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Explorations in Videobrasil
by Carine Zaayman

The Associaço Cultural Videobrasil ( features the work of electronic artists in Brazil. The association describes itself as 'the major reference centre', which may well be the case, as it hosts nearly 4000 pieces. The association has also been organising a number of festivals since 1983 (usually every two years). The Videobrasil International Electronic Art Festival aims to showcase the work of what it calls 'local pioneers' in the field of electronic art and performance, as well as established international artists such as Nam June Paik and Bill Viola. The Videobrasil festivals make an important contribution to the electronic art scene, and the promotion of work done in these media.

Some of the highlights on the website include the 'Contemporary African Art Show' (2000) which featured the work of some South African artists such as William Kentridge, Sue Williamson and Zwelethu Mthethwa among others. A website of the exhibition is also available at

Another exhibition that is worth a visit is the 'Pan_African contemporary art exhibition' (2005). This show also has its own website: It featured both visual arts as well as cinema by artists from the African diaspora.

In addition to the online component, the exhibitions and festivals, the association has also produced a documentary film about an artist every year since 2000. The upcoming video release for 2006 will focus on the work of Cuban-born artist Coco Fusco. Also be sure to browse the database for information, documentation and other articles.