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For PC
1 Download
2 Doubleclick to unzip (If you do not
have WinZip installed, download from
3 Doubleclick on the Artthrob.exe file
4 Your PC will tell you that the screensaver
has been installed successfully
4 Click OK and continue

For Mac
1 Download Artthrob.hqx
2 Unstuff using Stuffit Expander if your
browser did not decompress automatically
3 Close System Folder and drag the file
Artthrob Screen Saver onto it
4 Your Mac will ask you if it should place
the file in the Control Panels folder
5. Click OK. Reboot to activate screensaver


Screensaver to download

Just in time for Christmas - brighten up your computer's life by downloading this great screensaver by Johannesburg video artist Willie Saayman. Originally we had hoped to offer you three - but the technical problems involved in reducing the massive files of Saayman's extremely complex Quicktime videos to downloadable screensavers were considerable.

Saayman is a full-time post-production editor at Visual Assault in Johannesburg, and has one of his video pieces, An Evening's Viewing, in the permanent collection of the South African National Gallery.

Artist's statement: "My current body of work is a reworking of things that I came across while travelling, almost trying to emulate the way in which the mind remembers and alters memories, editing them and selecting what to keep or discard. I also love taking photographs and then turning them into pieces that move, I like the oddness (optically) that is created. So, right now my work is all memory based, and tries to show that some memories are like balm, others like bitter pills, and the catch lies in the fact that we often don't have much of a say in what we choose to remember or forget."

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