Alan Alborough
Heathen Wet Lip  1997
Dried and salted elephant ears and feet, steel.

Installation on 'Graft', 2nd Johannesburg Biennale, South African National Gallery, Cape Town.

- Reviewed ArtThrob No 5

From: Lorna Ferguson

Glad to see the Biennale site still up.

By the way, Alan Alborough's piece is entitled 'Heathen Wet Lip'.  This is an anagram for White Elephant - a comment on contemporary art?


From: David Krut

Just to let you know that the CD-ROM on William (Kentridge) is now available and I am beginning to think about a launch.

There will be copies in due course at Rose Korber, Clarke's Bookshop and the Gallery shop at the South African National Gallery.

Congrats on staying the course and your January update looks very good and substantial.

Good luck for 1998

From: TJ de Klerk

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