Archive: Issue No. 117, May 2007

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Willem Boshoff

Willem Boshoff
SKOOB (detail) 2007
mixed media installation


Anke Scháfer

Anke Scháfer
The Curtain 2007
video installation, splitscreen 16:40 min./loop,
produced on DV and DVD
dimensions variable


James O. Hall

Exhibition James O. Hall
installation view



Afterlife, installation view with works by (foreground)
James Webb, Ângela Ferreira and Moshekwa Langa



   [06.05.07] Afterlife at Michael Stevenson
Tavish McIntosh reviews Sophie Perryer's curatorial outing 'Afterlife'.

   [06.05.07] Cape '07: Less is More, more or less
Bettina Malcolmess looks back on the successes and failures of 'Cape '07' both as participant and audience member. Despite its stutters in the beginning and the complete failure of all potential funders, once the event scaled itself down and adopted a more transparent communication policy, the pared-down, 'lower-key' event which emerged succeded on many fronts. Particularly the event managed to co-ordinate the separate venues across such vast distances, 'both physical and ideological', which, she contends, is a fairly decent start.

   [06.05.07] Gimberg/Nerf/Sacks/Young
Sue Williamson reviews the cheeky, yet erudite, 'Gimberg/Nerf/Sacks/Young' show at Stellenbosch Modern And Contemporary, where she finds their 'jokiness' to work about '65% of the time'. Which is not a bad average, she goes on to say.


   [06.05.07] Armed response II
Gauteng Editor Michael Smith conducted an interview with Anthea Moys and Juliana Smith, co-curators of 'Armed Response II', an exhibition comprising works in various media including video, installation, sound, print and live art works that took place in and around Johannesburg's Goëthe Institute on Saturday April 28.

   [06.05.07] Anke Scháfer at the Bag Factory studios
Michael Smith reviews Anke Scháfer's 'Being Here', a project facilitated by the Bag Factory Studios' residency programme. He is impressed with her varied and highly nuanced body of work dealing with South Africans' preoccupation with safety and security, which elucidates this highly complex and fraught issue..

   [06.05.07] Roger Ballen at the Johannesburg Art Gallery
In his review of Roger Ballen's mid-career survey Brenden Gray notes that he is not so much disturben by Ballen's subject matter as by his inability to know whether the works have been constructed by the photographer and the subject, or whether they are the camera's faithful documentation of an already existing scene.


   [06.05.07] Roger Ballen at the Johannesburg Art Gallery
This month Wits Masters student Jessica Webster submitted a review of Roger Ballen's mid-career survey at the JAG. We encourage postgrad students from other Gauteng institutions to similarly participate.


   [06.05.07] A Life's Work: James Oliver Hall (30.09.1916 - 29.04.2006) at the Durban Art Gallery
American scholar Elizabeth Perrill, who is currently in SA researching Zuu ceramics reviews the retrospective of James O. Hall, which demonstrates that his skills extended way beyond the ceramics for which he is best known. She includes details of his public works, many of which go unseen.

   [06.05.07] A Life's Work: James O. Hall at Durban Art Galleryy
Andrew Verster, friend of the late James O. Hall, reviews his life's work as it is presented in this retrospective as well as in the city where he lived and produced most of it.


   [06.05.07] 'Sirens at 66east gallery, Amsterdam
Ralph Borland recently took part in the James Beckett-curated 'Sirens' which took place in Amsterdam. He reports back on his visit there and the contributions of some of the artists.


   [06.05.07] Discrepant Abstraction (from Annotating Art's Histories series) edited by Kobena Mercer
Bettina Malcomess reviews Discrepant Abstraction (from Annotating Art's Histories series) edited by Kobena Mercer, a comprehensive collection of essays which seeks to introduce previously excluded voices into the history of Modernism. On the way we are introduced to artists and theoreticians from Asia, Africa and Latin America. Malcomess notes, however, that theory and practice are not always as congruent as the book attempts to contend.

   [06.05.07] The collection of the late Jack and Helene Kahn - Highly important South African Paintings
Bettina Malcomess reviews The collection of the late Jack and Helene Kahn - Highly important South African Paintings, a catalogue which, although not without merit, is closer to an auction guide and price list.

   [06.05.07] One Million and Forty-Four Years (And Sixty-Three Days) edited by Kathryn Smith
Jo'burg-based Fullbright scholar Zachary Yorke reviews One Million and Forty-Four Years (And Sixty-Three Days) edited by Kathryn Smith, the recent publication which accompanied 'Gimberg / Nerf / Sacks / Young' at SMAC.