Art or earthworks?


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Subject: Making space for art

Bronze sculptor Guy du Toit and the other d.toy.z are having serious fun by making artspace in their backyard, on the chicken farm, north of the Hennops River. The walls for a new studio are now growing and a New Studio Party should be around soon (after the election?) to celebrate the event.

Thinking of Barend de Wet’s Rooms, Guy added, "it has got room for me and my horse" - a place where we can burn the bronze.

Yes, but is it art, or just earthworks?


From: Koen, Hein

Subject: Looking for Ewan Rowett

I am trying to get contact details for artist Ewan Rowett. Can anyone help? Please mail me at Thanks.

From: Anita Donaldson

Subject: African woodcuts

Does anybody how to contact the artist Mothile? He lives in Pretoria and he comes from the Ndebele tribe. He has had art exhibitions in Germany, a Christian association helped him out there, and he has been to America, also England, to the city of Bath where I helped him stage an exhibition of his woodcuts at the Bath Academy of Art in 1977. That is all the information I can give you, except to say that he is a wonderful artist and real character, and it would bring me great joy if you could trace him for me.

From: Campbell

Subject: info please

Hi. Can you please tell me how I can learn more about the work of Michael Heyns? Apparently he is from Pretoria and exhibits in that area (I am not South African which is why I have no contacts there to find out for me) and I know he has painted some exquisite flowers in oil ... Don't know much more than that, though I have the feeling he is well known?

Many thanks for your help


From: Brady Russell

Subject: ArtThrob

I'm Prof Hassan of Cornell University's research assistant and I noticed in your CV that you edit an online magazine called ArtThrob. It would be useful for me to be able to refer to this source regularly, but Yahoo!'s link to it isn't working. Is it down temporarily or has it moved?

Thanks a lot! And by the way, I really like your Art in South Africa book!

Brady Russell
Research Assistant
Legacy of Absence

- Thank you for bringing the bad Yahoo! link to our attention. It is now functioning again.

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