups or individuals who are in need of assistance and support. I would really value your input as this will assist us in making informed decisions regarding the needs for development in rural South Africa arts communities.


Deborah Weber, Media Liaison, Brett Kebble Art Awards
Tel : 083 519 5668