Archive: Issue No. 123, November 2007

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Ron T Beck

Ron T Beck

The amazing adventures of Ron T Beck
by Ed Young

In the light of running a feature on Reality Hacking as the website this month, I feel it necessary to highlight one of our own hackers here.

Ron T Beck operates a blog which can be viewed at and is very much present on Facebook. What is it all about? I'm fucked if I know.

So how does this make you feel? Sometimes the persona satisfies and mystifies a thing in oneself that is missing and not real. In the case of Ron it is a mythologically covert and slightly dubious lifestyle. Ron mocks as as well accepts the banality of everyday life (how he manages to do both I don't know, keeping in mind that he only exists in virtual life). Ron is also a response to the jollity of blogging and online social networking; a lot of it is about being happy and polite and has 335 close friends. He posts things like:

'Thanks! Hope u having an amazing time, safe travels'

'babe what a stunning pic!'

'yoyo, how you doing, you know i haven't see you in almost a year'

'thanks for being my best friend'

'Hey hey... nice to see you too. Your girlfriend is divine!'

'lol that was very random :)'

He also likes to crash cars. The Ron T Beck account was disabled by Facebook in late July this year, and it was only after several appeals that he got reactivated with a stern warning. The experience was odd. There was no trace of Ron on other people's pages during this period. Even when communicated through Ron, both ends of the conversation were gone. It was a bit like Stalin's Russia where people were bumped off and then airbrushed out of historic photographs as if they had never existed in the first place.

But I suppose this is what you get for being a happy and friendly terrorist, exposing bomb blasts and tests through your working holiday pics. And even though Facebook is the devil, I urge every reader to become Ron's Facebook friend.

I won't.