Archive: Issue No. 81, May 2004

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Feedback is an open forum for readers to share any comments and insights relevant to art practice in South Africa. We reserve the right to edit all submissions.

From: Frederick Roll
Subject: Maggie Burnett
Received: April 13

I am trying to find out about Madge Burnett, painter of a Southern / South African landscape (oil on board, signed but undated) which my family owns. Any leads as to how to find out about her life and work, please?

Although this is not our area of specialization I did have a look for you. I can't find any info on a Madge Burnett, just a Martin Burnett and a Margaret Burnard. Are you sure you're reading the signature correctly?

From: Michelle
Subject: Chris Slack
Date received: April 11

I am a matric student currently looking for any information on Chris Slack, your help will be appreciated.

I suggest you contact the AVA ( where he last exhibited.