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Whether you're a serious art buyer or merely a sideline observer, there is no disputing that the Artprice press agency offers an invaluable information service. "Our press agency reports and comments on the art auction figures and charts covering 2,900 auction houses in 40 countries," which simply means you get the most comprehensive information available on artists ranging from Hokusai to Cindy Sherman via Alberto Giacometti. The world leader in art market information, when say, "after a pause in 2001, contemporary art prices have taken off again," you better believe them.

SUBMIT Website



"Chimurenga wants to articulate the experiences of African peoples wherever they may be located," says Ntone Edjabe, the founding editor of Chimurenga. A Pan-Africanist publication in the tradition of Transition, the print version of Chimurenga was first published in April 2002. Contributions have ranged from 'black secret technology' to Bantu education and Fela Kuti's reading habits. The print edition has reproduced photographs by Santu Mofokeng and Zwelethu Mthethwa. This dedicated on-line site was recently launched to co-incide with the third instalment of the print edition.


Rose Korber is an independent art consultant, dealing in works by leading and emerging, contemporary South African artists. Formerly a free-lance art writer, critic and lecturer, she now shares of her knowledge with local and overseas collectors, corporations and institutions. Throughout the year, she also curates and organizes significant exhibitions in two premier venues, one being the Artscape Theatre Centre; the other the 5-star Bay Hotel in Victoria Road, Camps Bay. The site includes useful information on this year's 'Art Salon: New Directions', held from December 13 to 26, 2002.

The Bell-Roberts Gallery in upper Loop Street, Cape Town, has become a hub of busy art activity with its new coffee and bookshop, and a constantly growing list of catalogue titles. If you last logged on when their site was a mishmash, try again now - it's been completely redesigned and looks great.

Bellville, in the northern suburbs, is pretty much a no-go area for many of Cape Town's hip art crowd - too far, and in the sticks. Perhaps that is why the Arts Association of Bellville and Gallery is re-branding itself as Art.b - the Arts Association of Bellville. Definitely sounds better. The gallery has been modernised and the attractive new website will tell you all about it.

Johannesburg photographic gallery PhotoZA, representing Hannelie Coetzee, Graeme Williams, Jürgen Schadeberg, Sally Gaule, Jeremy Jowel, Athol Lewis, Thinus Mathee and Michael Meyersfeld

Cape Town's Greatmore studio and residency project is now online.

Use this page to access websites for The | Premises gallery at the Johannesburg Civic Centre and arts consultancy group The Trinity Session.

Home page of the Hänel Gallery in Shortmarket Street, Cape Town.

One of the oldest galleries in Cape Town, the AVA provides space for a continuous round of exhibitions decided upon by a committee.

Durban's Bartel Arts Trust acts as a community cultural centre on the harbour, with exhibitions, art shops and music, theatre and dance venues.

Small, functional site of a gallery located in Cape Town's picturesque Wynberg. Current exhibitions are listed and work by gallery artists can be referenced.

Website commemorating the area of District Six and honouring the people who fought against the forced removals and Group Areas Act.

Home of South Africa's top art dealer, Linda Givon, whose artists include Kendell Geers, William Kentridge, Zwelethu Mthethwa, Sue Williamson and Moshekwa Langa.

Cape Town dealer João Ferreira's gallery in Hout Street showcases work by top South African artists.

Home of the Port Elizabeth gallery, with news of current exhibitions and activities and a virtual tour of some highlights.

Information about MTN's corporate art collection, gallery and educational institute.

A portal offering access to most of South Africa's national and regional museums.

Comprehensive site with info about the permanent collection, temporary exhibitions, library and newsletters.

The website of Durban's top gallery, run by the Natal Society of Arts.

Helen Martins' home and sculpture garden in Nieu-Bethesda are beautifully documented, alongside info about the Owl House Foundation's conservation efforts.

This site brings together the former collection of Fernand F Haenggi, comprising mainly 1970s and 1980s works by South African artists including Norman Catherine, Lucas Sithole, Judith Mason and Lucas Seage.

The Cape Town based centre co-ordinates activities aimed at fostering the development of the practice, teaching, scholarship and criticism of photography.

One of Cape Town's more enduring art institutions, housed in a historic farmhouse once owned by artist Ruth Prowse.

This online gallery promotes visual artists in South Africa with the aim of selling work, and includes articles, news and profiles.


The Goodman Gallery in tandem with dealers Michael Stevenson and critic Deon Viljoen mount a mini survey of South African art from 1850 to the present.

The New York-based Axis Gallery, runs by South Africans Lisa Brittan and Gray van Wyk, hosts accompanying online exhibitions and will soon feature African artists.

Download essays and read about the site specific projects commissioned by Locus+, a non-profit arts organisation based in England.

The London counterpart of Jo'burg's Bag Factory and Cape Town's Greatmore Studios, with an international residency programme.

This beautifully executed website is worth navigating just for its crisp design and excellent animations. It also happens to be the online mouthpiece for the Palais de Tokyo, an innovative contemporary art space in Paris. The book page is especially pleasing - hunt for the quote from Kendell Geers.

Dutch organisation with its own gallery, which also sponsors public art projects by such artists as Vito Acconci.

The Thami Mnyele Studio in Amsterdam offers residencies for two visiting artists a year.


Cobus van Staden, a South African photographer living in Nagoya, Japan, posts pics regularly on his website.

Alan Alborough was Standard Bank Young Artist for 2000 and his website documents the touring show as well as past bodies of work.

This site offers visual artists a home on the web, without the costs of registering domains or employing web designers. Artists include Wilma Cruise, Willem Boshoff and Diane Victor.

"Kendell Geers - the black hole in the rainbow nation in a fucked up world." This site consists of articles and reviews of Geers' works and writings by the artist.

A website in memory of South African artist Lucas Sithole (1931-1994), showing many important sculptures from 1966-1991, as well as biographical notes, pictorial references and stories about the works.

Photographer Rob Mills reflects on domesticity and the personal realm, using a very simple site as his exhibition space

The personal website of Cape Town portrait artist and graphic designer Selvin November.

This independently funded directory lists over a thousand South African artists and is geared specifically towards online sales.

Performance artist Steven Cohen's wicked attires and writings can be scrutinised at leisure on his site.


Douglas Coupland defined the troubled zeitgeist of the 90s with his novels Generation X and Microserfs. Yet it is not his literary merit that intrigues. Coupland is actually a sculptor by training, one who used his gift for words to fund his clandestine art. Coupland held his first New York exhibition at the interdisciplinary Totem Gallery last year. Located in the heart of Soho, at 83 Grand Street, the gallery attempts to addresses the faltering dichotomy of art and design, a pursuit that perfectly complements Coupland's love of art and artiface. For his show 'Spike', Coupland produced life-size green replicas of those plastic soldiers available in toy packets at any local supermarket. The sculptures showed the undeniable influence of Jeff Koons, whom Coupland has written glowingly of. Be patient as the site loads.

Austrian artist Franz Wassermann's website offers a good way to track his various initiatives, projects such as 'Administrative Detention For Asylum Seekers' and 'Barbie and Ken are HIV positive'. Activist art.

Hope Box

Dutch visual artist Rienke Enghardt travelled through much of the world finishing in Africa, working cooperatively with artists on her Hope Box project. The website follows her footsteps, incorporating artists' stories, photographs and art.

New York-based Davies is an inquisitive developer and programmer who applies design concepts to computer technology - often just to see what will happen.

What can you hear during a Minute of Silence? Artist Jonty Semper's audio works ask disquieting questions about ritual and commemoration.

A virtual exhibition of the works of Mozambican painter Kheto Lualuali, who has lived and worked in Amsterdam since 1998.

Rob Moonen is a Dutch conceptual artist known to many South Africans after he participated in a Cape Town workshop in 1996.

Valery Grancher has an interesting splash page that plays with binary oppositions like love/hate. The rest is less exciting.


The Comics Galore festival, currently in its second month, has managed to focus attention on South Africa's burgeoning comics scene. Not always respected for their potential, possibly because of the commercial bent of much of their output, the best cartoonists and illustrators posses an uncanny ability to condense a lot of information into a single drawing. This site showcases the work of some of South Africa's best talent, and presenting a balanced mix of portfolios.

Male Order

'Male Order' is the title of an exhibition launched at the 2002 Grahamstown Arts Festival of work from the permanent collection of the Durban Art Gallery under the curatorship of director Carol Brown. Cleanly designed, and the categories of POWER - LAND - THE BODY - IDENTITY and TROPHY neatly sum up 95% of the issues which have concerned South African artists in the last decade. The essay writers are Carol Brown, Andrew Verster, Chris Diedericks and Vulindlela Nyoni.

A melting potjie of art, language, politics and the best koeksisters this side of the Swartberg, the annual Easter festival offers its highlights online.

Cape Town is hotting up indeed, with public art, performance, dance, music and you-name-it on the bill.

Showcase for the fifth International De5ign Indaba, taking place in Cape Town from February 27 to March 1 2002, with transcripts from previous events and bios of the speakers who include Lewis Blackwell from Getty Images UK, Tom Roope of Tomato UK and our very own Garth Walker, head of Orange Juice Design.

The December 2001 Cape Town leg of the six-city 'Homeport' exhibition is documented with maps, pictures, information on contributing artists, and essays by Sue Williamson, Vincent Kolbe and Natasha Becker.

Information on the monthly Red Eye art-for-all event founded by Suzy Bell at Durban Art Gallery.

Artists' response to apartheid is explored through the work of Jane Alexander, Willie Bester, Jonathan Comerford and Helen Sebidi.


The website of the Dutch exhibition of installations and performances in Amsterdam and Hoorn which marks 400 years since the powerful VOC or Dutch East India ruled the space routes to the east, colonising the Cape en route. Senzeni Marasela is the South African artist on show,

Visit the gorgeous website of the International Biennial of Young Art, held from April 19 to May 19 2002.,8542,669680,00.html

London's Guardian newspaper presents selected exhibits from 'Body Worlds', the anatomical exhibition of real human bodies that has been seen by over eight million people worldwide.

Introduce yourself to this "meeting of minds", organised by Miltos Manetas and the Electronic Orphanage.

Take a virtual tour, featuring photgraphs and commentary, of the First International Triennale of Contemporary Art in Yokohama.

This virtual tour from Universes in Universe concentrates on participants from Africa, Asia/Pacific and Latin America.

Universes in Universe takes a virtual tour of Okwui Enwezor's ambitious exhibition that "redefines Africa's place in the annals of 20th century history".

The HSAL Project was designed specifically to have dialogue and communication between seven Dutch and seven South African artists as its primary objective.

This site shows a number of works by each of the artists on New York's Museum for African Art show of work created between 1994 and 1999.


donga n. deep-ridged gully common in open veld or near new industrial and residential developments. According to the founders of this online literary site, a donga is also often a good place to go shoot tin cans. Edited by Alan Finlay and Paul Wessels, the site offers some worthwhile contributions by a host of known names. These include print and broadcast journalist Max du Preez, the articulate urban intellectual James Sey, as well as ramblings by emerging talent Toast Coetzer. Sometime ArtThrob contributor Stacy Hardy presents her short story selections, while Kelwyn Sole and Lionel Abrahams give the site some establishment literary kudos. Art audiences might wish to note that the current issue features a write-up by Paul Wessels on Mark Hipper and his critics, which is useful considering Hipper's forthcoming show in January at Cape Town's Joáo Ferreira Gallery.

An agency site for South Photo, this site is nonetheless useful in that it offers extensive biographies and portfolio selections from an accomplished list of South African image-makers. Prominent names include Rodney Barnett; David Goldblatt; Motlhalefi Mahlabe; Jürgen Schadeberg; Paul Weinberg and Graeme Williams.

Thin on current theory? Then dial-up, update and join the intellectual fray with the help of this regular e-journal edited by Arthur and Marilouise Kroker.

This site becomes more and more useful, with its e-mailing of arts-related press releases available to anyone through its Acemail programme.

Cape-based artists are invited to exhibit work in the cyber gallery, join the database or list upcoming events.

Online version of Clive Kellner and Fernando Alvim's occasional print publication on southern African arts.

Devin Purvis runs this Durban based e-zine devoted to experiments in design, art, music, photography and the internet.


The on-line version of the inestimable British art magazine devoted to contemporary art and culture. The print magazine profiled Damien Hirst when he was still an unknown. With writers the likes of Jon Savage and Ralf Rugoff, one is guaranteed that the content always surpasses the superlative design.

Dutch-based site with a particular emphasis on the arts and culture of this continent.

This French site features articles on local art, including an interview with Stephen Hobbs and a piece on Tracey Rose. Unfortunately for non-francophiles, most of it is not in our lingua franca.

An excellent e-zine looking at digital arts and culture which accompanies the print magazine Artbyte.

This slick site is a natural translation of the print look and feel, offering art world news, critics' picks and selected articles from the magazine.

A New York-based website, this is one of the best and biggest, offering excellent reviews and magazine coverage.

Flying the flag for women artists, Artsymag features interviews with Nancy Spero, Guerilla Girls, Judy Chicago and hiphop stars De La Soul. You can also submit your own work for display.

With a name like, you'd expect a few Damien Hirst aquaria floating around, but this email-order art shop focuses on promoting and selling new UK talent.

Based in New York and Milan, Brigata Italia presents itself as a centre of digital gravity for people interested in design and communication, where the industrial world meets the digital forum.

From the publishers of ZOO, the renowned arts quarterly, this UK site is a gold mine of information and inspiration, encompassing art, architecture, advertising, design, new media, moving image, photography and publishing.

This independent e-zine takes in all forms of the contemporary creative scene - graphic design, music, jewellery, fine art, industrial design, decor, architecture, fashion, furniture ... and the catch is plentiful!

E-flux distributes info on contemporary institutions like the Museum of Modern Art, New York and the Tate Modern. The site also features special projects and a free listings service.

UK e-zine looking at "critical thought around the whole subject of how culture and technology are interweaving at the end of this century".

The gorgeous online version of a biannual global ideas magazine published in India and addressing issues that are of universal concern.

New York artist and critic Joy Garnett's site with images and prose and poetry and articles of interest to artists.

NY Arts the print magazine may not be as luscious as Artforum or Frieze but it's packed with interesting articles, many of which make their way onto the relatively new website.

Tema Celeste art magazine celebrates its first anniversary with a revamp that includes new content and daily updates.

Commissioning and supporting "net art", Turbulence is a pioneering venture. Check out the fascinating The Shape of Song.


"Recycling the web in real time", as promises, is no easy achievement. But this 'news' site succeeds in offering a refreshing insight into current news stories in the US. This is no mean feat given the virtual monopoly corporate USA has over reliable web news reporting. The writing style is candid to the point of being blunt. "The economy is in the crapper," commences one lead article. "Housing prices are skyrocketing in urban areas. Massive layoffs are a frequent occurrence. The government wants to weaken bankruptcy protection. It's hardly a surprise that there are upwards of 2.5 million homeless people in the United States." Refreshingly honest and quirky.

RhythmEngine (REg), created by Photon Inc, is a project that uses music and visual effects as a communication tool.

Human-oriented public artists and audiophiles par excellence, the members of Greyworld colour those empty, interstitial spaces with interesting sonic effects.

Interesting project site that operates at the intersection of design, activism and digital art. Info about the New Media Underground Foundation can be accessed here.

This new website from Lard animation (comprising local artists Melissa Visser and Chris Higgo) shows "lip-smacking" clips from forthcoming releases.

Sensorium is a site of truly wondrous projects involving, for example, the number of earthquakes that have happened worldwide in the past 14 days, and the sounds of the web itself.

Plexus is one of the best - great artist projects, articles, news.


Capetonians will need no introduction to this inimitable bookstore on Long Street. Founded in 1958, Clarke's specialises in Africana books, prints, maps and ephemera concentrating mainly on Africa south of the Sahara. A popular destination for serious book collectors and foreign visitors alike, Clarke's stocks an impressive collection of art books and (rare in South Africa) exhibition catalogues. Their Africana Catalogues is issued four times a year, although you can surf their site if you are searching for a specific title.

A resource for designers and artists, you need to become a soldier ant in order to submit work for exhibition and receive invitations to ant art events.

The newly updated African Colours portal aims to inform as well as promote contacts between visual artists within Africa and the rest of the world.

Zayd Minty, organiser of Cape Town's One City, Many Cultures Festival, flights this website for One, his production/curation company.

Home of a loose network of artists, academics, journalists and cultural workers, with updates on activities and events happening in Cape Town.

The relaunched (and hopefully hacker-proof) Cape Info site is inviting contributions to its events calendar.

Ambitious Cape Town-based venture pitched as the artist's "International Internet Career Tool".


In conjunction with the Dia Center, this new online bookshop focuses on postwar and contemporary art and cultural history.

Started by the Asia-Europe Foundation, this website facilitates Asian-European cultural exchange.

The extensive Distributed Art Publishers catalogue of over 2 500 books on contemporary art and culture is now available online. Hide the credit card!

Anyone with wads of cash to spare - and some spare space on their coffee table - will be storming over to Bookstorming to splurge on this e-commerce site's extensive library of contemporary art publications, catalogues and 150 art magazines. It's retail art therapy.

Refusing to limit style, creativity and genre, DV8 provides a platform and a resource for developing digital filmmakers of all inclinations.

A not-for-profit educational forum for the display and discussion of queer art and culture.