From: James McArdle, Australia

Subject: Photographers?

Thank you for a great website!

I am researching South African photographers working in the environmental (ie "on-location") or group portrait genre - specifically those dealing with human relationships - families, couples, friendships or co-workers (perhaps the best known South African example is David Goldblatt). Do you exhibit the work of such artists? - is there a website, article, book or catalogue which might be useful to a person researching such work? Perhaps you have CVs or exhibition lists you might be able to mail? With gratitude for any help you might be able to give me.

James McArdle
Julie Millowick and James McArdle Photo Resource
RSD Fryerstown 3451

Telephone and fax: +612-3-54-734481

- See Exchange this month for a photographers' newsletter, plus a number of leads to photographers in Listings.

From: Aska, SA National Gallery

Subject: Land and Lives

Many thanks for your listing, but Professor Bunn only presented the opening lecture. It's a little misleading to give him the credit for the exhibition. By the way, congratulations, ArtThrob is by far the most interesting and comprehensive guide to arts in South Africa.

From: Chris Roper, SL mag

Subject: hmm...

We've made you one of our top local websites for 1998 (something I did in CosmoMan as well). So buy our Dec/Jan issue of SL, and tell me what you think. Not a huge honour, I know, but just to let you know that the youth market also loves your stuff.

ps there are no prizes
pps not much glory either, now that I think about it

From: Melinda Gandara

Subject: Art Exhibition Catalogue

I am currently a graduate student of the University of California Santa Barbara and am researching the topic of the "mother and child" images utilised by contemporary South African artists. I am requesting any additional comments and or review regarding Sue Williamson's exhibition 'Truth Games' and any comments she has made in reference to As a Mother: Confrontation over Stompie of 1998.

Thank you very much for any information you are able to share or transmit via e-mail.

Also, I would like to purchase the art exhibition catalogue on 'Bringing Up Baby: Artists Survey the Reproductive Body'. Is this catalogue still available?

- Inquiries about the 'Bringing Up Baby' catalogue can be addressed to curator Terry Kurgan at

From: Lynda Rubin

Subject: Bosch

Bosch - the one in the Eastern Transvaal - does very colourful prints - saw one a few years back of sunflowers which was spectacular. Know a site I could see his work at?

- Can anyone help?


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