Archive: Issue No. 79, March 2004

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Business Day launches new art magazine

Resource finance house, JCI Ltd, has put its support behind a new print initiative set to foster dynamic relationships between the business sector and South Africa's visual arts industry.

JCI has invested in excess of R1,3 million into the production of an arts publication to be published with Business Day, called Business Day Art. Together with co-sponsor, Business Arts South Africa (BASA) (an organization that promotes business involvement in the cultural sector), it has ensured that Business Day Art will be published on a quarterly basis.

The aim of the new supplement insert is to promote South African art as a serious long-term investment opportunity.

This significant sponsorship follows JCI chief executive Brett Kebble's personal patronage of South African art in the form of the Brett Kebble Art Awards, the largest visual arts award in the country.

Says Kebble: "It is important for the development of South African art that there is a flourishing art market. Business Day is an ideal vehicle through which to reach the important business community, a relatively untapped market."

According to Julius Baumann, editor of Business Day Art, "The publication will function as a guide to buying and selling South African art for both the private and corporate investor." It will address issues surrounding art acquisition, including the function and growth of corporate collections.

It will also profile up-and-coming as well as established artists worth investing in. The first issue will profile the artists Berni Searle, Wim Botha and Churchill Madikida, amongst others.

Nicola Danby, CEO of BASA says she is very excited about the possibilities created by the groundbreaking partnership. "For the first time in a leading financial daily, the arts are presented as part of the socio-economic mainstream; an investment opportunity for the individual or corporate buyer, and a material and imaginative element of civil society."

The first supplement will be available with Business Day on Friday, March 5.