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This is the official website of Radio Real World, and is mainly about music, but if you go to the address above, you will find yourself in an encounter with British photographer Tim MacMillan, who explains, "I was doing stuff with pinhole cameras, putting my own negatives in them ... then I thought that if you got a strip of movie film, and drilled a lot of pinholes and put those in front of the movie film, you could do the same thing and project it as well." MacMillan's experiments with 'Time Slice cameras' are on site, and some highly intriguing pictures of strange cameras he has made.

This is a new South African site which aims to provide a comprehensive resource on all aspects of culture in the country. Photographers, theatrical agents etc are listed. Nothing on the visual arts side as yet, but no doubt this will happen as the site grows. - brief listings of all the shows on ArtThrob - plus about twice as many again. The most comprehensive directory on current visual art activity around the country. - the home page of the Africus Institute of Art in Johannesburg, and the official Johannesburg Biennale site. - a truly excellent site from Berlin which takes as its particular perspective the art of the countries emerging into the art world spotlight - Africa, Latin America, Asia. - David Krut presents a collection of prints, including a selection by such luminaries as William Kentridge and Jeremy Wafer. - artist Norman Catherine in full throttle. - a cyber visit to the South African National Gallery in Cape Town.


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