From: Brenda Atkinson

Subject: ArtThrob

ArtThrob is looking incredible: I admire you hugely for getting this together. It's a great resource, I read every single thing, and it's gorgeous looking. I'm a fan.

From: Prof Eva Hunter

Subject: London listings

I was glad to hear about ArtThrob and to find it. I love both the design of your webpage and the information you supply. I'm going to be in London from July 1-18. I'd like to be able to choose a few of the most interesting exhibitions (either contemporary or historical) to visit while there. Do you have any suggestions as to how I might do this via the Internet?

Best wishes for a thriving webpage.

- Good question. The best listings I've found are at Time Out - the web page of the magazine. Type in 'art' in the Search box, then hit London - or for other travellers, any one of 24 global cities. Listings are updated weekly, and are just the kind of clear, informative brief reviews I find most helpful.

From: Gillian Solomon

Subject: ArtThrob

Really yummy and professional website. Also clarity in the crits is especially welcome, re CJ Morkel and his rather narrow view of sex. Nice to be kept up to date with galleries in the Cape which seem to be booming culturally.

Many thanks

From: Annette Laubscher, Dakawa Art & Craft Community Centre

Subject: Trying to connect up

Dakawa (Art & Craft Community Centre in Grahamstown) is finally getting connected and I am discovering a whole new world. Things are moving very fast here as Dakawa opens its doors officially on 4 July with two exhibitions titled 'Land, History and Self'. One exhibition has been curated by Tumelo Mosaka, who is trying to find what emergent artists are about in the Eastern Cape. The other is a documentary exhibition that Dakawa has commissioned the Govan Mbeki Research Resource Centre of the University of Fort Hare to research.

There are 17 artists in the workshops now and the printmaking studio is doing some wonderful stuff. A workshop was held with the artists dealing with the theme of "Land, History and Self" and some of the images that have emerged are really very interesting and different. A range of fabrics and goods are being produced from this and I suddenly realized that the infrastructure here is ideal for fine artists to come and experiment and produce things on fabrics.

I have been working rather obsessively, but what is exciting is that there really is a very good and positive energy coming out of the place.

I haphazardly hit your website and was enthralled. I love your turn of phrase and think you make good of work of some of the exhibitions around. I do hope that this reaches you. Our e-mail is and the phone no is 046 0 6229303.


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