Archive: Issue No. 117, May 2007

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Conrad Botes

Conrad Botes
Satan's Choir at the Gates of Heaven (detail) 2007
enamel paint on carved jetulong
64 x 35.2 x 17.5cm


Billie Zagwena

Billie Zagwena standing with one of her silk tapestries


Liezel Prins

Liezel Prins
Applause 2007
mixed medi


Gavin Younge

Gavin Younge
Prosthesis invitation image 2006




06.05.07 'Lift Off Part II' at Goodman Gallery Cape
06.05.07 Charles Atlas and Bruce Nauman at Michaelis Galleries
06.05.07 'Conrad Botes and Claudette Schreuders at Michael Stevenson
06.05.07 Alan Alborough at João Ferreira Gallery
06.05.07 Tanya Poole at Bell-Roberts
06.05.07 Nomthunzi Mashalaba at blank projects
06.05.07 Liza Grobler at AVA
06.05.07 Ken Botnick presents Michaelis Lunchtime Lecture
06.05.07 Charles Maggs at Salt Project Room
06.05.07 Andrew Putter at the Bowling Club
06.05.07 Garth Doyle at Bell-Roberts
06.05.07 'Weerspeel' at artb.
06.05.07 'Paper and Me' at AVA
06.05.07 Ali Aschman at what if the world...
06.05.07 Cyprian Mpho Shilakoe at Iziko SANG
06.05.07 'Art from Rorke's Drift' at Iziko SANG
06.05.07 Kurt Campbell at Worldart
06.05.07 Vuyile Voyiya, Dustin Kramer, Sonja Rademeyer and Aliaa El-Gready at AVA
06.05.07 'Love, bytes and Soccer' at Erdmann Contemporary
06.05.07 Hermann Niebuhr at Frewin
06.05.07 Jane Rosinski at Alliance Française Gallery
06.05.07 'Figures in a landscape' at Gallery at Grande Provence

01.04.07 'Unfettered' at Frewin

04.03.07 'The Brown Europe Pageant / Round One' at Bell-Roberts
04.03.07 Sasha Hartslief at Everard Read
04.03.07 'Fabrications' at Iziko SANG


06.05.07 Angela Buckland at David Krut Projects
06.05.07 Penny George and Karen Bareuther at Gordart Gallery
06.05.07 Paul Boulitreau at Artspace Fine Art Gallery
06.05.07 Billie Zangewa at Afronova
06.05.07 Carl Roberts at Gallery on the Square
06.05.07 Joan Abrahams at Rabbi Cyril Harris Community Centre
06.05.07 Happy Dhlame at the Johannesburg Art Gallery Project Room
06.05.07 Tracy Lynch and Francois van Reenen at the Premises Gallery at the Johannesburg Civic Theatre
06.05.07 Colleen Alborough at Outlet, Pretoria
06.05.07 Cheryl Gage at the University of Johannesburg Art Gallery
06.05.07 'Collaborations: an exhibition of young artists' at Wolmarans Gallery, Wits
06.05.07 Majak Bredell at Fried Contemporary in Pretoria
06.05.07 Harold Rubin at Goodman Gallery
06.05.07 Dungamanzi/Stirring Waters at the Johannesburg Art Gallery

01.04.07 Roger Ballen at the Johannesburg Art Gallery
01.04.07 'A Fresh Look at Impressionism and Post-Impressionism' at Johannesburg Art Gallery
01.04.07 Peter Schütz at Goodman Gallery

04.02.07 Various exhibitions at the Pretoria Art Museum



06.05.07 'Off the Wall 2' at artSPACE durban
06.05.07 Kristin Hua Yang at the KZNSA Gallery
06.05.07 'Kucwebezela: To Shine' at the African Art Centre
06.05.07 Catherine Stempowski at Bean Bag Bohemian
06.05.07 'Do Not Dry Clean' at Bean Bag Bohemia
06.05.07 'Jabulisa' at the Durban Art Gallery
06.05.07 Bronwyn Lace at DUT Art Gallery
06.05.07 Clinton Friedman at artSPACE durban
06.05.07 'Ceramics CSA/KZN' at artSPACE durban
06.05.07 Anet Norval at the KZNSA Gallery
06.05.07 Liezel Prins at the KZNSA Gallery

01.04.07 Fiona Simmons at the African Art Centre
01.04.07 Jacquelyn Thunfors at DUT Art Gallery
01.04.07 'Memory and Magic' at the Durban Art Gallery
04.03.07 'A Life's Work - James O. Hall 1916 - 2006' at Durban Art Gallery



06.05.07 Nicholas Hlobo in Italy
06.05.07 Gavin Younge in Paris
06.05.07 Ed in Basel
06.05.07 Nathaniel Stern in Ireland

01.04.07 Ruth Sacks and Robert Sloon in Bratislava
01.04.07 Robin Rhode and William Kentridge in London
01.04.07 Guy Tillim in Rome
01.04.07 William Kentridge in England
01.04.07 David Goldblatt in Switzerland


06.05.07 South African artists in New Yorkl
06.05.07 Berni Searle in New York


06.05.07 Berni Searle in Australia