Archive: Issue No. 79, March 2004

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03.03.04 Visions of Paradise at João Ferreira
03.03.04 Sam Nhlengethwa at João Ferreira
03.03.04 Borders and Beyond at Photographer's Gallery ZA and Guga S'Thebe
03.03.04 Staged Realities at Michael Stevenson
03.03.04 A Decade Of Democracy at the SANG
03.03.04 Sey and Webb at The Independent Armchair Theatre
15.02.04 Jenny Parsons at Irma Stern
15.02.04 'Koeksisterhood' at 3rd i Gallery
15.02.04 Cobus van Bosch and others at the AVA
15.02.04 Jean Brundrit 'Spaces In Between' at Bell-Roberts Photographic
15.02.04 Berni Searle and 'Vapour' at Michael Stevenson
15.02.04 Sanlam Art Collection Showcases Acquisitions
15.02.04 Ed Young curated video exhibition
03.02.04 10-year democracy exhibition at SANG
03.02.04 Hannes Harrs solo at 3rd i Gallery
03.02.04 James Reed's 'shilly-shally shindy?', at the AVA
03.02.04 Bongi Bengu at Bell-Roberts


03.03.04 William Kentridge's Nine Drawings for Projection at the Spier Amphitheatre
16.01.04 2nd Spier Outdoor Sculpture Biennial



'Engel', 2003

Visions of Paradise at João Ferreira

'Visions of Paradise' is curated by Karin Frei and was commissioned by Pro Helvetia. It looks at expressions of artists' personal visions of paradise. The exhibition focuses on the variety of visualisations of such personal 'paradises', combining fine arts with other means of cultural expression like architecture, corporate/ product/ fashion design, advertising and social networking.

The interdisciplinary approach of the show is reflected in the catalogue, which will be part of the existing thematic magazine 'CH', which caters for all kinds of intellectual and cultural disciplines and promises to challenge and enrich the reading of the show.

Although the participants come from Switzerland and South Africa, the show is not about nationalisms and not about exoticism. Amongst the participating artists are Candice Breitz (SA and Germany), Calc (Switzerland and England), Com&Com (Switzerland ), Décosterd&Rahm (Switzerland and France), Kendell Geers (SA and Belgium), Lutz/ Guggisberg (Switzerland), Robin Rhode (SA and Germany), Steiner/ Lenzlinger (Switzerland), David West (SA), Hannes Wettstein (Switzerland ) and Sue Williamson (SA).

Opens: Saturday March 6, at 12pm
Closes: March 31

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Sam Nhlengethwa

Sam Nhlengethwa
Hard at Work I, 2003
hand printed photolithograph
50 x 30cm

Sam Nhlengethwa at João Ferreira

'Glimpses of the Fifties and Sixties' is the title Sam Nhlegethwa gives to this exhibition, which he describes as "a culmination of a thought that began 10 years ago".

Nhlengethwa is showing his trademark collage work as well as photogravure. He has drawn material for the show from both the Drum magazine archives and his own family albums. He says of this process and of his career in general, "I think I'm lucky in the sense that I have used art as an outlet for the frustrations I encountered during this time. My visual expression through painting was therapeutic and has now been transformed into what I believe to be a historical retrospective".

Opens: February 28, at 6pm
Closes: March 20

Borders and Beyond at Photographer's Gallery ZA and Guga S'Thebe

'Borders and Beyond' is an international travelling exhibition comprising a selection of 10 photo stories. These take us to places around the world where opposites collide - surfeit and misery, belonging and exclusion, inside and outside. At Photographer's Gallery ZA will be Jodi Bieber, Thomas Kern, Joachim Ladefoged, Don McCullin, Valeri Nistratov, Meinrad Schade, Randa Shaath and Roger Wehrli. At Guga S'Thebe are Manuel Bauer, Jodi Bieber, Julián Cardona and Valeri Nistratov.

At 2pm on March 13, Jodi Bieber will conduct a walkabout of the exhibition at Guga S'Thebe and on March 16 will run a workshop there entitled 'Ten years later...'.

Opens: March 11, at 6pm
Closes: April 17


Staged Realities at Michael Stevenson

'Staged Realities' is a group photographic exhibit showcasing African photography from the period 1870 to 2004.

Opens: March 31
Closes: May 15

A Decade Of Democracy at the SANG

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the first democratic elections Iziko: South African National Gallery is showcasing a comprehensive exhibition featuring works of art made and acquired between 1994 and 2004. This exhibition presents an astonishing visual record of the hopes and aspirations, the fears and concerns of ordinary South Africans in this extraordinary decade of transformation.

Works of art produced during the decade by over 150 South African artists will be on view in nine rooms throughout the Gallery. In addition, a contemporary site-specific work on slavery at the Cape by Sue Williamson will be installed at the Castle of Good Hope. Works by major artists such as Jane Alexander, Willie Bester, Marlene Dumas, Kendell Geers, David Goldblatt, William Kentridge, Moshekwa Langa, Zwelethu Mthethwa, Malcolm Payne, Johannes Phokela, Berni Searle and Tracey Rose will be shown alongside the work of emerging artists including Thembinkosi Goniwe, Thando Mama, Colbert Mashile, Robin Rhode, Usha Seejarim, Mgcineni Pro Sobopha and Doreen Southwood.

The accompanying book, co-published by Double Storey Books and Iziko, is lavishly illustrated, includes a comprehensive listing of all works and features discursive essays by authors, curators and critics including Emma Bedford, Rory Bester, Joe Dolby, Ashraf Jamal, Andrew Lamprecht, Moleleki Frank Ledimo, Marilyn Martin, Zayd Minty, Andries Oliphant and Liese van der Watt.

Exhibition enquiries should be directed to Emma Bedford on email:

Opens: April
Closes: August

'A Compendium of Imaginary Wavelengths'

'A Compendium of Imaginary Wavelengths'
Invitation image

Sey and Webb at The Independent Armchair Theatre

James Webb and James Sey will be performing their radio artwork 'A Compendium of Imaginary Wavelengths'. According to Carine Zaayman, "The work is a parody of radio plays, and it documents the writing of an imaginary author whose name we never learn. What is presented in this work, are audio synopses of 15 of the author's books - not the writing, but an audio correlation."

This volume of literary soundscapes is taken from a collection of sinister, apocalyptic anthropological and poetic documents unearthed recently in a vault in Barabas, North-East Africa.

For further information, contact James Webb at

Date: March 5 (Friday)

Jenny Parsons

Jenny Parsons
Irma's Garden
Oil on canvas

Jenny Parsons at Irma Stern

Advance Notice: Parsons is a contemporary landscape painter, whose works are described as an intuitive response to Cape Town - the city in which she lives. Her work is a personal interpretation of her environment, described with expressive use of paint and colour, with compositional structure that evokes landscape at once real and imagined. 'Oil on Canvas' is her first solo show in the Mother City.

Opens: 6 April
Closes: 24 April

Barbara l'Ange & Koeksisterhood

Barbara l'Ange & Koeksisterhood
The Dancer in Me
Height = 60 cm
Mixed Media: Ceramic & found objects. Fabric & transfer

Koeksisterhood at 3rd i Gallery

Advance Notice: Barbara l'Ange pays homage to women in the form of stitched and found objects, sculptures and paintings. They all come together in a rich tapestry of images and colours. Her work is both dark and light-hearted, serious and humorous, connected by the central theme of womanhood.

Opens: April 8
Closes: May 15

Cobus van Bosch

Cobus van Bosch
'Bone' exhibition at AVA

Cobus van Bosch and others at the AVA

Advance Notice: Art critic for Die Burger, Van Bosch switches sides for this sculptural exhibition of works constructed from bone fragments. They depict topographical maps of the sites of important battle fields in the history of South Africa. According to the artist, the exhibition addresses issues like slaughter, war, death, memory, history, place (maps) while also relating to craft (mosaic), pattern and simply visual appeal on a formal level.

Exhibiting alongside in the main gallery is Arlene Amaler-Raviv with recent small works made since her return from the Havana Biennale in November 2003 where she represented South Africa. Upstairs, Gary Frier - an emerging artist on the Cape Town scene - will show new works in mixed media using a range of diverse materials and found objects.

Opens: 8 March
Closes: 27 March

Jean Brundrit

Jean Brundrit
'Walkabout with Goliath'
4 X 6 cm

Jean Brundrit 'Spaces in Between' at Bell-Roberts Photographic

Advance Notice: Brundrit, best known for her pin-hold photographs, has put the lens back onto her camera for an exhibition of black and white photographs. 'Spaces in Between' explores and interrogates aspects of violence and the violation of boundaries, both physical and psychological, in South Africa today. The focus is to offer processed comment, not to image violence.

Opens: 10 March
Closes: 3 April


Berni Searle

Berni Searle

Berni Searle and 'Vapour' at Michael Stevenson Contemporary

Berni Searle, who lives and works in Cape Town, exhibits a new collection of work including a projection and photographic images in a show called 'Vapour'. Shot on location in the Cape Flats, the work is inspired by the practice of cooking in large pots over open fires. Searle explores the significance of the ritual but also her own memories. Creating vapour, from which the exhibition takes its name, is also a metaphorical process that alludes to events that have shaped the past and continue to inform the present.

Opens: February 18, at 6pm
Closes: March 27


Durant Sihlali

Durant Sihlali
A drink with friends
475 x 675mm

Sanlam Art Collection Showcases Acquisitions

Sanlam is showcasing the artworks it has acquired in its collection during 2003. These works include prominent artists like Willem Boshoff, Diane Victor, Durant Sihlali, Allan Alborough and Wayne Barker. The Sanlam Art Collection as a whole comprises over 2000 works by South African artists from the 19th century to the present.

Opens: 27 January
Closes: 26 March

Ashleigh Mclean

Ashleigh Mclean
Video still

Ed Young curated video exhibition

'Exchange view on.../ Échange vues sur...' is the title of a video exhibition curated by Cape Town-based Ed Young, and France's Sophie Solnychkine. The exhibition will be held and opened simultaneously in Cape Town and Toulouse, France. The format is based on an exchange of short video pieces by young South African and French artists.

The artists include Sandra Vanbremeersch (France), Daniel Halter (South Africa), Cameron Platter (South Africa), Michaël Fournier (France), Ashleigh Mclean (South Africa), Andrew Lamprecht (South Africa), Frédéric Nakache (France), Mark Antonello (South Africa), Zen Marie (South Africa), Sylvain Fogato (France), Jean Meeran (South Africa), Laetitia Bourget (France), Alex Learmont (South Africa), Matt Hindley (South Africa), Sophie Solnychkine (France), Teboho Edkins (South Africa), Emma Coleman (South Africa), Ed Young (South Africa) and pleix (France).

'Exchange view on.../ Échange vues sur...' acknowledge the co-operation of Malcolm Payne (South Africa), Arlette Malié (France) and EDV (France).

For further information, contact Ed Young at

Opens: March 3, at 6pm
Closes: March 8

10-year democracy exhibition at SANG

Advance Notice: In one of a spate of exhibitions to mark our decade of transformation, SANG is hosting a comprehensive show of works of art made and acquired over the past decade. They include major artists like Jane Alexander, Willie Bester, Marlene Dumas, Kendell Geers, David Goldblatt, William Kentridge, Zwelethu Mthethwa, Malcolm Payne, Johannes Phokela, Berni Searle and Tracey Rose.

Emma Bedford, head of SANG art collections, says: "It will be an interesting survey of where contemporary South African art is at the moment and offering insights on the decade." In addition, Sue Williamson is exhibiting a contemporary site-specific work on slavery at the Castle of Good Hope. An accompanying book, with discursive essays by local and international authors is due for publication early March. It is expected the exhibition will open at a similar time.

Opens: March 3

Hannes Harrs

Hannes Harrs
'Bakuba 10', 2004

Hannes Harrs solo at 3rd i Gallery

German artist Hannes Harrs has secured a solo exhibition at 3rd i that conveys his love for this continent and the art of its people. Harrs is celebrated internationally for his rich, earthy, textured abstractions that resonate with the strong influence of Africa. His involvement with Africa dates back to his childhood when an uncle - a ship's captain - brought back artefacts from Africa that triggered his imagination.

Opens: February 19
Closes: April 3

James Reed

James Reed
Resident Moulding (Detail), 2003

James Reed's 'shilly-shally shindy?', at the AVA

James Reed works could notionally be described as conceptual sculptures. This is, however, simply a label for the form his works assume. His sculptural installations are often dense and abstruse, more often than not suggestively titled, and almost always concerned with the process of deterioration. 'shilly-shally shindy?' is the title of his latest show, and offers an interesting insight into this Cape Town based artists work.

For further details, contact James Reed by email:

Opens: February 16
Closes: March 6

Bongi Bengu

Bongi Bengu

Bongi Bengu: 'An Exhibition of New Work' at Bell-Roberts

In this series of collages and paintings, Bengu seeks to celebrate female pioneers by presenting them as heroines that history books and the media have made invisible. Bengu attempts to portray an empowered state of black women, using such well-known figures as Winnie Madikizela Mandela, Miriam Makeba, Dolly Rathebe and Esther Mahlangu. They are all clearly located as equal participants and contributors in the progress of South Africa's young and emerging society. This show follows two very successful exhibitions by Bengu in Germany and the Goodman Gallery, in Johannesburg.

Opens: February 12
Closes: March 6


William Kentridge

William Kentridge

William Kentridge's Nine Drawings for Projection at the Spier Amphitheatre

In this international premier, William Kentridge shows the work he has created over the past 14 years. His extraordinary animated short films using his unique charcoal erase technique have earned him international acclaim over the years and have recently been restored to the highest digital and film formats available.

Here they are to be projected chronologically as a single body of work for the first time ever. The event will feature music by Phillip Miller performed by the Sontonga Quartet with Jill Richards on piano. Kentridge will deliver an introductory talk. Booking is essential and is available both through Computicket and the Spier ticket office.

Performance dates: March 6 and 7, at 6.30pm.

Jacques Coetzer

Jacques Coetzer
'Corporate Giant', 2004
beer crates

2nd Spier Outdoor Sculpture Biennial

The 2nd Spier Outdoor Sculpture Biennial opens at the Spier estate, outside Stellenbosch. The works at this year's event are all in the environs of the Eerste River, stretching from the vehicular bridge near the lake to the outdoor amphitheatre. Public Eye and the Spier Arts Trust once again jointly present the event.

The opening includes a walkabout at which many of the artists will be in attendance.

Opens: January 15, at 6.30pm
Closes: March 15