Bonita Alice
Illusions of Permanence
Part of the '!Xoe' project
at Nieu Bethesda

'Rooms' is situated on the
first floor of 113 Lower
Main Road, Observatory
Phone: 082-789-8810


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From: Bonita Alice

Subject: !Xoe

The image you have used for Illusions of Permanence is the computer-generated image I produced for the initial proposal before the work was made. Your description too seems based on this image? eg the real painting is NOT green. Why don't you use an image of the existing work? There was also a soccer match on opening day which produced good images. (Images available from me or Ibis - see their website.)

- At the time that we did the story, immediately before the event, the image we used was the only one available and it is not ArtThrob policy to change the archives. We are happy to use one of the images you mention you mention now, and in future please send written and visual material to ArtThrob as soon as it is available. Address details are on the bottom of the Contents page.

From: barend de wet (proprieter of the rooms)

Subject: rooms guests

i now have a guest dr irene below staying at the rooms. she is a guest from germany studying irma sterns here in cape town and she found the rooms on the artthrob site

thank you very much artthrob

From: coolpnls

Subject: Stephen Hobbs' 54 Stories - can't view

I have Real Player installed but still the pic is unclear. Any advice on how to view using another method?

- Try updating Real Player. But since the video was shot from a parachuting camera, the speedy, blurred image of the 54 storeys of the Ponte Towers going by is part of the piece.

From: Michael Gresty

Subject: Blank_Architecture, Apartheid and After

I was fortunate to be able to extend a business trip to Brussels and to go on to Rotterdam to see 'Blank_Architecture, Apartheid and After' at the NAI last week. It is a stunning achievement. There has been nothing like this before, for there has not been the opportunity. And now that the opportunity finally arose, it has not been missed.

The exhibition has been conceived and executed in a way that transcends so many of the traditional discourses in South African architecture while locating them in the context of new ones. An exceptional breadth of issues is touched upon and the sensitivity of the selection means that while the curatorial choices are necessarily debatable and idiosyncratic, the complex historical situation is clearly delineated and well illustrated with detailed and well chosen examples. The catalogue makes for compelling reading and is the first compilation of real substance to appear on the subject.

I recommend a trip to see it - it will be a reference point for future discussions and work on and in southern african space for a long time to come.

For more information see the NAI website at


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