Archive: Issue No. 79, March 2004

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   [03.03.04] Column: Art of Line

   [03.03.04] Business Day launches new art magazine
Resource finance house, JCI Ltd, has put its support behind a new print initiative set to foster dynamic relationships between the business sector and South Africa's visual arts industry.

   [03.03.04] Kentridge prints donated to Wits
A small complement of Wits-based artists and alumni recently presented a series of prints to the Wits School of Arts.

   [03.03.04] Philipp Krebs at the Swiss Embassy
Artist Philipp Krebs recently displayed a new project at the opening of the Swiss Embassy in Pretoria.

   [03.03.04] Khoisan art on show in Cape Towny
A Cape Town gallery is currently showing examples of outsider art made by Khoisan communities from the Northern Cape, Botswana, Angola and Namibia.