Archive: Issue No. 122, October 2007

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Carol-anne Gainer

Carol-anne Gainer
Blue Elly 2007


Avant Car Guard

Avant Car Guard
The Gay Black Jewish Artist



ECC-A civil war is not very relaxing
41 x 56.5cm


No Longer At This Adress

Johannes Nkosi Street
photo montage


Peter Machen

Looking Aside (Punctum Editions 2006)
Photographs by Pieter Hugo
Text by Antjie Krog



   [07.10.07] Jeremy Wafer at Goodman Gallery Cape
In a series of divese yet closely related works, Jeremy Wafer takes command of Goodan gallery Cape's handsome new space with his austere and restrained but powerful works. His show, Sue Williamson contends, deserves international exposure.

   [07.10.07] Carol-anne Gainer at the Bell-Roberts
Carol-anne Gainer's 'Drawn', which Linda Stupart finds 'cohesive' and 'arresting' tends towards the 'cutesy' and 'easy' in parts. She had wished that, after Gainer's previous show at the same venue, she would have produced something a little more disquieting.

   [07.10.07]'Singing the Real' at Iziko South African National Gallery
Bettina Malcomess visited 'Singing the Real' at the SANG, a show of work by artists working in Ireland or of Irish descent. With some exceptions, she found the broad theme of art and science not fully developed, and one work which actually bore a lot of relevance to both South African and Irish identity seemed unrelated to the theme.

   [07.10.07] Student review: Brendhan Dickerson at Erdmann Contemporary
Tavish McIntosh , while impressed with Brendhan Dickerson's skill, hard work and attention to detail in 'Living Conditioned', remains less convinced by the engagement with gender identitiy he sets purports to make.


   [07.10.07] Avant Car Guard at the Whatiftheworld / Project Room
Student Clare Butcher reviews Avant Car Guard's 'Naked Frontier Ambition Vibes' which, she claims, confronts 'perceptions of authorship, the location of the artistic centre, production process and any sense of a homogenous contemporary African aesthetic'.

   [07.10.07] Carol-anne Gainer at Bell-Roberts Contemporary
Student Lauren Reid reviews Carol-anne Gainer's 'Drawn', which, she observes, finds the artist moving away from the body as her central focus, as we had seen in her previous show at the same venue. The artist's use of animals - in images, toys, ornaments etc. - finds her exploring humanity's 'sinister underbelly' and its 'sadistic tendencies'.


   [07.10.07] Posters Designed Under Apartheid at Warren Siebrits Modern and Contemporary Art
Michael Smith finds himself re-visiting aspects of his youth upon seeing 'Posters Designed Under Apartheid' at Warren Siebrits Modern and Contemporary Art. Siebrits, Smith contends, underlines the 'importance of culture as a conduit for the struggle' in this collection of posters opposing apartheid and its institutions in its final three decades. Also included are a few posters from the other side of the fence.

   [07.10.07] Willem Boshoff's 'Word forms and language shapes' at the Standard Bank Gallery
Landi Raubenheimer reviews Willem Boshoff's 'Word forms and language shapes' at the Standard Bank Gallery which, in some cases, leaves her unconvinced. While acknowledging his place in the canon, and accepting the power of the dovetailing of Boshoff's personal and cultural heritage with the ideological issues he addresses, Raubenheimer argues that the artist often appears to wrapped up in 'explorations of his own beliefs and pre-occupations'.

   [07.10.07] Kathryn Smith at the Goodman Gallery
Brenden Gray describes Kathryn Smith's 'In Camera' as 'a kind of double show'. The first one encounters upon viewing a series of blank sheets of paper, one he feels is less capitalised on, and the second which appears when the UV lights kick in, revealing a collection of the artist's stock-in-trade forensic ephemera. Gray examines Smith's excellent stagecraft.


   [07.10.07] No Longer At This Address - Navigating Post-Apartheid Identities at the Durban Art Gallery
Carol Brown reviews what she anticipated to be a rather dull exhibition at the Durban Art Gallery, but which turned out to be otherwise. 'No Longer At This Address - Navigating Post-Apartheid Identities' addresses the controversial stree re-naming process currently underway in Durban.


   [07.10.07] Durban: A Paradise and its People by Peter Machen
Carol Brown reviews Peter Machen's Durban: A Paradise and its People, a book 'about Durban in the 21st century seen from the viewpoint of an insider whose heart is clearly in the city and whose desire to convert the readers to share his love is infectious'. Machen successfully captures the the city's 'quirky, sub-tropical, multi-faceted environment'.

   [07.10.07] Look at Me: Women for Children catalogue
Carol Brown reviews Look at Me, a catalogue documenting Art for Humanity's 'Women for Children' project, which featured collabrations by visual artists and poets which were published on billboards. The catalogue serves as an important resource both for art and social science researchers.

   [07.10.07] Looking Aside / Pieter Hugo: South African studio portraits 2003 - 2006
In a rare moment of charity, Ed Young concedes about Looking Aside / Pieter Hugo: South African studio portraits 2003 - 2006 that 'if you are going to judge a book by its cover, this one looks pretty cool'. Not before he's picked apart Antjie Krog's introductory essay and Hugo's lapse of judgement which allowed its presence here.