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05.08.07 Call for submissions for a public sculpture at the International Convention Centre, Durban
05.08.07 Durban Art Gallery seeks gallery assistant
05.08.07 SALE 30 X 30 at the US Art Gallery invites submissions
05.08.07 The Jan van Eyck Academie invites proposals for research periods
05.08.07 Peace Drum invites applications
05.08.07 The Arts and Culture Trust invites award nominations


06.05.07 Young Curators' Workshop at UCT
06.05.07 Free, 5 minute, quality artist web portfolios for SA artists

1.09.06 Art Courses in Plettenberg Bay


01.07.07 Eden to Addo Land Art Project invites interest
01.07.07 Best Art Practices International award for young curators
01.07.07 Call for applications at the Getty Research Institute

03.06.07 AVA calls for proposals for Ball Sports
03.06.07 Africa e Mediterraneo Award for the best unpublished comic strip by an African author 2007 - 08
06.05.07 Spier Contemporary 2007 launches with call for entries
06.05.07 Call for submissions to 2007 PPC Young Concrete Sculptor Awards

01.04.07 Call for Submissions: Africa Biennale 2008

04.02.07 AVA's Artreach fund invites applications
04.02.07 Africa Burns

4.08.06 Call to Artists, Architects and Interior Designers

7.07.06 Africa e Mediterraneo invites you to contribute to a bibliography on contemporary African art

02.09.05 Journal of African Art History and Visual Culture: Call for Papers

5.08.05 Submissions invited for work to be sold in a variety of venues worldwide

3.06.05 Unseen City invites contributions

04.03.05 Enjin Museum of Dead Media calls for contributions

02.08.04 Gallery in Georgia, USA seeks South African artists

01.11.03 AVA invites submissions

15.09.03 Donate your art to aids orphans auction website


03.06.07 Studio spaces to rent in Cape Town

06.05.07 Teaching jobs for Photography graduates

5.05.06 Listings in Contempo magazine

5.08.05 ArtMoves Africa: Mobility of artists and cultural operators within the African continent


Human Rights Wall, Durban (detail)


Human Rights Wall, Durban (detail)


Human Rights Wall, Durban (detail)


Interior view of ICC


Interior view of ICC with David Brown sculpture


Call for submissions for a public sculpture at the International Convention Centre, Durban

The ICC Durban Arena is an extension to the existing International Convention Centre in Durban. It features a new entrance at the opposite end to the existing one. The building has been designed as a multi-purpose venue, which can accommodate sport and music events in the Arena portion of the building, as well as meetings, conferences and exhibitions.

Although the two structures are connected, the new Arena component has a totally different design language from the Convention Centre component. The Arena faces the proposed new 'Africa Square' which will be a new dynamic meeting place for community events and gatherings. The Square is dominated on one side by the 'Freedom Wall' which became a voice of the people, who expressed their aspirations and frustrations on the walls of the inner city jail. When the jail was demolished, a portion of the wall which featured these messages in art form was retained as a memorial to all who had participated in the struggle to attain freedom and democracy in South Africa, particularly those who had served time in this particular building.

It is on the foundations of this building that the new Arena has been built. The focus of this new building is in direct contrast to that of the old. The artworks to be housed in the new building, therefore, should be developed, bearing in mind the history of the site and the messages featured on the prison wall, which symbolise a great moment in our history and reminds us of a troubled past, which has been transformed to a state of liberty and freedom.

Taking their cue from the prison wall, the artworks should, however, celebrate this newfound liberty and freedom, and symbolise growth, development, progression, and an uplifting and fulfilment of the new spirit in our land. They could also respond to two of the arena's functions as a sport and music venue, spilling out onto 'Africa Square'.

Two three-dimensional sculptural pieces are being sought to be placed on a large black granite plinth, at the foot of both main staircases in the main foyer. The stairs behind the plinth are also finished in black granite. The back wall of the staircase is painted in Plascon colour Clay Strata, which is a vibrant earthy red colour. The word 'monumenta' is felt to be appropriate when describing the potential works, as this would be the correct response to the vast spaces of the Arena.

The artworks should relate to the contemporary urban environment rather than the vernacular. The artworks are to be safe, secure and durable. Fragile materials will not be considered.

Attached are photographic references of the two areas and some references of the prison wall. DAG have loaned the two pieces (seen currently in these spaces - David Brown and Stavros Gorgiades) until the end of November 07. The pedestal seen in these photos attached is 800 x 1800 x 3000mm.

Please submit digital documentation of your work before the end of September 2007 and head the email in the subject line 'Proposal for ICC' to

Durban Art Gallery seeks gallery assistant

A contemporary art gallery in Durban is looking for a gallery assistant, is interested in all aspects of running a gallery. Send a cover letter and your CV to:

SALE 30 X 30 at the US Art Gallery invites submissions

Artists are invited to participate in the annual 'SALE 30 X 30' exhibition from Tuesday August 21 - Saturday September 15, 2007 at the University of Stellenbosch Art Gallery.

Each artist may present two works (2- or 3-dimensional), in any medium, of which at least one will be exhibited.

The conditions are the following:
- the works have to measure 30 x 30cm (including frame/mounting)
- the work has to be exhibition-ready. No wet paint or greenware
- two eye-hooks must accompany the work (where applicable)
- the US Art Gallery takes 25% commission on sales

Works have to be delivered to the US Art Gallery on Monday August 13, between 9am and 5pm

US Art Gallery
cor. Dorp and Bird Streets, Stellenbosch
Tel: (021) 808 3524/3489
Fax: (021) 808 3669

The Jan van Eyck Academie invites proposals for research periods

The Jan van Eyck Academie is an institute for research and production where artists, designers and theoreticians work alongside each other and establish cross-disciplinary exchange. The Fine Art department offers a unique space for experimentation, production, reflection and debate. The researchers in the department conduct high-quality research in an environment that encourages the questioning of the assumptions, forms, meanings and contexts that are tied in with the practice of making art today. We welcome artists, individuals and groups, without stipulating conditions regarding form, content and media.

Artists are invited to apply for a research period in the Fine Art department of up to two years, starting in January 2008. The central element of the application is your project proposal, in which you set out the form and content of your research and production plans. The application deadline is October 1, 2007.


The Fine Art department is headed by the advising researchers Orla Barry, Aglaia Konrad, Hinrich Sachs and Imogen Stidworthy. Their principal task is to advise the Fine Art researchers in the development of their work. The artistic practice is supported by a programme of events and sustained conversations that are organised by the researchers and advising researchers according to their interests. Throughout the year professionals from different fields are invited to set up discursive events, on a formal and informal level, such as presentations, lectures, studio visits, performances and other forms of intervention. The programme is open to researchers from all three departments.


All researchers in the Fine Art department are given an individual studio and a stipend (currently 8840 Euros paid in 13 instalments). Funding for individual projects can be applied for on a project-by-project basis. The academy offers expertise in all media and production areas, in-house or in cooperation with partner organisations. These areas include photography, digital and silk-screen printing, video and audio production, computer applications and other digital technologies, and materials including wood, metal, ceramics, glass and bronze. The academy encourages publishing through the Jan van Eyck publication series of artists' books, monographs, theoretical and other writings or forms of publishing. Everybody at the Jan van Eyck Academie can make use of the extensive library.


Your application must include your project proposal, documentation material and an application form. A downloadable application form and more information about the application procedure can be found at (click applications).

The application fee is 60 Euros, both for individuals and teams.

Applications must before October1, 2007. Interviews will take place in October.

For more information about the programme please visit the academy website ( which includes an extensive list of current and past research projects, activities, events and publications, as well as biographical information and links of current researchers and advising researchers. Prospective candidates are also welcome to visit the academy in person.

For questions and/or more information please contact Leon Westenberg (researchers' secretary): or +31(0)43 350 37 24.
Jan van Eyck Academie
Post-academic institute for research and production
Fine Art, Design, Theory
Academieplein 1, 6211 KM Maastricht, Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)43 350 37 37
Fax: +31 (0)43 350 37 99

Peace Drum invites applications

History and current experience shows that so deep are the pains of most of the conflicts experienced in the global south that the popular individualised, reductionist and rationalistic approaches to healing and transformation simply lack the language and resources to solidly address the challenge of holistic peaceful transformation. 'Arts approaches' provide an accessible language, compelling processes that affirm everyone's creativity and, above all, an inclusive space that enables healing, genuine dialogue and transformation to happen particularly where the violent conflicts and pains are experienced by masses of people.

In the spirit of Ubuntu and inspired by the indigenous African motif of the 'drum', 'Peace Drum' will 'drum up' a most significant call to artists-peacebuilders and peoples in the global south to take greater leadership in intentionally and imaginatively transforming ideologies of violence and, above all, (re)constructing a narrative of justpeace. In this quest, 'Peace Drum' will provide a rich, inclusive and challenging forum for reflective practitioners to celebrate their creative richness; critically and deeply engage; dream and act jointly in producing alternative cultural products and in shaping new narratives of justpeace.

Hosted by Ubuntu Arts, 'Peace Drum' will bring together 20 committed artists-peacebuilders - including educators, development workers, community animators and cultural activists - from the global south who continue to apply various shades of arts approaches in their social change work. The 2-week intensive programme of applied training, performances, exhibitions, and direct skills-building experience will take place in Nairobi, Kenya, between September 17 and 28, 2007. A select number of the participants will be awarded partial scholarships to attend the school. However, all participants will cover their return travel either to Jomo Kenyatta International airport or Nairobi city. For more information and to apply, email: by August 10, 2007

Paschal Wafula (Coordinator);
Babu Ayindo (Artistic Director);
Carol Okello (Office Manager);
Philomena Waithira; Alfred Kibunja; Rispa Were;
Wilfred Kioko and Oliver Mbayi

Ubuntu Arts
PO Box 13695 GPO, 00100 Nairobi, Kenya

The Arts and Culture Trust invites award nominations

The Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) Awards 2007 presented by Nedbank and supported by CLASSICfeel Magazine. The Cape Town radio partner is Fine Music Radio 101.3 and the Gauteng radio partner is 102.7 Classic FM.

The annual ACT awards recognise and reward the work done by individuals, organisations and agencies who have played an important supportive role in the development of arts, culture and creativity in South Africa. Finalists and winners for the ACT Awards 2007 will be awarded in the following categories based on implementation, sustainability, success and innovation of projects and services, which support and nurture South Africa's abundant artistic and cultural heritage:

- The ACT Cultural Development Award 2007 will be awarded by an independent panel of judges to an outstanding project or programme that has contributed significantly to community development in arts and culture.

- The ACT Arts Education Award 2007 will be awarded by an independent panel of judges to a programme or institution for a significant contribution to arts, culture and heritage education in the formal or informal sectors.

- The ACT Arts Correspondent Award 2007 will be awarded by an independent panel of judges to a print, electronic or broadcast media journalist for excellence in arts and culture reporting or criticism and generating significant coverage of arts, culture or heritage.

- The ACT Arts Management Award 2007 will be awarded by an independent panel of judges to an outstanding individual, organisation or agency for remarkable performance in the areas of art management, administration, publicity or marketing.

- The ACT Chairperson's Award 2007 will be awarded to a project, programme or organisation recently funded by ACT which has delivered best against the strategic objectives of their grant. This award will be presented at the discretion of the ACT Chairperson.

- The ACT Lifetime Achievement Award 2007 will be awarded to an outstanding individual for a significant contribution in the areas of arts, culture or heritage during their lifetime. This award will be presented at the discretion of the ACT Board of Trustees.

A ceremony to announce the winners for the ACT Awards 2007 will take place on October 31, 2007 at Nedbank Sandton in Johannesburg. The deadline for nominations is September 14. All nominations must be submitted on the prescribed nomination form which can be downloaded from


Young Curators' Workshop at UCT

The Centre for African Studies at UCT has launched a set of workshops aimed at providing Cape Town's burgeoning curators, creatives and artists with the knowledge and skills they need to curate their own exhibitions.

The workshops are open to all and are to be led by some of the country's top curatorial minds. Regular workshop participants will also get the opportunity to curate a short show at the Centre for African Studies later in the year, getting practical experience of the difficulties in funding, organising and curating an exhibition.

As well as presenting a series of exhibitions, the workshops aim to encourage interaction between fresh minds from around the city, from a variety of disciplines, forging links that will provide participants with the connections they need to launch exciting exhibitions in the future.

The workshops were launched on May 5 and will continue on Saturdays, from 10am until 1pm, at the Centre for African Studies Gallery. The workshops will be run by various gurus of curation including innovatory sound artist James Webb and art theorist, artist and legendary curator Andrew Lamprecht.

For more information contact: Linda Stupart
Tel: 084 753 4940

Free, 5 minute, quality artist web portfolios for SA artists /yourname

Just email or post us your content, or transfer your details from an existing website and we will place it on your webpage for free.

For an example see

Simply email Text: 1000 characters of:

(1) Your name
(2) email address
(3) something about your art
(4) contact details
(5) where else your art can be found on other websites


(1) 1 Picture for free that you could email to us, or that we can take off from a website that you may be on.

Wait there's more ......

(1) You can update your webpage as frequently as you like with images and text by using your own username and password that you can give to us.
(2) Joining ArtLife entitles you to receive a 10% reduction of Global Art Information products such as The SA Art Times Subscription, SA Art Information Directory etc.

For further details please contact us directly at

Our postal details are: Global Art Information, PO Box 15881, Vlaeberg, 8018. Tel: (021) 424 7733 for more details

Offer ends May 31

Art Courses in Plettenberg Bay

We offer a unique team-building opportunity for groups who are not necessarily outdoorsy, adventurous or particularly active, yet together would learn a new and exciting skill that would last them a lifetime. The deep relaxation achieved through drawing and painting in a tranquil country setting, would greatly benefit a stressed-out group of city dwellers.

So many people wish that they could draw and paint but consider themselves to be lacking in talent. The truth is, anyone can learn the skill. David Thorpe holds art-course-holiday breaks in the heart of the majestic 'Crags' near Plettenberg Bay on the tranquil, historical farm called Redford House. In these surroundings one is offered the rare pleasure of learning to draw and paint in a naturalist's paradise with an abundance of flora and fauna from with which to draw inspiration.

'There's nothing artistic about being able to draw. It's just a logical process', says David Thorpe. We offer a variety of choices for groups to participate in from 3 and 5 day courses to accompanied tours to game farms and mountain resorts. Courses can be tailor made to meet requirements and can be held at venues closer to the groups' home city. Prices vary accordingly and will be quoted on request.

Example of a Course:
During the three day beginners' course, David will teach participants to draw in the first two days. He is renowned for his drawings, paintings, illustrations and tutoring skills and is able to help a student attain their personal goals, whatever those may be. He teaches a technique which all artists use and can easily be learned in just a few days. Having learned to draw, the course moves onto basic watercolour painting on the final day, with demonstrations and simple painting exercises with personal assistance throughout the course.

There is time in the afternoons for vists to the nearby sights of Monkeyland, Birds of Eden (two amazing experiences within a living forest), wine tasting on a nearby wine farm, Elephant sanctuary etc., all withing a few kilometers of where the courses take place.

Depending on the group's budget, accommodation is at a variety of properties from B&B type establishments to Kurland Park, a polo estate offering 5 star accommodation. Restaurants are abundant in the area, and picnics are arranged each day for the participants. The course can accommodate up to 12 people and prices vary according to the needs of the group.

Basic costs: R700.00 per person per day. This includes participation in the 3 day drawing and painting course and lunch each day.

For more info contact Eve Wilson (Marketing and Sales):
Tel: (044) 535 9771 or 083 292 3359
Fax: 086 510 2728


Eden to Addo Land Art Project invites interest

There is a unique conservation initiative happening in the Garden Route area, which is working to create landscape linkages through conservation corridors between the three Mega-Reserves of the area, namely: the Knysna forests, Baviaanskloof and the Addo Elephant National Park itself.

One of our projects for this year is to create a Land Art route through the corridor with eight selected sites for the installations. To achieve this we aim to have a Land Art Workshop that people can attend in October which will hopefully result in a number of installations.

For more information:

Best Art Practices International award for young curators

The Italian Cultural Office of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, South Tyrol, next host of the European Biennal Manifesta, is announcing the first edition of the international competition Best Art Practices International award for young curators. Best Art Practices will assign prizes to the best curatorial practices in contemporary art of the last five years. The theme of the first edition will focus on projects in non-conventional spaces.

The Award accepts only projects that have been completed in the last five years (realised after March 1, 2002). Itinerant events or events taking place over a period of time will be accepted as long as all the phases are concluded by March 1, 2007. The Award is open to all curators of all nationalities born on or after March 2, 1967.

Entries must arrive by 12pm, Monday September 3, 2007 by post, courier or hand delivery at the Award secretary's office. The postmark will not be considered as proof for the date of arrival of the entry and data sent by email or other means of transmission different from those indicated above will not be accepted.


First prize: 10 000 euros
Second prize: 3000 euros
Third prize: 2000 euros

Official languages: English, Italiano, Deutsch, Espa´┐Żol

The international Jury is composed of a Jury President and five commissioners.

President: Carlos Basualdo, curator, Philadelphia Museum of Art
Commissioner: Marion Piffer Damiani, independent curator, Bolzano
Commissioner: Letizia Ragaglia curator, Museion, Bolzano
Commissioner: Montse Romano, independent curator, Barcelona
Commissioner: Anton Vidokle, artist, New York and Berlin
Commissioner: Andrea Viliani, curator, Mambo, Bologna

For more information:

Call for applications at the Getty Research Institute

The Getty Research Institute offers fellowships for established scholars, postdoctoral scholars and predoctoral candidates, as well as writers and artists.

The Getty Research Institute welcomes applications from researchers in the arts, humanities, and social sciences who wish to be in residence at the Institute in 2008 - 2009 and whose projects explore cross-cultural exchange and the visual arts. Scholars who apply for this period will research topics centered around the 'Networks and Boundaries' research theme. The study of the visual arts can and does cross cultural, civilizational, ethnic, religious, and geographic boundaries. Cultural exchange takes place through kaleidoscopic networks that are themselves dynamic and transformative. These exchanges are integral to the construction of boundaries, contributing to definitions of self and other. The contact zones within which they occur are marked by appropriations, hybridisations and syncretisms, all of which remap cultural boundaries.

The study of the visual arts has its own networks and boundaries, including interdisciplinarity and divisions between national, area and world histories. How freely have artists, art objects, and artistic concepts and practices moved across socio-political and cultural boundaries? And with what results? How closely do artistic crossings and their analyses map onto larger networks of power and economics? How do we negotiate the different demands of local cultural contexts with larger regional and/or global concerns? Scholars in residence will find that the special collections of the Getty Research Library are especially rich in primary materials that bear upon this topic, ranging from 19th-century photographs by European travellers in Asia to the collection of the Association Connaissance de l'histoire de l'Afrique contemporaine (exploring the influence of French colonialism in Africa); from the papers of international architect Bernard Rudofsky to documentation of such global activities as Fluxus and mail art.

Applications must be received by November 1

Applications and more information can be found at:

For more information, email:

AVA calls for proposals for Ball Sports

In the run up to the 2010 World Cup, all eyes focus on sport. Art and sport are commonly perceived as polar opposites, drawing different audiences, engaging with different notions of culture. 'Ball Sports' invites artists to engage sport as a starting block for the interrogation of serious and not so serious social dynamics.

This will take the form of an exhibition curated by gallery Director Kirsty Cockerill at the AVA and will employ all four gallery spaces.

1. This will be a selected exhibition. The artworks for exhibition will be selected by the Director of the AVA from the proposals received via email or on disc in the format of Word documents and the images as jpg's. The Director's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

2. The work may be in any medium as long as it is an original artwork.

3. You do not need to be a member of AVA to submit work, but if your work is selected for exhibition, you will need to pay AVA subs for 2007, if you have not already paid. Subs are R75 per person or R30 for students or pensioners.

4. All works must be for sale.

5. All proposals must be accompanied by relevant details, i.e. name of artist; title of work; medium; date and selling price which must include AVA's commission of one third of the selling price; CV, and images of the proposed work.

6. All entries must be ready to be exhibited/hung. If the display of a work is complicated, the artist will be required to set up his/her own piece.

7. Closing date for submissions is October 15, 2007. The selected works must be delivered to the AVA by 1pm, November 8.

8. The exhibition runs from 6pm, Tuesday November 13 to Friday November 23 after which the exhibited works must be collected before 5 pm.

9. All artwork is exhibited/left in the gallery at the artist's own risk as AVA's insurance policy does not cover theft, burglary or accidental damage.

Email submissions:
Postal submissions: PO Box 15218, Vlaeberg 8018

Supported by the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund

Africa e Mediterraneo Award for the best unpublished comic strip by an African author 2007 - 08

Africa e Mediterraneo association is launching the fourth edition of the Africa e Mediterraneo Award for the best unpublished comic strip by an African author 2007 - 08. The competition is open to African artists living in or outside Africa wishing to tell their own stories, to draw life conditions in Africa, to denounce the lack of human rights, to describe conditions of migration or to free their mind and creativity.

The award is composed of three sections:
- Creative cartoon - free subject
- Cartoon on human rights
- Stories of migration

The cartoons can be in black and white or colour, but they must be unpublished: the maximum length is 4 pages, and the maximum format 35cm x 50cm. The technique is open. Stories written in African languages or in Arabic must have a translation in English, French or Portuguese.

The original artworks, along with an application form (which can be download from and a brief CV, must be sent by post to Africa e Mediterraneo assocation.

The winner, one for each section, will receive 600 Euros and the possibility to publish a personal album. In addiction, the best 40 works will be published in the Africa Comics anthology, and included in an exhibition that will be presented in Italy and in Europe.

Submission deadline: December 15, 2007

For more information:

Africa e Mediterraneo
Via Gamberi 4, 40037 - Sasso Marconi, Bologna - Italy
Tel: +39 051 840166
Fax: +39 051 6790117
Email: or

Spier Contemporary 2007 launches with call for entries

The Africa Centre at Spier will be launching a major South African visual arts exhibition and award in December 2007 - the Spier Contemporary.

The Spier Contemporary, named after the major sponsor, will be a bi-annual event that begins with an exhibition and series of awards launched at the Spier Estate in Stellenbosch, that then travels to other venues throughout the country. It has received hosting support from major museums thus far.

The Spier Contemporary will provide a valuable platform for South Africa to know itself through the art of 100 urban and rural visual artists across the country. 'Art provides an understanding of the complexities of our society in a way that political and other narratives are not able to do', says Curator Clive van den Berg. 'Its different languages give us the capacity to celebrate new heroes, new values and new perspectives on where we are as individuals and as a nation.'

The Spier Contemporary will give artists an opportunity to show their work uncompromised by the limitations of technology often required for contemporary art. It will make a contribution to the visual arts industry in a broad way through development contributions to each of the professions required for the production of a bi-annual large-scale exhibition.

A rural and urban artist development programme that is part of the project aims to create tailor-made initiatives for artists. Through this support, they will be better able to participate in events such as the Contemporary, and in the broader art arena. 'We envisage a close collaboration between the artists, production staff and curators' adds Churchhill Madikida, Development Officer, 'so that the entire experience is professionally rewarding for the artists.'

The exhibition will also be accompanied by an extensive audience development programme for lay and professional visitors in an attempt to remove barriers between creators and audiences.

The Spier Contemporary team includes Curator Clive van den Berg, Co-curator Jay Pather, Development/Education Officer Churchill Madikida and Project Manager Kadiatou Diallo. The competition will be judged by an eminent panel of national and international people, chosen for their range of expertise and experience. Any South African citizen over the age of 21 may enter.

Artists enter by filling in an entry form. Entry forms can be found on the website - (available in March 2007); at one of the nine selection centres (to be announced); or at the Spier Contemporary office: PO Box 137, Lynedoch, 7603 Stellenbosch.

Artists may enter with a proposal or an artwork delivered to a selection centre; post a slide of the artwork to the Spier Contemporary office or enter online with a digital image or a proposal. Artworks have to be entered by August 31, 2007.

For detailed information about entry procedure and requirements:

Tel: (021) 881 3116

Call for submissions to 2007 PPC Young Concrete Sculptor Awards

South Africa's leading cement producer, PPC Cement, would like to invite all artists 'young' in the art of sculpting to participate in the 2007 PPC Young Concrete Sculptor Awards. The workshops, starting in May, will be open to sculptors who are 18 years and older, or who have no formal training and have recently become acquainted with concrete as a medium. These workshops, which run in advance of the PPC Young Concrete Sculptor competition, aim to provide young artists with some insight and techniques for working with concrete - demonstrating the versatility and best practices of concrete.

Prize money of R20 000 will be awarded to the winner of each of the two equally important categories: Best Sculptor on Exhibition; and Technical Excellence in Concrete Sculpture.

The one-day workshops will take place on the following dates at different venues across the country. They include:

- Pretoria, Thursday May 3, 1pm - 5pm, Tshwane University of Technology, Building 3, Room 3GO2, Arts Campus, du Toit Street, Pretoria
- Stellenbosch, Thursday May 1, 1pm - 5pm, Stellenbosch University, Visual Arts Building, Victoria Street (opposite the intersection of Neethling and Victoria Streets), Stellenbosch
- Port Elizabeth, Wednesday May 16, 10am - 4pm, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Dept of Studio Art (Sculpture), School of Creative Arts, Faculty of Arts, Summerstrand Campus (North), University Way, Port Elizabeth
- Bloemfontein, Tuesday May 22, 10am - 4pm, Oliewenhuis Art Museum, 16 Harrismith Street, Arboretum, Bloemfontein.

The workshops will be presented by members of PPC Cement's technical team. They will cover topics such as the technical aspects of working with cement, lightweight concrete, pigments, colourants and extenders.

Each workshop can accommodate 30 people on a first-come-first-serve basis. Bookings can be made through Nandi Hilliard at the Association of Arts Pretoria. The cost of the workshop is R60 and is payable to the Association of the Arts.

Photographic entries for pre-selection are due by September 20 while chosen works for final judging need to be submitted by October 24. The official prize-giving ceremony and opening of the two week exhibition will take place at the Association of Arts Pretoria on October 13

To book, contact Nandi Hilliard:
Tel: (012) 346 3100

Sasol New Signatures invites entries

Sasol is calling on all emerging South African artists to unleash their creative talents and to enter the prestigious 2007 Sasol New Signatures Competition. The company, in partnership with the Association of Arts Pretoria, today launched the 18th annual competition, one of the most coveted awards for young up-and-coming South African artists, 18 years and older.

This year's competition carries total prize money of R100 000, comprising an overall first prize of R60 000, a runner-up award of R15 000 and five merit awards of R5000 each. The winners will be announced at the opening of the competition exhibition at the Pretoria Art Museum on Wednesday August 1, 2007.

'The New Signatures competition is both the longest running and most prestigious competition for emerging artists, in South Africa. In its long history, the competition has played an important role in launching the careers of many of South Africa's established and respected contemporary artists, including Diane Victor, Kathryn Smith, Hanneke Benade, Henk Serfontein, Sean Slemon, Anton Karstel, Minnette Vári, Wim Botha and Retha Erasmus,' says Franci Cronje, Sasol New Signatures Competition Chairman.

To afford more emerging artists the opportunity to enter the competition, Sasol's sponsorship will include transportation of works selected for the exhibition from regional collection points to Pretoria. Workshops will be held nationally to assist artists in understanding the competition, the judging process and provide advice on conceptualisation, display and presentation of works. Attendance is free of charge and to reserve a place, bookings can be made through Nandi Hilliard on (012) 346 3100.

The competition is open to up-and-coming South African artists, 18 years and older, who have not yet held a solo exhibition, apart from an exhibition being held for academic purposes. Artists are invited to submit one or two art works at six venues in major venues across the country or via email. Physical submissions will be accepted at the collection points 10am - 4pm on June 5 and 6. Email entries may be submitted from May 2 - June 6. Visit for moreinfo on how to do this.

Regional selection panels will select approximately 100 works nationwide for the prestigious Sasol New Signatures exhibition at the Pretoria Art Museum. The exhibition runs from August 1 - September 9.

For more info, contact Nandi Hilliard:
Tel: (012) 346 3100
Email: or

Call for Submissions: Africa Biennale 2008

This is an open call for submissions by contemporary African visual artists to the Africa Biennale 2008. AVANT CAR GUARD is proud to announce having secured both operational support and project funding from the art world and corporate entities, and in this capacity will be producing a prestigious showcase of this country's hidden secrets to the art world. As we know Africa is a country that has long operated outside the world, and it's time to bring the world back into the fold and celebrate together the riches of this often misunderstood and mysterious country.

Avant Car Guard
Buitengracht Street, Cape Town, South Africa
Tel: (021) 123 4567

AVA's Artreach fund invites applications

The Association For Visual Arts' Artreach fund was founded by committee members in the late 1980s to help raise funds for various charities in Cape Town. In the 1990s it was transformed into a more focused fund for the financial assistance of visual artists. To date, AVA's Artreach fund has sponsored art materials, art studio rentals, workshop fees, art tuition, art classes for children in Langa, a sculpture peace park, a street youth drawing project, a gallery in an art school, art catalogues, exhibition expenses for shows at AVA, framing charges and production costs for exhibitions.

AVA's Artreach programme is an initiative aimed at broadening opportunities for visual artists in South Africa by creating artmaking possibilities, by encouraging art education, by promoting through exposure, and by advancing cultural production across a wide spectrum of visual arts media. The programme is co-sponsored by Absolut Vodka and with Lottery funding.

The Artreach committee meets on a monthly basis. For details with regards to applications Please check

Africa Burns

The Burning Man project has grown from a small spontaneous gathering with a burning effigy on a beach 21 years ago, to a community of over 40 000 people who congregate once a year to construct a temporary city and experimental community in the Nevada desert. The impact of the Burning Man experience has been so profound that an entire culture has formed around it, the basic tenets of which are:

Community, participation, radical self-expression and self-reliance.

'The giving of yourself is the greatest gift you can give to the Burning Man community, and is imperative to the survival of this unique experiment.' Burning Man regionals are now held across the world - North America, Australia, Europe, Germany, Asia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and now South Africa. A regional representative (or three) will be appointed shortly.

An art and music festival heavily inspired by the legendary Burning Man, brought to SA by Paul Jorgensen with the blessing of Burning Man;
- a 100% participant sponsored, participant created event.
- a three day multi-disciplinary event staged on private property (visual arts, music, performance, interactive theme camps);
- attracting international participants with an emphasis on forming artistic collaborations that are displayed and/or performed;
- involving radical self expression and an experiment in temporary community building;
- exploring concepts related to ART outside gallery and museum institutions
- expanding and bridging the concepts of Art Biennales and Burning Man
- encouraging a culture of environmental mindfulness

Prior to Africa Burns there will be 3 weeks of workshops held in Cape Town which will serve to build large scale art that will grace the festival. Should you wish to participate or have space, tools and materials to contribute please contact us.

For more information on how you can participate, contact: or or

Call to Artists, Architects and Interior Designers

Through the course of 2005 The Trinity Session sourced and commissioned 1500 artworks for the Raphael Penthouse Suites and Michelangelo Towers in Sandton, with a view to giving the rooms in the hotel pool an original and authentic South African edge. Working closely with the interior designers, developers and the artists, The Trinity Session was able to mediate the needs of all parties and deliver a product that has been well received by owners and visitors alike. A defining factor of this project was that the commissioning process which engaged some 70 artists, in turn creating significant social awareness and local support. The project also included placing art in the corridors and public spaces in the hotels and the adjacent mall. Legacy Property Holdings received a BASA Award for this initiative in May this year.

The impact on the lives of the artists involved with this project was substantial and the lessons from this process have demonstrated the significant impact that original works of art have on shifting the perception of space and functionality in terms of design, leisure, status and brand awareness.

The Trinity Session aims to further engage such collaborations.

For more information please contact:
Artists can send examples of their works (low-resolution) and contact details to:

Africa e Mediterraneo invites you to contribute to a bibliography on contemporary African art

The next issue of Africa e Mediterraneo will be focused on contemporary African art, related through testimonies regarding expositions and publications which have used and interpreted the concept of 'African contemporanean art'. Therefore, contemporary African art is not considered as a style, as a specific group of artists or as the production coming from one or more locations, but as the history of a 'label' which sometimes has made easier, sometimes conditioned in its own way the perception of African production and of certain artists' groups.

Iolanda Pensa is currently working on the bibliography which will be published on the magazine: this bibliography includes expositions, publications and reviews which directly or indirectly have enriched the concept of contemporary African art (therefore we will exclude from the bibliography artists' monographs, studies focused on a single country and works regarding exclusively Afro-American artists, unless where the intention of inscribing those works in the field of contemporary African art is clearly specified).

In order to have a flexible tool, we have decide to work directly on Wikipedia (, allowing third parties to change, enrich and rectify the information, and allowing the bibliography currently updated.

Wikipedia is a very interesting tool but still less used, in particular by people working in the field of humanistic studies. As Wikipedia is a free encyclopaedia, it certainly needs any possible contribution, specially when those contributions come directly from experts.

If you wish to join the project, you can register yourself and insert your modifications directly on Wikipedia. Iolanda Pensa set up the bibliography and is currently editing it
skype: iopensa
Tel. 335 655 3633

The version of the bibliography updated till the July 10 will be published in Africa e Mediterraneo #55.

Journal of African Art History and Visual Culture: Call for Papers

'Is African Art History?'

Critical Interventions: Journal of African Art History and Visual Culture is a new peer-reviewed publication for studies in the history of classical, modern, and contemporary African arts, slated to begin publication in Spring 2006. We invite submissions for the inaugural issue titled, 'Is African Art History?' Essays addressing the problem of history in continental African art practice are welcome, especially those that engage directly with ideas of modernity and that propose or critique a clearly articulated methodology.

Critical Interventions will publish scholarly Art Historical essays about objects and critical discourses in African arts and visual cultures. Comparative work rooted in developments in Africa that links African art to the Diasporas, to Europe, Asia or to the Americas will be considered. We are seeking essays that illuminate the place of art in specific historical processes and evaluate the theories and methods produced through the study of African art history.

Critical Interventions will provide a forum for established and younger scholars whose writing is based on extensive research into the problems of modernism and modernity in African art and comparable areas of research. Submissions may focus on any area of modern and contemporary art and visual or material culture, including popular art, neotraditional forms, studio art, film, photography, architecture, and new media. Essays that review the history, appraise the present situation, or propose the future course of modern African art studies will be viewed favourably.

Submissions must be original and previously unpublished work submitted both in hard copy and also in electronic form saved in Microsoft Word. Articles should be between 6500 and 8500 words and may include black and white and colour images scanned to disk at 300dpi. All copyright resolution issues are the responsibility of the author and copyright permissions must be included at the time of submission. Send articles to:

John Peffer, Editor
Critical Interventions
C/o HAVC, Porter Faculty Services
University of California
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Inquiries may be sent to and

Submissions invited for work to be sold in a variety of venues worldwide

ArtAnts markets and sells giclée prints of artworks internationally. We need thousands of artworks.

We have a unique new marketing strategy for the prints that includes displaying catalogues of art in coffee shops, curio shops, framing shops and other venues worldwide. We keep these venues interested in displaying the art by paying them a commission of 10%. We have special technology for determining which orders result from which catalogues displayed in which venue.

Since we print each catalogue individually, we can display different artworks in each catalogue in each venue, which means that we can represent a large variety of art from many artists.

The giclée printing process allows us to make prints one at a time without storing an inventory of prints. It also allows us and the artist to break even on the first sale and to start making a profit from the second onwards. This means that it is financially viable for us to give the opportunity to all artists to sell prints of their work - even if just one or two prints will ever be sold.

For more information, visit or email

Unseen City invites contributions

The youth of Cape Town and Amsterdam, two cities that are both torn and connected by history, convene in this project and show a new urban reality through the use of the arts. Artists are invited to submit relevant work on the website.

Want to see your work on the world wide web? Want to share your urban experience? Interested in connection? Join artists, designers and photographers from Cape Town and Amsterdam in this unique web-based project.


Enjin Museum of Dead Media

Enjin in collaboration with The Trinity Session is embarking on the development of a Museum for Dead Media. The purpose is to call the public's attention to the significance of collecting or preserving one's redundant or dated technology, reflections on ways in which these tools are still applied in creative processes and of course to reflect on the advancements in new technologies and media. Key to this project are questions around what shape and form a museum of dead media could take. Is it a building, a collective networked data system, a discussion forum or a series of presentations and features in future issues of the magazine and dvd supplement. The first steps towards this project manifest in the Hobbs/Neustetter installation at Design Indaba and the call for interest and ideas on creative uses of dead media, and concepts for the 'museum'.

Who is involved?

Enjin is South Africa's leading resource for creative professionals, brings you comprehensive coverage of the art of design, 3D, animation, video, effects, web and interactive design. Enjin addresses the needs of those within the digital media market by providing relevant and forward-thinking content. Now in its sixth year, Enjin Creative Magazine consistently delivers the content that people want to read.

The meeting of Stephen Hobbs and Marcus Neustetter as an artist collaborative fuses their interests in urban social change and virtual culture. Over the years their artistic practices have resulted from experimentation with the juxtaposition of high and low tech, dead and new media interventions. These experiments manifest in public space, galleries and museums and in the arena of their artist lab: the Trinity Session. Taking into consideration the exclusivity of the museum and gallery context, current projects focus on social research and mobile platforms enabling their artistic expression.

Directed by Hobbs and Neustetter, The Trinity Session is a contemporary art production team that investigates the strategies and relationships between art and business, collaborative practice, network development and creative contextual response. As Hobbs' personal artistic interest is the urban environment and Neustetter's the digital and virtual, the thematic focus of The Trinity Session revolves around these subject areas. Heavily informed and influenced by context, The Trinity Session defines its approaches from a position within Johannesburg, South Africa, thusdetermining its attitude tolocal and global debates, networks and partnerships for survival and sustainability of the visual arts industries. By acting as correspondents and consultants, and approaching the work process from a network and 'accommodation and exchange of information' angle, the purpose of the working dynamic is to produce in a cross-platform multidisciplinary way with artists, institutions and corporate brands and services. Interests lie in interdisciplinary working methods, conceptualising and interacting with like-minded partners.

Enjin is building a museum and we need your help. Create a visual piece in any format or material. Submit your personal or professional interpretation of dead media to Enjin magazine for inclusion in the Enjin Museum of Dead Media. Works will be selected to feature in future editions of Enjin magazine, and for pride of place in the Museum. There are no entry restrictions - all visual comments on the theme of dead media are accepted and encouraged.

For more info, download the emodm brief and submission form from www.enjin Send your museum piece concepts and proposals to . Call (011) 339 2785 or 381 7711 for further information.

Gallery in Georgia, USA seeks South African artists

Fine Art Gallery in Roswell, Georgia (USA) seeks talented artists from South Africa. The gallery is located in an affluent part of the city, surrounded by other galleries, bookstores and fine restaurants.

Please submit work and resumé to:

Laramee Fine Art
984 Canton St.
Roswell, Georgia (USA) 30075

Email submissions should be sent to:

AVA invites submissions

The Association For Visual Arts (AVA) in Cape Town invites submissions from visual artists who wish to exhibit at AVA from 2004 onwards. The Selection Committee of the AVA meets every two months to review submissions and the next meeting takes place on Wednesday, November 19. Selection meetings take place every second month thereafter.

Interested artists should bring to the gallery six to eight works (these can be supplemented by visual material such as slides and photographs), a CV and a short letter of intent or an artist's statement. The committee is most interested in reviewing the work that the artists wish to exhibit or else their most recent works. Artists can collect their works the day after the meeting.

In addition, any curators wishing to curate exhibitions for AVA should submit proposals to AVA's Selection Committee.

AVA is committed to the ongoing promotion of art and artists, both emerging and established, both formally trained and self- taught. For more information, contact Estelle Jacobs.

Association for Visual Arts
35 Church Street, Cape Town
Tel: (021) 424 7436
Fax: (021) 423 2637

Donate your art to AIDS orphans auction website

Last year the Art for AIDS Orphans auction raised over a million rands for AIDS orphans. Organizer Nicci Bailey is currently setting up a permanent charity website gallery,, and are requesting that all artists who would like to donate a piece for this worthy cause to log onto our site.

Contact: Nicci Bailey


Studio spaces to rent in Cape Town

There are currently two spaces available for rent in the All Star Studio. Situated in an up-and-coming area on the border of Cape Town and Woodstock, the studio currently hosts a number of visual artists and an architectural practice. Tenants share a telephone, kitchen and bathrooms and there is a broadband Internet connection available. The studio provides a productive professional environment for people pursuing similar practices. It is situated in a security complex with 24hr access and off-street parking available. Rent is competitively priced.

For more information:
Tel: (021) 462 2095

Teaching jobs for Photography graduates

Teaching jobs available in the Sultanate of Oman at Higher College of Technology for photography graduates. The jobs pay around US$1800 to US$2000 a month plus air tickets home once a year. Teachers get 6 weeks paid leave a year. For more details visit:

Listings in Contempo magazine

New arts, culture and design magazine Contempo is offering an opportunity for artists and galleries to advertise their exhibitions and listings free of charge.

Send your information about the exhibitions taking place at your gallery over the period of May - mid July. The format should be as follows:

Name of Gallery:
Telephone Number:
E-mail address:
Web address:
Date of exhibition:

You may include a short blurb about each exhibition as long as the number of words does not exceed 450 in total. Please email your information to The deadline for these entries is the Monday, May 8.

ArtMoves Africa: Mobility of artists and cultural operators within the African continent

ArtMoves Africa (AMA) is an independent non-profit association aiming to facilitate cultural and artistic exchanges within the African continent. AMA offers travel funds to artists, arts professionals and cultural operators living and working in Africa to travel within and between the five African regions in order to engage in the exchange of information, the enhancement of skills, the development of informal networks and the pursuit of co-operation.

AMA is a project initiated by the Young Arab Theatre Fund (YATF) together with a group of African and Arab organisations to facilitate and encourage the mobility of artists and cultural operators within the African continent. In 2001, YATF participated in meetings in Egypt, Kenya and Zimbabwe, together with different organisations and cultural activists from Africa and the Arab world. The meetings aimed at linking organisations and individuals, and creating informal continent-wide networks. The participants agreed that one of the major obstacles for artists and cultural professionals in Africa was the persistent lack of funds specifically allocated to support travel.

* Facilitate cultural exchanges in Africa for individual artists and cultural operators, and cultural organizations
* Encourage artists and cultural operators to exchange experiences, information and ideas towards shared projects and artistic collaborations
* Give artists and cultural operators the opportunity to gain a better knowledge of the context and the cultural environment in the different regions
* Encourage independent initiatives and small projects by giving artists and cultural operators the opportunity to meet with their counterparts and partners
* Give artists and cultural operators the opportunity to attend festivals in order to see each other's work to enrich their own creativity
* Give artists and cultural operators the opportunity to enhance their artistic or technical skills in participating in highly professional artistic and arts management workshops, seminars and residencies for artists
* Encourage the mobility of artists and cultural professionals as well as the mobility of information
Legal Status:
For the first year, AMA will be functioning as one of the programmes of the YATF, but with an independent selection committee and coordinator. By the end of 2005 ArtMoves Africa shall be registered as an independent international association in Africa.

For more information, contact Khadija El Bennaoui:

Tel/ fax: +32 2 2031295

Young Arab Theatre Fund a.i.s.b.l.
19 Square Sainctelette, 1000 Brussels, Belgium