Archive: Issue No. 111, November 2006

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5.11.06 Pierre Fouché at Bell-Roberts
5.11.06 Takashi Murakami and Matthew Hindley at 34Long
5.11.06 Hylton Nel and 'South African Art: 1900 - Now' at Michael Stevenson
5.11.06 Jackson Hlungwani and Cameron Platter at blank projects
5.11.06 'Form and Substance' at Erdmann
5.11.06 Group shows at what if the world...
5.11.06 Comic artwork at Alliance Française
5.11.06 'Embracing HIV/Aids' at Iziko SANG
5.11.06 Jurgen Schadeberg at the National Library
5.11.06 Acquisitions at Sanlam Art Gallery
5.11.06 Kudakwashe Gavi and Lisa Martin at 38 Special
5.11.06 'Untitled' at what if the world...
5.11.06 Susan Kruger-Grundlingh at artb
5.11.06 Botanical art at UCT Irma Stern Museum
5.11.06 Unisa students at artb
5.11.06 Maarten Zaalberg and others at Rust-en-Vrede

6.10.06 Noria Mabasa and Esther Mahlangu at 34Long
6.10.06 David Goldblatt and Bitterkomix at Michael Stevenson Contemporary
6.10.06 Lien Botha at The Photographers Gallery
6.10.06 Robert Hodgins at 34Long
6.10.06 Colbert Mashile, Howard Minne and Delphine Niez at the AVA
6.10.06 Nigel Mullins at Bell-Roberts
6.10.06 Vusi Khumalo at Everard Read
6.10.06 Lyn Smuts and Sonja Rademeyer at Rust-en-Vrede
6.10.06 Kevin de Klerk at VEO Gallery
6.10.06 Chantal Coetzee at 3rd i gallery
6.10.06 Dirk van der Merwe at Bell-Roberts

1.09.06 'Memory and Magic' at the SANG

4.08.06 'Breaking the Silence - A Luta Continua' at the Slave Lodge


1.09.06 Deryck Healey at Glen Carlou Vineyards


5.11.06 'Waste at Work' at Spier


5.11.06 Angus Taylor at Grande Provence


5.11.06 Celebrate Art in Darling' at Chelsea Gallery



Pierre Fouché

Pierre Fouché
The distance between us
mixed media 135 x 185 x 6mm

Pierre Fouché at Bell-Roberts

Pierre Fouché in 'The distance between us' exhibits a collection of portraits comprised of sculptural domestic photographs, process remnants, patterns and drawings. The show explores permutations drawn from the triangulation of familial others and the artist and motivated by 'the primal desire for the absent being'. The exhibition is a playful engagement with contemporary notions of masculinity, effected through a web of 'licit, illicit, embraced and disavowed touches between the men represented'. The exhibition depicts a personal journey of dealing with intimacy within the constraints of distance - the distances of physical separation, the emotional distances even in close proximity, and the distances created by societal norms.

Fouché is currently completing his Master's at the University of Stellenbosch.

Opens: November 8
Closes: December 2

Takashi Murakami

Takashi Murakami
AND THEN White 2005
silkscreen, edition of 50
521 x 521mmp> Takashi Murakami

Takashi Murakami
Flower: Pi-Chan 2004
silkscreen, edition of 50
501 x 501mm
Matthew Hindley

Matthew Hindley
Over Time 2006
oil on canvas
100 x 100cm

Matthew Hindley

Matthew Hindley
Stay Away 2006
oil on canvas
25 x 25cm

Takashi Murakami and Matthew Hindley at 34Long

One of Japan�s hottest young artists, Takashi Murakami, is the subject of the latest exhibition at 34 Long. Murakami has set up factory-like studios in Tokyo and New York where he churns out soft toys, giant inflatable balloons, t-shirts, comics, sculptures, prints, watches and other mass produced products in his 'superflat' style. His KaiKai Kiki business boasts a signature character in the big-eared, wide smiling Mr DOB. 34Long suggests Murakami's works could be understood as 'commentaries on western modernism, contemporary consumerism, cartoon animation and Japanese history, combined'.

Upstairs, the gallery hosts new work from young South African artist Matthew Hindley in 'Before My Time'. Hindley considers Murakami a formative influence, which makes the two exhibitions conceptually a neat fit. 34Long says Hindley's paintings are emotionally-laden inventions that fall into a self-imposed mainly naturalistic pictorial genre in which portraits and landscapes come to resemble action-packed movie stills: 'Skeletons do hip hop dances and burn castles, ghost kittens sit around lonely sad girls, people stare out to sea, trees grow out of clouds, everything happens slowly.'

Opens: November 14
Closes: December 9

Pieter Hugo

Pieter Hugo
Morris Toes, Monrovia, Liberia 2006
archival pigment ink on cotton rag paper
112 x 112 and 53 x 61cm

Mustafa Maluka

Mustafa Maluka
The dirt is so hard to breath 2006
oil on canvas
183 x 133cm

Guy Tillim

Guy Tillim
Supporters of Jean-Pierre Bemba line the road as he walks
to a rally from the airport, Kinshasa, DRC election, July 2006
archival pigment ink on cotton rag paper
91 x 133cm

Hylton Nel and 'South African Art: 1900 - Now' at Michael Stevenson

A selection of major new works by the gallery's contemporary artists will be exhibited alongside works by earlier South African masters like Irma Stern, Gerard Sekoto, Walter Battiss, Stanley Pinker, Alexis Preller, George Pemba and John Mohl in its annual end-of-year exhibition. Recent works include photographs by Guy Tillim of the DRC elections, a series by Pieter Hugo of boy scouts in Liberia, a series of South African landscapes by David Goldblatt, portraits by Zanele Muholi, new paintings by Mustafa Maluka, Deborah Poynton, Tracy Payne and Conrad Botes, prints by Berni Searle, sculptures by Doreen Southwood, Nicholas Hlobo and Wim Botha, and a huge shark-shaped drum by Samson Mudzunga.

A show of recent ceramics by Hylton Nel will run parallel to the group exhibition. Nel will show a series of plates which are wall-hung in particular patterns, many of these inscribed with his characteristic quirky and polemical phrases. He has also made many new vases and small sculptures which will be included in the exhibition.

Opens: November 28
Closes: January 13

Brent Meistre

Brent Meistre 2005
colour handprinted photograph
40 x 40cm

'Form and Substance' at Erdmann Contemporary

A group exhibition of 10 artists working in very different media is unified by a common conceptual thread: the theme of 'Form and Substance' from which the exhibition also takes its title. Brent Meistre, Brendhan Dickerson, Terry Kurgan, Elizabeth Gunter, Johann Louw, Themba Shibase, Jean Brundrit, Marc Stanes, Bronwen Vaughan-Evans and Brooke Fasani are the participating artists. A fire sculpture by Dickerson promises to be a highlight: it's a once-off performance at 8pm, December 15.

Opens: November 20
Closes: January 20

Cameron Platter

By Cameron Platter

Jackson Hlungwani and Cameron Platter at blank projects

Jackson Hlungwani is an artist who has exhibited widely in South Africa and internationally over a career spanning a half a century. Deeply religious, Hlungwani is also the founder of an independent church called 'Yesu Geleliya One Apostle in Sayoni Alt and Omega'. He spent his earlier years working in a mine near Polokwane as well as in Johannesburg but returned to his home at Mbhokota (Limpopo province) to pursue his religious ministry, to which his woodcarvings are devoted. According to Kathy Coates, his works are often quirky representations of the divine on earth and references to his own versions of biblical imagery such as a long-haired mermaid representing Eva (Eve) and Christ playing football, both on the blank exhibition. Other works include sambals (carved bowls), walking sticks and staffs and of course the fish which are most closely symbolic of Hlungwani's works and his Christian beliefs. The works at blank projects are all wooden sculptures made in Mbhokota over the last six years and brought to Cape Town by Coates.

Cameron Platter exhibits at blank projects during the second half of the month. His exhibition 'Party Time' is described as a group of small sculptures making up an installation and named after a Muafangejo print. 'Although the installation is about loss, it'll be darkly funny', says the exhibition's curator.

Hlungwani opens: 6pm, November 1
Closes: November 10

Platter opens: 6pm, November 15
Platter closes: December 1

Zander Blom

Zander Blom
The Threat of Boredom 2006
Hand-carved Marley tile print and Indian ink

Group shows at what if the world...

A group of artists all interpreting the idea of collage comprise 'The Collage Show' this month at the new Woodstock premises of what if the world�. An assortment of two and three-dimensional work will be on show by artists including Adrienne van Eeden, Asha Zero, Bettina Malcomess, Frauke Stegmann, Hannah Morris, Jeanne Hoffman, Julia Rosa Clark, Karen Stewart, Liza Grobler, Lynette Bester, Marna Hattingh and Michael Taylor.

'The Collage Show' follows 'All Creatures Great and Small', an exhibition that explores the animal in various forms ranging from fuzzy toys to dark man-beast hybrids, from the quirky to the macabre. The media range from bronze to stencils, etchings, paintings, ceramics and prints. Artists include Rowan Smith, Zander Blom, Ali Aschman, Murg, Merwe Marchand le Roux, Marna Hattingh, Tina Jensen, Jesse Breytenbach, Hannah Morris, knolc, Brandt Botes, Maya Marshak, Linda Stupart, Justin Poulter, Dave Scadden, Mike Saal and MiliTösT.

'All Creatures Great and Small' opens: October 25
Closes: November 11

'The Collage Show' opens: November 15
Closes: December 6

Comics Brew

Exhibition invitation

Comic artwork at Alliance Française

An exhibition dedicated to the talents of young European and South African comic strip artists is the focus of an exhibition hosted by Alliance Française in Cape Town. It is a touring exhibition that comprises 20 South African artists presenting their unpublished works within a given theme of 'première fois' (first time). The works will be published in a comic called The Outline Project, devised to showcase up-and-coming talent. In addition, there is a series of workshops and other events: documentary films on November 7, a screening of Immortel by Enki Bilal on November 17 and a workshop with Brice Reignier on November 21.

The show forms part of 'Comics Brew', an international festival of comic art - for more info visit French graphic novels will also be for sale from October 30.

Opens: 6pm, November 4
Closes: December 5


'Embracing HIV/Aids' at Iziko SANG

'Embracing HIV/Aids', which opens on International Aids Day, showcases a substantial body of new work around the impact of HIV/Aids on the country. Artists featured include Kim Berman, David Goldblatt, Churchill Madikida, Berni Searle, Clive van den Berg, Diane Victor and Zapiro, and media range from photography to sculpture, paintings and drawings. Works previously acquired (Goldblatt, Gideon Mendel, Penny Siopis and Hentie van der Merwe) are also included.

Says Iziko SANG of the exhibition: 'As with many previous projects, the exhibition Embracing HIV/Aids will be a point of departure for education programmes and special walkabouts. It will draw NGOs into our work and vision and sensitise visitors to the challenges we face in South Africa.'

Opens: December 1

Jurgen Schadeberg

Jurgen Schadeberg
Francis Davis is a farm worker's daughter. She was
taken out of school in 2005, at 14. Her future?

Jurgen Schadeberg at the National Library

Jurgen Schadeberg documents farm life and labour conditions in this show of 128 black-and-white photographs at the National Library. He undertook a countrywide trip with a team of researchers to inform this photographic series. The National Library says in its exhibition statement: 'Schadeberg, whose skilled camera has documented so much of our recent history, hopes this work will create more awareness of rural problems especially among the urban population whose contact with this fragile economy is usually via the supermarket.' The National Library hopes the exhibition will also be a positive contribution to the land issues debate currently occupying the social discourse in South Africa.

Opens: November 15
Closes: January 26

Conrad Botes

Conrad Botes
Forensic Disco
oil, wood and glass on canvas

Acquisitions at Sanlam Art Gallery

Sanlam this month presents highlights of recent acquisitions. Stefan Hundt, curator of the Sanlam Collection, said new works include a Lambda print by Tracy Rose, a papier mâché sculpture by Wim Botha reminiscent of Rodin's Torso of 1877 - 78, alongside the simple portrait bust by Job Kekana and a superb Erich Mayer Portrait of an African Prince, as well as Helmut Starcke's luscious rendering of Dutch flowers in a Cape landscape Dreams and Madame de La Q. Hundt said in a statement: 'The collection has grown substantially over the past two years with stark contrasts marking the acquisitions.'

Opens: October 26
Closes: January 26


Kudakwashe Gavi and Lisa Martin at 38 Special

The 38 Special Gallery is an interesting exhibition platform for emerging artists in the guise of a coffee shop situated in an old warehouse diagonally opposite the District Six Museum. 'I notice Nature' is the title of this month's exhibition of paintings by Kudakwashe Gavi and Lisa Martin. There will also be performance art from Khayelitsha's Iqhude Group.

Opens: November 3
Closes: November 30


'Untitled' at what if the world...

An exhibition of 100 anonymously created small canvases is hosted this month by what if the world� in a bid to create speculation and encourage appreciation based on the content as opposed to its executor. what if the world� says: �Expect to find a horde of hot up-and-comers as well as a few established surprises, providing a fertile hunting ground for collectors.' A percentage of sales will be donated to a local charity dedicated to providing grassroots creative development. The exhibition is at the gallery's original Hope Street premises.

Opens: November 8
Closes: November 28

Susan Kruger-Grundlingh

Susan Kruger-Grundlingh
Loss and Longing

Susan Kruger-Grundlingh at artb

A solo exhibition of new work by Susan Kruger-Grundlingh will be held in the artb gallery this month. Her oil on canvas paintings evoke atmospheric interiors, sometimes with a figure, centering around a theme of longing. Kruger-Grundlingh began this exploration during a recent residency at the Cités des Arts in Paris.

Ceramics by Hennie Meyer will be on display in the artb Vestibule Gallery.

Opens: 7pm, November 29
Closes: January 10


Botanical art at the UCT Irma Stern Museum

Flower paintings are the focus of a solo exhibition by Virginia Oosthuizen at the UCT Irma Stern Museum. The exhibition is her first show in a decade, although Oosthuizen has held eight solos in the past and participated in five joint exhibitions. The exhibition focuses on 'the beauty of nature'.

Opens: November 1
Closes: December 2


Unisa students at artb

The Arts Association of Bellville is hosting the Unisa senior undergraduate visual arts exhibition. The gallery states: 'The hallmark of this exhibition is the diverse yet well researched work of these artists. As students of a distance university, with only four practical workshops per year and where communications are literally by telephone, post or email, the quality time given at these workshops by the dedicated team of Unisa lecturers is evident in the work of these students. Moreover, each student is encouraged to work in their chosen discipline to reach their individual potential.'

Opens: November 7
Closes: November 23

Greta Matthews

Greta Matthews
Creation Myth 2006
thread, ink and pencil on Fabriano
42 x 36cm

Maarten Zaalberg and others at Rust-en-Vrede

A retrospective exhibition of ceramic works by Maarten Zaalberg is on show at Rust-en-Vrede in Durbanville in the clay museum. In the gallery, meanwhile, a group exhibition of various artists depicting poems runs concurrently.

Opens: 7.30pm, November 7
Closes: December 15

Esther Mahlangu

Esther Mahlangu
Female Torso
mixed media

Noria Mabasa and Esther Mahlangu at 34Long

'Memory Innovation Tradition' is an exhibition of selected sculptural works by Noria Mabasa and paintings by Esther Mahlangu. 34Long says the exhibition is a tribute to 'these two pioneering South African artists of determination and distinction'.

Mabasa works mainly in clay although she is well known for her carved wooden sculptures ranging widely in scale. Surprisingly, then, this exhibition features specially cast editioned bronzes - a medium Mabasa first employed in the late 1980s. More recently, she was commissioned to create a bronze sculpture that now stands at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront's Nobel Square.

Mahlangu became well known for her traditional Ndebele paintings which were included on 'Magiciens de la Terre' at the Pompidou centre in the late 80s. Her main medium on this exhibition is a mixture of cattle dung and mud, bringing the characteristic Ndebele idiom to her work.

Opens: 7pm, October 10
Closes: November 11


The Big Bad Bitterkomix Handbook
front cover


The Big Bad Bitterkomix Handbook
back cover

David Goldblatt and Bitterkomix at Michael Stevenson Contemporary

Visual maestros working in very different genres exhibit concurrently at Michael Stevenson Contemporary this month - both of them launching books at the same time.

Acclaimed photographer David Goldblatt returns to the gallery with an expanded view of a body of work first published in 1975, in a book called Some Afrikaners Photographed, with his exhibition of the same name. Goldblatt decided to revisit his earlier work following a 2004 visit to Gamka's Kloof that inspired him to revisit old photographs from the area taken between 1966 and 1968. He writes: 'There was quite a lot that I hadn't put into the 1975 book and it seemed sufficiently interesting to merit publication now, particularly since that unique community had completely disappeared.'

Goldblatt's new book, also called Some Afrikaners Revisited, includes text by Antjie Krog and Ivor Powell. It re-publishes all but one of the photographs in the 1975 book and 20 additional photographs taken at the same time. The book will be launched at the exhibition opening.

Alongside Goldblatt, the famed Bitterkomix duo Anton Kannemeyer and Conrad Botes exhibit new work as well and launch The Big Bad Bitterkomix Handbook. The exhibition forms part of 'Comics Brew', an international festival of comic art that moves around Southern Africa from May 2006 to March 2007.

Bitterkomix regularly fires well-aimed arrows of satire at the Afrikaner cultural mainstream as well as South African society more broadly. The handbook brings together the duo's work from the early 1990s until the present, and includes essays and addresses by writers like Antjie Krog, Andy Mason, Ryk Hattingh and Gregory Kerr. It is described as 'an essential chronicle, catalogue and visual cornucopia of the work of the Bitterkomix artists'.

Opens: October 24
Closes: November 25

Lien Botha

Lien Botha
Amendment 8: the case of a drowning river 2006
400 x 865mm

Lien Botha at The Photographers Gallery

Lien Botha says her series of photographs in 'Amendment' could function as 'a metonymic reflection of our genesis: murmurings lost to fractured atonement'. She adds in her exhibition statement: 'But then again, it is also possible that these are just 14 pages from a personal chronicle.'

The exhibition, with a satirical undertone, comprises framed photographs that the artist describes as 'stretching across 14 sets of photographic ternaries, alluding to our circuit on the brink of a deranged paradise'.

This body of work began during a solitary residency in France during 2005, with a series of small books called Springbok poems. Her recent New York Ampersand Fellowship helped to develop the ideas further when she found a minute clue in the Bronx Botanical Gardens while meandering through the snow, as shown in Beth's Maze, Amendment: the case of the mute praise singer.

For video footage of the walkabout Botha presented, visit: or

Opens: October 16
Closes: November 18

Robert Hodgins

Robert Hodgins
A day at the office 2003
oil on canvas
90 x 120cm

Robert Hodgins at 34 Long

This exhibition of Robert Hodgins' paintings has been put together from private collections to comprise a mix of recent and less recent work. Hodgins, aged 86, is still a very active painter and highly regarded among South Africa's contemporary artists. 34Long says in an exhibition statement: 'He has always had a following of discerning collectors in South Africa, particularly among those who understand the requirements of the international art market'.

34Long says Hodgins has become more sought after as a growing group of young collectors have come to appreciate his work. Consequently, the value of his work has risen, aided by successful London shows in 2003 and 2006. A Hodgins work fetched a record price at the July 2006 Sotheby's sale in Johannesburg: Three characters in search of a painter was sold for R133 680.

Opens: October 24
Closes: November 4

Colbert Mashile

Colbert Mashile
Josephine Singing a Love Song
mixed media on paper
75 x 54.5cm

Colbert Mashile, Howard Minne and Delphine Niez at the AVA

Colbert Mashile claims the main gallery at the AVA later this month with his exhibition entitled 'Mmawaka - Montedi'. Howard Minne shows ceramic sculpture alongside in the Long gallery. And Delphine Niez, an artist from Port Elizabeth, also shows ceramic work in an exhibition called 'Souvenir d'argile'.

Opens: October 16
Closes: November 3

Nigel Mullins

Nigel Mullins
Mergers and Acquisitions
oil on canvas

Nigel Mullins at Bell-Roberts Contemporary

'Earthlings' finds Nigel Mullins moving on from his previous exhibition at the same gallery 'Ends and Escapes'. It comprises a 15-minute oil paint and stop-frame animation film, numerous large oil paintings and 80 small canvases entitledEvidence of Life.

Mark-making in the large works becomes the means by which the anxiety provoked by time and its subsequent shadow of loss is registered. The smaller works situate Mullins' created characters in blurred and undefined spaces, with content ranging from 'tender communications and small heroics to the starkness of the bleak hangman images'.

Opens: October 11
Closes: November 4

Vusi Khumalo at Everard Read Gallery

'Cultural Exchange', an exhibition by Vusi Khumalo, follows his recent visit to China. Khumalo has also collaborated with artists from the Hubei Institute of Fine Art, the third largest art institute in China, who exhibit alongside. They are: Xu Yongmin, Yuan Xiaofang, Liu Shouxiang and Han Esheng.

Khumalo visited China earlier this year on a 15-day cultural exchange programme, giving lectures and meeting artists around the country. He was nominated for the programme by Everard Read Gallery when it was approached by an organisation that supports young artists in China. Khumalo's trip has inspired him to explore new techniques and new subject matter.

Opens: October 20
Closes: November 3

Sonja Rademeyer

Sonja Rademeyer
I speak/ you speak/ we speak 2006
wood, Braille paper, pins, compass, wheels
43 x 120 x 130 cm

Lyn Smuts and Sonja Rademeyer at Rust-en-Vrede

Lyn Smuts and Sonja Rademeyer collaborate in an exhibition at Durbanville's Rust-en-Vrede gallery this month. Their work is concerned with cyclical time, visualisation of sound and coded language. Rademeyer's work often bridges art and science: she recently completed an art residency in a hospital where she used medical graph paper as a medium. The collaborative show comprises video, printmaking and sculpture.

Opens: 7pm, October 10
Closes: November 2

Kevin de Klerk

Kevin de Klerk
oil on canvas
1200 x 1000mm

Kevin de Klerk at VEO Gallery

Kevin de Klerk's third solo at VEO offers viewers 'a metaphorical study of love and passion, inner truth and acceptance, a study of passion, deceit and joy'. VEO says De Klerk constructs pictorial narratives with his painting around visually familiar concepts in an unusual, unique and often challenging way that evokes ambiguity.

His exhibition statement says: 'In our everyday life we get exposed to elements, scenarios and frictions. Sometimes we have to take a minute to decide if that element is going to add changes or disruptions to our lives. We justify and deny. We so often get fooled by what we see and believe.'

VEO is also hosting a Spring Fair at Josephine's Mill in Boundary Road, Newlands, from October 27 - 29.

Opens: 6.30pm, October 31
Closes: November 7

Chantal Coetzee

Chantal Coetzee
Love 2006
acrylic, oil and tar on canvas
1500 x 1500 mm

Chantal Coetzee at 3rd i gallery

'Take Heart', an exhibition by Chantal Coetzee, comprises unusual canvas constructions painted to resemble vellum or human skin. Coetzee has largely been inspired by the mysteries of quantum physics, in particular Japanese scientist Dr Maseru Emoto and his famed experiments with water, crystal formations and thought patterns.

Coetzee writes in her exhibition statement: 'I wondered, if writing the world "Love" on a jar of water could result in that water forming snowflake-like designs on the atomic level, what impact would a tattoo'ed "love" have on the human being - our bodies consisting of 80 per cent water?' She translates these ideas into paintings broadly influenced by tattoo art, Medieval iconography, Christ Consciousness and quantum physics.

Opens: October 12
Closes: November 6

Dirk van der Merwe

Dirk van der Merwe
digital print on artpaper
750 x 550mm (paper size)

Dirk van der Merwe at Bell-Roberts Contemporary

Photographer Dirk van der Merwe exhibits a series of images of HIV-positive 'Sizophila' ('We shall survive') counsellors employed by the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation at a care centre in Gugulethu. The counsellors are trained to provide education and support to patients of the Hannan Crusaid ARV Treatment Centre in Gugulethu, which is one of the Tutu Foundation's projects. The counsellors represent a positive attitude towards living with HIV/Aids, which the camera hopes to capture.

Limited edition prints are for sale as well as a collection of the images in a 2007 'Hope' calendar. Proceeds go to the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation.

Opens: October 18
Closes: November 4

Contemporary art of the !Xun and Khwe at SANG

A retrospective selection of 82 of the best works produced by seven artists from the !Xun and Khwe Cultural Project in the private collection of Hella Rabbethge-Schiller of Rosenheim, Germany, is on show at the SANG this month. Entitled 'Memory and Magic' the works on paper and canvas span the period from the inception of the project in 1994 until the present.

Rabbethge-Schiller inherited a farm near Kimberley in the 1970s and built up a visual archive of over 400 works from the !Xun and Khwe artists in an nearby community. The collection is regarded as the largest and most comprehensive of such art in existence and has until now resided outside South Africa.

Opens: September 23
Closes: January 2007

Slave Lodge

Murals from the exhibition (detail)

'Breaking the Silence - A Luta Continua' at the Slave Lodge

The struggle against apartheid is explored visually through scrapbooks, body-maps, photographs, memory cloths, drawings, paintings, banners and film in this group exhibition entitled 'Breaking the Silence' at the Iziko Slave Lodge.

The artwork has been produced by Western Cape members of the Khulumani Support Group, which helps survivors of apartheid violence and torture. Stories from the Bontheuwel Veterans' Association are included, as well as a selection of rural stories that are also available in a booklet called The eye has never seen enough, the ear has never heard enough.

The exhibition is the result of five years of collaborative work between the Human Rights Media Centre and Khulumani. A parallel educational outreach and seminar programme is being arranged. The Slave Lodge also recently opened its doors to a permanent exhibition about slavery and the role the Western Cape played in the global slave route. Artist Roderick Sauls has created a memory wall and Garth Erasmus exhibits a sound installation.

Opens: July 31
Closes: November 30


Deryck Healey

Deryck Healey
Are Black Heads White I, II, III 1979-1990
wood, glass, paper, bronze, acrylic and enamel
249 x 249 x 15cm

Deryck Healey at the Glen Carlou Vineyard

Swiss businessman Donald M. Hess, founder of the Hess Group, owns an impressive contemporary collection including works by Andy Goldsworthy, Georg Bäselitz, Susan Derges, Franz Gertsch, Alois Lichtsteiner, Leopoldo Maler, Nakis Panayotidis, Vincent Prud'homme, Gustav Troger and recently deceased South African artist Deryck Healey. A selection of works by Healey forms the bulk of this inaugural show at Glen Carlou winery outside Paarl, supplemented by several Goldsworthy 'snowball paintings'.
Healey, born in Durban in 1937, lived and worked in South Africa and the UK. The collection will undergo regular changes; according to curator Myrtha Steiner, and an installation by Goldsworthy is one future possibility. Said Hess at the opening: 'If you imagine that an artist puts heart and soul into art, you can't just walk by because the painting needs time to respond to your looks. I have also learnt to rely on my eyes and my intuition... Art mirrors not only the artist and his feelings and interior life or ideas but also mirrors the times we live in. A sincere artist can't just paint a field with flowers when he thinks about the world.'

Opens: August 24
Closes: Ongoing


Johan Thom

Johan Thom
Theory of evolution
produced for coeo

Nomthunzi Mashalaba

Nomthunzi Mashalaba
Hope to Restore
produced for Spier

Nandipha Mntambo

Nandipha Mntambo
produced for Spier

'Waste at Work' at Spier

A multi-media visual spectacle that fuses paper waste with slick animation is one of the works created for 'Waste at Work', a collaborative project that transforms unwanted paper from businesses into artworks. Entitled Perfect Human, this work by Johan Thom is to be shown alongside other works like Hope to Restore by Nomthunzi Mashalaba - a performative piece including eight sculptural objects. Discovery, by Nandipha Mntambo, comprises five inter-connected panels based on organelles found in fine cell structures. Lien Botha exhibits 60 A4 units that form a relief wall panel that aims to reintroduce the individual into corporate structure. She photocopied, onto discarded company documents, personal objects from employees' desks on all 12 floors of an investment firm.

The four companies participating in the project are Hollard, Telesure Investment Holdings, Spier and Coeo. The exhibition forms part of an ongoing waste minimisation project. A catalogue on the project is for sale and an educational guide is available for free for school groups. Also on display is a unique range of paper craft objects by local crafters and community groups.

Opens: November 20


Angus Taylor

Angus Taylor in front of one of his sculptures at Grande Provence

Angus Taylor at Grande Provence

'Deduct' is the title of an exhibition of sculptures by Angus Taylor at Grande Provence wine estate in Franschhoek. The exhibition is curated by Ilse Schermers Greisel, formerly curator of the Dorp Street Gallery.

Opens: 11am, October 29


Jean Beeton

Jean Beeton
At Home in Darling
oil on canvas

'Celebrate Art in Darling' at Chelsea Gallery

A group exhibition of 11 artists is held at the Chelsea Gallery in Darling this month. The participating artists are Jean Beeton, Lauren Broekhuizen, Sandy Esau, Maria Janse, Jennie Jewels, Rika Mitchell, Pam O'Reilly, Elmie Smit, Adri van Aswegen, Janse van Vuuren, Nina van der Westhuizen and Leigh-Anne Wolfaardt.

Opens: 11am, October 28
Closes: November 5