Archive: Issue No. 63, November 2002

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Jean Pritchard
Date: November 7
Subject: Art Classes

I will be visiting Muizenberg 1-23 January 2003. Do you know of any art classes that may be available during that time?

Kind regards

Jean Pritchard (Scotland, UK)

Many institutions are closed at that time of the year. However, I do suggest you contact the Natale Labia Museum who sometimes host classes (021) 788-4106, or the Ruth Prowse (021) 447-2492

Date: November 7
Subject: JHB Biennial

Bring back oh bring back oh bring back the JHB biennial! (and so say all of us)

Mark Singleton
Date: November 5
Subject: SA art

contemp art sucks in s.a. despite the talent - u r all too f*cking post colonial for my likings...but...the site's o.k

Why the f*ck do you morons push institutional art c*nts...wake up to f*ckin street art muthaf* colonial f*ckin cl*t ticklers

Fuck SA. art if you folks don't wake up to whats really on....f*ck i'm gonna c*m awl over your desktop...hello.

don't push art from the previous millenium cos it don't belong here f* the way... i like the site its actually my homepage....but the content sucks cos it stinks of crappy wadda wadda post colonial issues...hello? heard of the 21st century or are you still living in the previous one?

wake up post-colonial kluxes! f*ck post modernism.f*ck deconstructivism.f*ck art. viva 21st century shamanism. hello? you f*cking embeciles. post colonial country club cl*t lickers. cultural sycophants. wake up to what art is really all about cos the issues that prevail here are essentially weak. i think your standards suck. come to obz c.t and wake up to whats happening on the streets it way outf*cks the creativity you publish...hail reality...your bridgeclub-like makes me want to puke. why? cos i love originality. but you dedicated followers of fashion just don't'? f*kin farces...

message: i attend shows at bell roberts and other places here in slaapstad. why is this place so post colonial? why do we not see 21st century art? why are they so closed to the art institutes and not open to the talent 'on the street'....those who taught themselves...after decades huh??? f*ck off with your crap. art in s.a. is on a downward spiral. its very fragile. and you know it. why? cos you f*ckers think that you are the voice. no f*ckers. no. the people are. but the people don't see contemp art...cos its another pseudo-intellectual vernacular to them...reserved for the privileged you bourgious children...why did kendall geers f*ck off? huh? cos you f*ckers scared him away.

Firstly, thanks for making ours your homepage. I must add however, we didn't include your contribution for its literary qualities, nor for your ability to articulate an argument. It looks like you got your little 'hello' thing from cheap American movies. As for your suggestion that 'we' (is that ArtThrob or am I part of a more general 'we' here?) scared Kendell Geers away I think you insult your hero. He's certainly big enough to look after himself. I'm quite sure the Bell-Roberts are happier knowing that you attend their shows. By the way, how are things on the street in Obz?

Judy Moolenschot
Date: October 23
Subject: UNISA exhibition

Thanks for taking note of my request for a crit of the Unisa exhibition. I would certainly oblige with one myself but the reason I ask is because I live in Cape Town and am unable to go to it. I have heard that the exhibition is excellent and very contemporary. It has been extended due to a positive response, especially since appearing on television.

Thanks for taking note of our suggestion to write a review yourself. Now that the show's been extended there's even more opportunity for someone to submit a review.

Mark van Dalsen
Date: October 21
Subject: ArtBios

Dear editor,

I've managed to view your ArtBio entry for Jo Ractliffe from elsewhere in the site, but couldn't do so from the sidebar on the main ArtBio page. That link (as with many of the others) is broken.

Thanks for the great site,

Thanks for the feedback. As we've said before, without readers telling us we won't find out about these problems with the site.

Polly Davis
Date: October 24
Subject: Zwelethu Mthetwa and Penny Siopis


I am a third student about to begin my dissertation at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. I was wondering if you could give some information, contact details or upcoming exhibitions concerning Penny Siopsis and Zwelethu Mthethwa.


Penny Siopis has recently held two one-person shows and had a fairly comprehensive catalogue printed to accompany them, but I'm not sure of any plans beyond that. You'll see that Zwelethu Mthethwa is the first artist providing a print to help us with our funding drive. There is plenty about both artists in ArtThrob's archive. Just use the search engine.