Archive: Issue No. 113, January 2007

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15.01.07 Wim Botha at Michael Stevenson
15.01.07 Eleonora Rossi at João Ferreira
15.01.07 Jacques Coetzer at Bell-Roberts
15.01.07 Beezy Bailey at Everard Read
15.01.07 'Enchanted' at what if the world...
15.01.07 Asha Zero at blank projects
15.01.07 Clementina van der Walt at Irma Stern
15.01.07 David West at what if the world...
15.01.07 'Auction Exhaustion' at The Bin
15.01.07 'Natural Wonders' at Exposure
15.01.07 Ivor Sias at João Ferreira Gallery

3.12.06 Santu Mofokeng at Iziko SANG
3.12.06 Francois van Reenen and 'Twogether' at 34 Long
3.12.06 Louis Jansen van Vuuren at the AVA
3.12.06 'Embracing Aids/HIV' at Iziko SANG
5.11.06 'Form and Substance' at Erdmann
5.11.06 'Embracing HIV/Aids' at Iziko SANG
5.11.06 Jurgen Schadeberg at the National Library
5.11.06 Acquisitions at Sanlam Art Gallery

1.09.06 'Memory and Magic' at the SANG


1.09.06 Deryck Healey at Glen Carlou Vineyards


3.12.06 'Section 53' at Sasol Art Museum


3.12.06 'Ja but Nee Show' at Cape Francolin Art Hotel



Wim Botha

Wim Botha
Apocalumbilicus 2006
linoprint on tea-stained Hahnemuhle paper
197.4 x 80.5cm

Wim Botha at Michael Stevenson

Artist Wim Botha exhibits the much anticipated follow-up to his previous solo at Michael Stevenson ('Cold Fusion') in a show called 'Apocalagnosia'. The title is a neologism formed from the combination of 'apocalypse' and 'agnosia', which gives an indication of its aims: Botha points to our inability to truly possess knowledge about the world even as it reveals itself to us.

Botha's work draws on art historical and popular religious prototypes, bringing together contradictory and incongruent elements to exemplify a recurrent concern with morality and mortality, according to Michael Stevenson Gallery. 'His installations often appear to depict the aftermath of a devastating and climactic sequence of events, yet he presents only extracts and abstracted moments of situations rather than elucidating circumstances. It is in his choice of materials that meaning is invariably embedded: the associations of, for example artificial marble, gilt, maize meal, burnt wood and anthracite offer intimations of his engagement with the particularities of his - and our - contemporary world.'

Opens: 6pm, January 11
Closes: February 10

Eleonora Rossi

Eleonora Rossi
Slum II 2006
bitumen on canvas
80 x 80 cm

Eleonora Rossi at João Ferreira

Italian artist Eleonora Rossi lives and works between Milano and La Spezia. She describes her Cape Town exhibition, 'Oblio', by quoting Italian poet Pier Paolo Pasolini: 'Beast dressed as a man - child sent alone around the world, with his coat and his few cent, heroic and ridiculous I'm also going at work. To survive...'

Rossi writes in her statement: '[Pasolini's] cruel and hard work about the people and children of the Italian suburbs has influenced the works for this exhibition� Inside his verses there is everything I can say. Or even better, all I can paint.'

Opens: 6pm, January 17
Closes: February 3

Jacques Coetzer

Jacques Coetzer

Jacques Coetzer at Bell-Roberts

Pretoria-based artist Jacques Coetzer offers viewers a more nuanced critique of mass culture in his latest exhibition at Bell-Roberts, entitled 'Alt pop'. The gallery says the show will expand on Coetzer's personal mantra: 'Art inspired by doubt, faith and survival in the middle lane. What an absurd notion - to think that anything can be alternative and popular at the same time.'

Opens: 4.30pm, January 10
Closes: February 3

Beezy Bailey

Beezy Bailey
Echoes of the Resurrection

Beezy Bailey at Everard Read

An exhibition of current works by Beezy Bailey is hosted by Everard Read Gallery next month, featuring guest artist Joyce Ntobe. It follows an ongoing exhibition of paintings and sculpture from South Africa and abroad, featuring artists like John Meyer, Ricky Dyaloyi, Sasha Hartslief, Velaphi Mzimba (who in December showed new portraits) and James Mooney.

Opens: February 15
Closes: March 1

Firer & Keith

Lisa Firer and Marlise Keith

'Enchanted' at what if the world...(Woodstock)

'Enchanted', a collaborative exhibition by Lisa Firer and Marlise Keith, attempts to include the viewer in a daily narrative described as 'a journey of discovery and celebration of beauty'. The artists use drawn images and words which they collect from their working processes and daily lives. They incorporate these into fragile intimate narratives of porcelain and light, the surfaces layered with mark, texture, cut-outs and colour. The artworks comprise tea lights and porcelain tile 'prayer lights' that extend from the ceiling.

Opens: 5pm, January 10
Closes: 4pm, February 3

Asha Zero

Asha Zero at blank projects

Asha Zero exhibits a number of very small paintings at blank projects this month, in an exhibition entitled 'Mini Decoy'. The artist works in an open-ended and offbeat way in an art and design collective called 'roadkillvisiontoiletries'. Asha Zero is just one of the various aliases adopted.

The artist's statement says: '"Mini Decoy" isn't anything specific yet and hopefully won't become anything specific.' The exhibition is described as an ongoing project, with vaguely collaborative aims: 'I show a "mini decoy" (an invented term) every now and then. It's just a game that can be appropriated by other people or groups to do anything with - anything they want... '

Opens: 6pm, January 17
Closes: February 2

Clementina van der Walt at Irma Stern Museum

Clementina van der Walt explores the theme of 'home' in her latest exhibition at the UCT Irma Stern Museum, through references to memory, identity and place. These concepts are evident in the form of colour, pattern, portrait images and text which the artist formats in ceramic wall panels comprised of multiple units, ceramic vases and representations of the intimacy of domestic objects in still-life plaques.

Opens: December 12
Closes: January 13

David West

David West at what if the world...

Young successful fashion designer David West this month exhibits 'the iconic EVOL poster series' at what if the world... The series of photographs will be familiar to Capetonians from pillarboxes, walls and lamposts around the City Bowl.

Opens: January 19
Closes: February 17

'Auction Exhaustion' at The Bin

The Bin is holding a 'concept exhibition' where bidding for works on show will start at R50 and escalate in increments of R100. The buyer with the highest bid at the end of the exhibition will claim the work. Artists likely to participate include Warren Lewis, Brandt Botes, Love& Hate and others.

Opens: January 21
Closes: February 8

Nick Aldridge

Nick Aldridge
From A Song to the Silence

'Natural Wonders' at Exposure

Exposure Gallery this month hosts the work of three artists, Nick Aldridge, Louis Heimstra and Andrew McIlleron, in a group show called 'Natural Wonders'.

Nick Aldridge exhibits five photographs in a series entitled A Song to the Silence. Gerard Rudolf writes of his work: 'Aldridge's arresting landscapes are at once ominous and strangely uplifting, spiritual even, alluding to breathtaking beauty without becoming clichéd postcard images as is so often the case with landscape photography.'

Heimstra specialises in photographs of all things natural. Exposure Gallery describes his work as colourful, graphic images of flowers, botanical and other natural subjects, on canvas or textured paper, in framed photographs and other media. Heimstra exhibits a series called Communion comprising wild flowers and grass in close-up combinations of colour and texture.

Creativity has always been central to freelance photographer Andrew McIlleron. In photography, he finds a medium that simultaneously expresses his requirement for lightness and his insistence on authenticity. McIlleron exhibits a series called Time and Space.

Opens: January 12
Closes: January 25

Ivor Sias

Ivor Sias
Attraction, 2006
pigment on paper
100 x 124cm

Ivor Sias at João Ferreira Gallery

'Art, I believe, has the function to save us from disaster by creating alongside the everyday world another realm, fashioned to the requirements of the human spirit and in keeping with an inner order which is in sharp contrast to the chaos around us.' Such is the view of Ivor Sias, who calls art a kind of anchorage. 'I wish to make my own personal statement, tenuous though in a truly human voice' he adds in his statement.

Sias produced his latest work while artist-in-residence at Greatmore Studios, which has collaborated with João Ferreira on this show. He has recently returned to South Africa after living in exile for over 30 years. The exhibition is somewhat appropriately entitled 'Longing'.

Opens: December 20
Closes: January 13

Santu Mofokeng

Santu Mofokeng
Democracy is Forever, 2003

Santu Mofokeng at Iziko SANG

A survey show called 'Invoice' of the work of photographer Santu Mofokeng at Iziko SANG includes photographs from nearly all his major bodies of work produced between 1982 and 2006. The exhibition is hosted in partnership with Gallery Momo in Johannesburg and Autograph ABP in London.

Mofokeng began working as a street photographer and in the mid-80s he joined the Afripix Collective agency. Pam Warne, curator of photography and new media at SANG, says of his work: 'From an early stage, Mofokeng exhibited an independent approach and produced images that refuse to be overtly political but nonetheless contain a fundamental political dimension.�

Mofokeng has held solo shows in Johannesburg and London and recently participated in the international exhibition 'Africa Remix' as well as Beijing's Forbidden City International Photography Festival. He has received numerous awards and exhibited extensively in Europe and elsewhere.

Opens: December 2
Closes: May 2, 2007

Francois van Reenen

Francois van Reenen
Monster Love 2006
enamel on acrylic resin

Chiho Aoshima

Chiho Aoshima
Hot Spring 2006
860 x 860mm

William Kentridge

William Kentridge
Copper Notes, state 9 2005

Francois van Reenen and 'Twogether' at 34Long

'Monster Love', a solo show by Francois van Reenen, shows upstairs this month at 34Long. The artist recently returned from a two-month residency at Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris where he spent much of his time photographing dogs in the streets and painting these images onto Parisian street maps. These works are included on the show.

Van Reenen's work reflects a love for toys and games, playfulness and fun, evidencing a lifelong diet of cartoons: 'Cartoons, like fairy tales, run the gamut from infinite lightness and beauty to the murky side of humanity, its absurdity, stereotypes and prejudices. 'Monster Love' is about all of this', says 34Long's exhibition statement.

A group show downstairs entitled 'Twogether' runs parallel, focusing on work by William Kentridge and Marlene Dumas, who is expected to exhibit next year at Iziko SANG. Work by Norman Catherine, Esther Mahlangu, Willie Bester and Matthew Hindley is also on show, alongside graphics of low edition by Chiho Aoshima and Takashi Murakami.

Opens: December 12
Closes: January 26

Louis Jansen van Vuuren

Louis Jansen van Vuuren
La Seine I 2005-06
oil on canvas

Louis Jansen van Vuuren at the AVA

A solo exhibition of new works by Louis Jansen van Vuuren, currently living in France, is on show at the AVA this month. The works are executed in both pastels and oils to capture 'the temperament, charm, allure and different moods of Paris'. The new works were made during the past 18 months in a city to which the artist has been connected for 20 years.

The gallery will be closed from December 23 until January 3, 2007.

Opens: November 29
Closes: January 17


'Embracing Aids/HIV' at Iziko SANG

This new exhibition at Iziko SANG is timed to coincide with International Aids Day on December 1. The SANG says few SA artists initially engaged with the pandemic but this has changed over recent years and the number of artworks that deal with Aids owned by the gallery has slowly increased.

Recent exhibitions and research revealed a substantial body of new work in the area and SANG successfully applied to the DAC for funding to purchase specific pieces. These include works on exhibition by Kim Berman, David Goldblatt, Churchill Madikida, Berni Searle, Clive van den Berg, Diane Victor and Zapiro. Previously acquired works by David Goldblatt, Gideon Mendel, Penny Siopis and Hentie van der Merwe will also be on show.

Opens: December 1
Closes: January 2007

Brent Meistre

Brent Meistre 2005
colour handprinted photograph
40 x 40cm

'Form and Substance' at Erdmann Contemporary

A group exhibition of 10 artists working in very different media is unified by a common conceptual thread: the theme of 'Form and Substance' from which the exhibition also takes its title. Brent Meistre, Brendhan Dickerson, Terry Kurgan, Elizabeth Gunter, Johann Louw, Themba Shibase, Jean Brundrit, Marc Stanes, Bronwen Vaughan-Evans and Brooke Fasani are the participating artists. A fire sculpture by Dickerson promises to be a highlight: it's a once-off performance at 8pm, December 15.

Opens: November 20
Closes: January 20


'Embracing HIV/Aids' at Iziko SANG

'Embracing HIV/Aids', which opens on International Aids Day, showcases a substantial body of new work around the impact of HIV/Aids on the country. Artists featured include Kim Berman, David Goldblatt, Churchill Madikida, Berni Searle, Clive van den Berg, Diane Victor and Zapiro, and media range from photography to sculpture, paintings and drawings. Works previously acquired (Goldblatt, Gideon Mendel, Penny Siopis and Hentie van der Merwe) are also included.

Says Iziko SANG of the exhibition: 'As with many previous projects, the exhibition Embracing HIV/Aids will be a point of departure for education programmes and special walkabouts. It will draw NGOs into our work and vision and sensitise visitors to the challenges we face in South Africa.'

Opens: December 1

Jurgen Schadeberg

Jurgen Schadeberg
Francis Davis is a farm worker's daughter. She was
taken out of school in 2005, at 14. Her future?

Jurgen Schadeberg at the National Library

Jurgen Schadeberg documents farm life and labour conditions in this show of 128 black-and-white photographs at the National Library. He undertook a countrywide trip with a team of researchers to inform this photographic series. The National Library says in its exhibition statement: 'Schadeberg, whose skilled camera has documented so much of our recent history, hopes this work will create more awareness of rural problems especially among the urban population whose contact with this fragile economy is usually via the supermarket.' The National Library hopes the exhibition will also be a positive contribution to the land issues debate currently occupying the social discourse in South Africa.

Opens: November 15
Closes: January 26

Conrad Botes

Conrad Botes
Forensic Disco
oil, wood and glass on canvas

Acquisitions at Sanlam Art Gallery

Sanlam this month presents highlights of recent acquisitions. Stefan Hundt, curator of the Sanlam Collection, said new works include a Lambda print by Tracy Rose, a papier mâché sculpture by Wim Botha reminiscent of Rodin's Torso of 1877 - 78, alongside the simple portrait bust by Job Kekana and a superb Erich Mayer Portrait of an African Prince, as well as Helmut Starcke's luscious rendering of Dutch flowers in a Cape landscape Dreams and Madame de La Q. Hundt said in a statement: 'The collection has grown substantially over the past two years with stark contrasts marking the acquisitions.'

Opens: October 26
Closes: January 26

Ferciano Ndala

Ferciano Ndala
Flowing water, animals

Ferciano Ndala

Ferciano Ndala
Tanga and eland

Contemporary art of the !Xun and Khwe at SANG

A retrospective selection of 82 of the best works produced by seven artists from the !Xun and Khwe Cultural Project in the private collection of Hella Rabbethge-Schiller of Rosenheim, Germany, is on show at the SANG this month. Entitled 'Memory and Magic' the works on paper and canvas span the period from the inception of the project in 1994 until the present.

Rabbethge-Schiller inherited a farm near Kimberley in the 1970s and built up a visual archive of over 400 works from the !Xun and Khwe artists in an nearby community. The collection is regarded as the largest and most comprehensive of such art in existence and has until now resided outside South Africa.

Opens: September 23
Closes: January 2007


Deryck Healey

Deryck Healey
Are Black Heads White I, II, III 1979-1990
wood, glass, paper, bronze, acrylic and enamel
249 x 249 x 15cm

Deryck Healey at the Glen Carlou Vineyard

Swiss businessman Donald M. Hess, founder of the Hess Group, owns an impressive contemporary collection including works by Andy Goldsworthy, Georg Bäselitz, Susan Derges, Franz Gertsch, Alois Lichtsteiner, Leopoldo Maler, Nakis Panayotidis, Vincent Prud'homme, Gustav Troger and recently deceased South African artist Deryck Healey. A selection of works by Healey forms the bulk of this inaugural show at Glen Carlou winery outside Paarl, supplemented by several Goldsworthy 'snowball paintings'.
Healey, born in Durban in 1937, lived and worked in South Africa and the UK. The collection will undergo regular changes; according to curator Myrtha Steiner, and an installation by Goldsworthy is one future possibility. Said Hess at the opening: 'If you imagine that an artist puts heart and soul into art, you can't just walk by because the painting needs time to respond to your looks. I have also learnt to rely on my eyes and my intuition... Art mirrors not only the artist and his feelings and interior life or ideas but also mirrors the times we live in. A sincere artist can't just paint a field with flowers when he thinks about the world.'

Opens: August 24
Closes: Ongoing


Deryck Healey

Exhibition invitation

'Section 53' at Sasol Art Museum

'Section 53', the annual showcase of the 2006 final-year students' work from Stellenbosch University's Department of Visual Arts, is hosted by the Sasol Art Museum. It showcases work from the Fine Art, Jewellery and Graphic Design departments.

Opens: November 24
Closes: February 10, 2007


David Bellamy

David Bellamy
Trauerarbeit - grieving for the future 2006
Rain Series 3
gouache and watercolour

'Ja but Nee Show' at Cape Francolin Art Hotel

'The 'Ja but Nee' show at the Cape Francolin Art Hotel is characterised by what its curator calls 'oxymoron and ambivalence'. It is a group show of artists working in the space between the incredible beauty of now, and incredible worry about the future.

The show features David and Clive Bellamy, Tracey Derrick, Kim Gurney, Ian Hunter, Louise Kaye, Andrew Lord and Catherine Price. The artists have produced a range of two and three-dimensional works tackling zones of responsibility significant to the artists.

Opens: December 15
Closes: January 31