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Unplugged is the work of a young black Johannesburg art student, Robin Rhode, and is currently part of 'Channel', the exhibition of video art at the AVA in Cape Town. In Unplugged, first shown at the Rembrandt van Rijn Gallery in Johannesburg last month on the exhibition of the same name, the artist is seen watching a TV - except the TV is his own drawing of a set - which he gets up to "tune in" and "adjust" from time to time.

"The concept came about from the graffiti works I was doing around my neighbourhood," says Rhode. "I made a stencil of a TV and started spraying it on walls of train stations, shop corners, etc. I wanted the image to have an omnipresence. It speaks about people, especially young people not being able to draw a line between reality and fiction as they try to relive what they see on TV."

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