Archive: Issue No. 81, May 2004

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Eileen Perrier

Eileen Perrier
Untitled from the series Red, Gold and Green, London
c-type print
25.5 x 25.5cm
commissioned by Autograph ABP


The Galada Family

David Goldblatt
The Galada Family, 2001
Elliot Gcinumzi Galada, Cynthia Nontobeko Galada, Nonzima 'Elsie' Ncinana, Sisonke Galada, Nomakaya Galada, Bongile Galada, Nosisa Galada
Color photograph


Esther Mahlangu

Esther Mahlangu
Suid Afrika Vorentoe (South Africa Ahead), 2003
acrylic on shoes



   [01.05.04] Staged Realities
Photographs are not a mechanical record but a highly selective one, as 'Staged Realities' reveals. Kim Gurney is left pondering the stories behind the portraits that reveal much about the photographer's way of seeing.

   [01.05.04] Ten years on
'A Decade of Democracy' fractures the Rainbow Nation into multiple issues. Kim Gurney finds one common thread: the repeated use of the figure replaces landscape as the metaphor of choice for South African contemporary artists.

   [01.05.04] Lizza Littlewort's Portraits of Young Artists at the AVA
Lizza Littlewort is not taking the piss. Her Portraits of Young Artists represented represent a conscious effort to make consumable art. Zachary Yorke is impressed.


   [01.05.04] Anziska and Zuva challenging the face of buying art
Wendy Anziska's paintings are both technically sophisticated and visually exciting: buyable and admirable - a good balance between a commercial gallery and a critically aware buyership.

   [01.05.04] Look Inside Nine
Dutch curator Paul Faber has created an exhibition based on the family that relates the complicated story of South Africa and its history in a universal language. Following a successful run in Amsterdam last year, the exhibition has opened to rave reviews here.

   [01.05.04] Thea Soggot makes images of Eve immortal and iconic
Thea Soggot's appearance, after many years, finds her still working with the female torso, but with her drawing skills better honed and more sophisticated than ever.

   [01.05.04] Shifting the Playing Field
Greg Streak's HIV(E) project brought together a group of artists to make another "small" contribution around the issue of HIV/ AIDS. Here he discusses his desire to also make a "significant" contribution.

   [01.05.04] A timely celebration of Drum's Kally
Ranjith Kally's lifetime of photographing South Africa, currently on show at the Goodman Gallery is a timeous celebration of one of our talented documenters, with the photographic power to make the politically meaningful aesthetically beautiful too.


   [01.05.04] Opening up to History?
Andrew Nhlangwini's show at the NSA reopens a dialogue on the historical pain of being invaded by focusing on the greatest of all Xhosa historical disasters. Gabi Ngcobo commends Nhlangwini's decision.