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Paradise Remixed

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Paradise Remixed

Paradise Remixed, a dreamlike vision of a tropical island in which the sunset lowers itself from the sky to obliterate the figures on the beach, is one of Konrad Welz's most recent video works. The complete piece will be shown on the upcoming video exhibition 'Channel', curated by Robert Weinek, which opens at the Association for Visual Arts gallery in Cape Town at the end of March.

South African artist Konrad Welz received his art training in Denmark and is now living and working in video production in Germany. His pieces are lyrical and often dark recontextualisations of the world, created by taping excerpts from television transmissions and re-editing and remixing them - a kind of visual DJ-ing with results that are often truly impressive.

Welz has shown on a number of video festivals in England and Germany, and his pieces Late at night when the malls are closed (1997) and Empire (1994) are part of 'Dreams and Clouds: Contemporary Art from South Africa', currently on exhibition at the Konstmuseum in Gothenberg, Sweden.

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