Archive: Issue No. 120, August 2007

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Daina Mabunda dies

Daina Mabunda died on July 18, 2007. She was the key member of the Xihoko workshop, which was initiated by Jane Arthur and Aubrey Blecher in 1982. The workshop produced cloths (220 x 260cm) with patterns adapted from those Mabunda embroidered onto her minceka (sarong-type cloths worn by Tsonga Shangana women). Popular designs became known as 'fish and water', 'peacock', 'mied animals' and 'chabalala birds'. In 1983, samples of this work were exhibited at the Carriage House Gallery in Johannesburg. In 1984 the cloths were exhibited at St James Cathedral in London as part of an anti-apartheid exhibition arranged by Archbishop Huddleston.

In 2001 Mabunda collaborated with Bronwen Findlay and Faiza Galdhari on an exhibition titled 'Painting Printing Stitching'. This exhibition opened at the NSA Gallery in Durban and travelled to the Festival of Arts in Grahamstown and then to the Standard Bank Gallery in Johannesburg. In 2002 Mabunda, Findlay and Galdhari collaborated further for the Vita Art Prize. This work was exhibited at the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg. In 2004 Mabunda was artist-in-residence at the Grahamstown Festival of Arts. Later that year Mabunda and Findlay exhibited at the Salford Museum and Art Gallery, UK, on an exhibition to celebrate a decade of democracy.

Daina Mabunda was buried at Runnymede Village, Limpopo Province on July 28.