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pm inc logo

pm inc. logo


pm inc stages public art event

pm inc., a group of ten young city artists who work with diverse public media, will stage look like someone who cares,at the Golden Acre Cinema on Tuesday, December 28, at 6 pm. The event will be the first of a series of public art events by pm inc. planned to take place throughout the next two months, culminating in a final show at the end of January 2000. look like someone who cares will comprise performances and video/slide-projections by pm inc. in all three movie-houses of the former Ster Kinekor, centring around and celebrating the 'RABBIT' (including an opera-guest appearance and demonstrations by Verimark.) Popcorn and Coke will be served. Spectators will have to choose a coloured ribbon as a (free) entrance ticket. Please follow the signs to the venue (1st floor next to the banking facilities). Parking will be available either on Adderly Street or in the parking garage next to the Acre. Use any entrance to the Golden Acre.
The project is being made possible by the support by The Royal Netherlands Embassy, The French Institute and the National Arts Council.

Mustafa Maluka

Mustafa Maluka in front of a detail of his work

Project Conflux at the AVA

As its name implies, this show represents the coming together of two currents. It forms part of a series of travelling exhibitions which opened in Luxembourg last year. Participating artists have created a work in collaboration, to varying degrees, with Louis Jansen van Vuuren. Arlene Amaler-Raviv, Willie Bester, Kevin Brand, Mark Coetzee, Eunice Geustyn, Mustafa Maluka and Zwelethu Mthethwa are among those taking part. The show has produced a high quality catalogue, and all that remains to be seen is just how compatible or diverse these converging currents are.

Tuesday December 21 - January 22.

35 Church Street, Cape Town.
Tel: 424-7436
Fax: 423-2367

Boogie Lights

One of the cool invites for Boogie Lights 2

Boogie Lights 2 at the Bijou

It probably has something to do with the approach of Krismis, but sculptor Brett Murray and comic artist Conrad Botes have collaborated once more to produce a series of wall lamps. These stocking fillers promise plenty of social sideswipe and aesthetic kudos, and new designs total 70 in number. Judging by the reception of the last lot, this should go down well and the party which follows is definitely not to be missed.

8pm, The Bijou (aka The Blacksmith Forge), 178 Lower Main Road, Observatory.
Tel: 448-0178 or 447-1971.

Tom Cullberg

Tom Cullberg
Feather Dome 1998
Plastic, wood, feathers, fans
Seen installed in Stockholm

The Feather Dome in Cape Town

Joao Ferreira Fine Art is facilitating the exhibition of Tom Cullberg's Feather Dome. Cullberg, a Swede who studied at Michaelis School of Fine Art, created this work in Sweden for the 'Dreams and Clouds' exhibition there last year. The work comprises an outsize 'snowdome' paperweight filled with feathers. Viewers can actually stand inside a capsule in the dome and be surrounded by swirling feathers which fill the object, thus becoming part of the piece, while themselves regarding the world through the drifting feathers. The work will be on view in several places around the city during the festive season, watch out for it in the De Waterkant area during the Gay Millennium Party.

Megan Tjasink

Megan Tjasink
Jessica and Joan series
Black and white photograph

Julia Teale

Julia Teale
Puzzling Inquiries
Installation detail


Final Year Student Exhibition at Michaelis School of Fine Art

It's the end of the year, and once again the public gets an opportunity to see just what Michaelis' Fine Art students have been up to. Importantly, this is also an opportunity to see young talent and to speculate who we might be seeing more of in the next few years. Participants include sculptor Heath Nash and photographer Megan Tjasink whose names are already familiar to some of us. Tjasink's beautiful series of photographs entitled Jessica and Joan, studies of two aging women who seem to be joyfully recalling earlier days, is a highlight. In the Michaelis Gallery, Julia Teale is showing a body of work entitled 'Puzzling Inquiries' prepared for her masters' degree.

Exhibition closes December 23

Michaelis School of Fine Art, Hiddingh Campus, Orange Street, Gardens.
Tel: 480-7100


Elements for the Vlam performance in progress in the Little Theatre Workshop

Jazzart and Magnet Theatre Production in District Six

'Vlam 1' is a production by dance company Jazzart and the Magnet Theatre group in conjunction with Southern Edge Arts, and Australian company. Together they have formed SWAPCO- South African West Australian Projects Coalition. This festival/ performance/ celebration takes its cue from the idea of the Millennium as an apocalyptic event as well as a time for rebirth. Events play themselves out in dance, music and fire. The performers, several hundred in number, are both professional and untrained, and many have been chosen from community cultural groups. Large scale lanterns, illuminated puppets, fire sculptures and effects will animate the performance. The iconography draws on a San creation myth and the infamous Xhosa cattle killings. Things to look out for include a huge illuminated, fully articulated praying mantis, a giant moon with a few surprises up its sleeve, and a lantern parade by 200 children. Public Eye has been comissioned to produce one passage of the show, and Cape Town artists Kevin Brand, Brendhan Dickerson, Paul Edmunds and Jo O'Connor have been involved. Music will be performed by a collective of Capetonian musicians and one Australian playing both regular and unconventional instruments. A large choir will also perform.

9pm, District Six, Adjacent to the Moravian Church.
Tel: 410-9848

Entrance is free.

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Arnold Erasmus

Arnold Erasmus
Untitled 1999
digital photograph

Angels Blue at Bang the Gallery

A group show of artists represented by Bang the Gallery opened on Friday 10th. Of the more than 15 artists that particpated, the most notable are Lilly Turner, Tracey Payne, Karen Jay, Arnold Erasmus, and Rae Goosen.

Closes 12 January

Bang the Gallery, 92 Bree St, Cape Town
Tel: (021) 4221477

Penny Siopis

Penny Siopis
Verwoerd Speaks (1999)
Video still

Johannes Segogela

Johannes Segogela
The Ascension (1999)
Wood, paint, mixed media
Installation view (detail)

Sue Williamson

Sue Williamson
Can't forget, can't remember
Interactive video projection
Joao Ferreira Fine Art

Sam Nhlengethwa

Sam Nhlengethwa
Midnight blues (Detail) 1999
Mixed media and construction


Having opened simultaneously across the city, the five exhibitions that make up 'Artery' the series of Goodman Gallery collaborations, are a grand millennial gesture from gallerist Linda Givon, marking 35 years of serious activity in the forefront of the country's art world.

Mark Coetzee Fine Art Cabinet

In hanging Johannes Segogela's whimsically carved and painted angels in the white triangle at the Mark Coetzee Fine Art Cabinet, the Goodman has provided a lighthearted - for the most part (Segogela continues to gorily punish sinners) - and seasonal display of this likeable artist's work. In the larger space next door, Penny Siopis presents Verwoerd Speaks (1999). Home movie footage from the Siopis archive is played against a subtitled speech by Dr Hendrik Verwoerd made in 1966, a blustering defence of apartheid.

Mark Coetzee Fine Art Cabinet, 120 Bree Street.
Tel: (021) 424166 E-mail:

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Joao Ferreira Fine Art

New work from Willie Bester includes a sculptural representation of the farm worker recently painted in silver paint by a farmer in punishment for a minor offence, handmade paper works by Durant Sihlali, a new interactive projection piece by Sue Williamson entitled Can't forget, can't remember (see project), and Curio City, a vivid panoply by Norman Catherine of small wooden sculptures in his characteristic style, the whole lit by flashing lights.

Joao Ferreira Fine Art, 80 Hout Street
Tel: (021) 423-5403

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Lipschitz Gallery

Here, the older generation of Goodman Gallery artists are represented by fine work from such artists as Cecil Skotnes, Ezrom Legae and Sidney Kumalo.

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William Kentridge's new video installation, Sleeping on Glass, can be seen in the front room, and also on offer is new work by Deborah Bell, Sam Nhlengethwa, Kagiso Pat Mautloa and Zwelethu Mthethwa.

AVA, 35 Church Street
Tel: (021) 424-4348
Fax: (021) 423-2037
Gallery hours: Mon - Fri, 10am - 5pm, Sat 10am - 12pm

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Heart of Darkness, the powerful video installation by Kendell Geers and Bili Bidjocka, can be seen - or rather, experienced - in a darkened gallery flanking the Lieberman room. Considered by many to be one of Geers' best pieces, it was first seen on the Grahamstown Art Festival in 1997.

SANG, Government Ave, Gardens
Tel: (021) 4651628
Gallery hours: Tues - Sun, 10am - 5pm

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Russian Posters

A Russian Poster on view now at the SANG

Russian Posters at the SANG

In 1991 the South African Library donated to the SANG a collection of Russian posters from World War II. The posters were in poor condition and have since been restored. They are now to be exhibited for the first time since their restoration, and it will be the first comprehensive selection of such work ever to be exhibited in SA. The posters first appeared on the windows of the Tass news agency in Leningrad, and are both striking works of art as well as a vivid historical record of the war as experienced by Russians.

From December 7

SANG, Government Avenue, Company Gardens, Cape Town.
Tel: 465-1628
Fax: 461-0045

Cyril Power

Cyril Power
The Tube Station c.1925
colour linocut

'Theory and Myth' at the SANG

In response to the approaching new millennium the SANG is producing an exhibition which explores cultural perceptions and expressions of time and space. The exhibition draws mostly on work in the gallery's permanent collection, and each curator has explored these ideas in their particular area of speciality. The title of the show, 'Theory and Myth', points to the diverse interpretations of time and space which the show includes and work as diverse as contemporary paintings and age-old rites of passage is presented. Complementing an exhibition on the theme of time and space at the SA Museum, this show ultimately concludes that the dawning of the new millennium is relative only to the birth of Christ and not necessarily important in non-Western, non-Christian cultures.

Tour on Wednesday December 15 at 1.05pm)

SANG, Government Ave, Gardens
Tel: (021) 4651628
Gallery hours: Tues - Sun, 10am - 5pm

Interactive Art

The invite for 'Interactive Art'

Interactive Art at the 3rd I

An exhibition of functional art and contemporary decor opens on Thursday December 9 at 7 p.m.with contributions from such artists as Bridget Baker, Brendhan Dickerson, Brett Murray and Lisa Perold.

3i Gallery, 95 Upper Waterkant St, Cape Town
Tel: (021) 4252266
Gallery hours: Mon - Fri 9am - 6pm; Sat 9:30am - 1:30pm

Peter Eastman

Peter Eastman
Enamel on board
See review

Peter Eastman at Harris Fine Art

Peter Eastman is a young Capetonian painter who, after a brief stint at Michaelis art school, spent some time travelling where he developed interest in a number of subjects which today inform his paintings. Eastman was well known for his painting ability even while still a school pupil and his current work consists of enamel paintings on board. He spent time restoring antiquities in England, and one can see his interest in this subject matter. His paintings are many-layered, often renderings of antiquities which are interspersed with portraits and images from his current surroundings. The combination of this fairly traditional, although sometimes anachronistic, subject matter, with Eastman's unusual sense of line and shape and the richness of enamel paint, makes for very captivating painting.

December 1 - December 23

See Review

Harris Fine Art, 4 Riebeeck Street, Wynberg Chelsea, Cape Town.
Tel/fax: 762-4076

Other People's Property

Invite for Other People's Property

'Other People's Property'

Spraycan artists from The Villainous Animatorz, Your Millennium's Best and Free Flight Corporation are featured on an exhibition entitled 'Other People's Property' at the South African Museum. The group is billed as 'the friendliest, funniest, most talented, non-CFC using crews in South Africa, and their show is sponsored by Trafalgar Property and Financial Services.

South African Museum, 25 Queen Victoria Street, Cape Town

The FNB Vita 3 Capes Exhibition at the Castle

The FNB Vita 3 Capes Regional Craft Exhibition opens at The William Fehr Collection at The Castle on December 8 1999 and closes on January 9. Following the success of the FNB Vita Craft Now! National exhibition at the same venue last year, the FNB Vita 3 Capes Craft Exhibition is a new addition to the FNB Vita programme of events. Focussing on work from the three Capes (Northern, Western, and Eastern Cape), the exhibition sets out to encourage and reward the creation of works of fine craftsmanship and design across a range of craft disciplines such as wood- and metalwork, as well work in fibreglass, recycled materials and others media. The exhibition offers prizes which include a R5000 first prize, R2500 second prize and a R1500 third prize and several merit awards.

December 8 - January 9

William Fehr Collection, The Castle, Buitenkant Street, Cape Town.
Tel: 469-1160 or 447 0489 for more information on the exhibition.

Deborah Poynton

Deborah Poynton
Initiate 1999
30x40 cm
oil on linen

Eighth 'Art Salon' at The Bay

If it's December, it must be time for veteran art consultant Rose Korber to mount her annual 'Salon' at the Bay Hotel in Camps Bay, just in time to catch the holiday visitors or solve your Christmas shopping problems. Featured will be recent paintings, drawings, original prints, sculpture, ceramics beadwork and pewter-art by some 75 leading and emerging, contemporary South African artists.

Included are names such as William Kentridge, Willie Bester, Sam Nhlengethwa, Zwelethu Mthethwa, Nina Romm,. Deborah Bell, Norman Catherine, Louis Jansen van Vuuren, Walter Meyer and Walter Oltman. Ceramics from all over South Africa will include new works by the Ardmore Studio, Rebecca Tetley, and Andrew Walford. For the bugetarily challenged, a treat in store will be the launch of a new CD of Music For The Films Of William Kentridge by the extraordinary Johannesburg composer, Philip Miller.

All the artworks are for sale, with 10% of the proceeds being donated to POWA - People Opposing Women Abuse, a highly laudable organisation striving to create a safe society. Dates are all day Sunday, December 5 to Thursday, December 16 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The Bay Hotel, Victoria Road, Camps Bay
Inquiries: Phone ROSE KORBER on (021) 4389152 or 083 2611173

Stefan Blom

An image from Stefan Blom's new show at the Hänel Gallery

Stefan Blom at the Hänel Gallery

Stefan Blom holds his second one-person show at the Hänel. He is exhibiting both two- and three-dimensional works which explore issues around masculinity amongst other things. The gallery celebrates, at the same time, its 3rd birthday.

November 14 - January 15

84 Shortmarket Street, Cape Town.
Tel: (021) 423-1406
Fax: (021) 423-5277


Detail of a Derek Bauer cartoon from the 80's

The Art of Cartoons and Caricatures at the Michaelis Collection

This exhibition presents an overview of this art-form both here and in Europe. It includes over 200 works by cartoonists, caricaturists and artists, with some works on loan from the National Gallery. Cartoonists and satirists have arguably reached greater audiences with their social commentary than many of our traditionally esteemed and established artists. South Africa has been called a "cartoonist's paradise" because of its unique social and political problems, and in this spirit, the commentary of Boonzaier, Tony Grogan, Fred Mouton and other well known cartoonists is included. The exhibition pays tribute to those who have entertained and enlightened us over the years with their perceptive and amusing visual commentary.

November 12 - March 2000

Old Townhouse, Greenmarket Square
Tel: 424-6367

M D'Agent

M D'Agent
Frolicking Democracy
21.5 X 30.8cm

A Decade of Hard Ground Printmaking 1989 - 1999 at The Sanlam Art Gallery

Hard Ground Printmakers, originally started by Jonathan Comerford, is celebrating its 10th year of independent printmaking with an exhibition at the Sanlam. Printmaking is no easy task and requires a considerable investment in equipment and materials, not to mention labour. For most artists access to such resources is only possible within the framework of institutions like technikons and universities. Yet, ever since 1989, Hard Ground Printmakers has produced art independently of such an institutional life-line and they have made these facilities available to many other, both established and emerging, artists. All this makes for a successful business that benefits both the workshop and the artists who make a steady income from the sale of their works through the workshop.

From November 20 - January 22, 2000.

Sanlam Art Gallery, 2 Strand Road, Bellville
Tel: 947 3359 / 947-2550

Dorothee Kreutzfeldt

A new painting by Dorothee Kreutzfeldt (detail)


Dorothee Kreutzfeldt at the Good Hope Gallery

Jo�o Ferreira is hosting this highly anticipated show which is taking place at the Castle. Entitled '26 Acts of Balance', the show constitutes a series of paintings created over a period of a year-and-a-half. The body of work is divided into three groups entitled 'land', '26 acts of balance' and 'falling'. Kreutzfeldt has derived her images from newspaper cuttings and the visuals explore the drama of the everyday. The series addresses the impossibility of making sense through painting in a land of crisis. The show has been sponsored by the Institut Francais d'Afrique du Sud.

Wednesday January 12 - February 6

The Good Hope Gallery, The Castle, Buitenkant Street, Cape Town

Tel: 423-5403
Fax: 423-2136


One Night Stand

Invitation to 'One Night Stand'

'One Night Stand' at Joao Ferreira

Cape Town audiences will get a rare chance to view work by hot New York artists when a new exhibition focussing on gender issues and the erotic opens at Joao Ferreira Fine Art on January 10, 'One Night Stand' is, says the press release, 'a celebration of Baccahnalian bliss at the turn of the millennium. It offers viewers a comforting breast in a cultural milieu torn between temperance and excess, with work ranging from the abjectly sordid to the euphorically horny'.

Nine women artists will participate, some of whom are well known to Cape Town audiences - Lisa Brice and Candice Breitz, both currently in New York, are preparing new work for the show. Others who may be known only through reproductions of their work appearing in international art magazines - Kara Walker, whose large black silhouetted drawings on a white background often deal with slave/master relationships, Cecily Brown, represented by New York's Gagosian Gallery, whose paintings and videos are testimony to sensual pleasure; and a collaborative video piece from Laura Parnes and Sue de Beer, which will appear here fresh from a showing at New York's Deitch Projects.

Curated by Justine Wheeler and Amanda Williamson, both of whom are also exhibiting, other participants are New York photographers Dana Hoey and Laure Leber, and printmaker Asiya Swaleh from Durban.

Joao Ferreira Fine Art, 80 Hout Street

Tel: 423-5403
Fax: 423-2136


Wrap the World

Wrap the World


Wrap the World at the Rembrandt Market Theatre Gallery

Dubbed "the biggest work of art the world has ever seen", the Wrap the World event at the Rembrandt Gallery on December 31 will effectively 'wrap' the globe world with a 100 metre long drawing executed via fax in 6 destinations around the globe. At approximately 11am GMT, Neil Butler, director of the project, will kick off the event in Glasgow with a group of UK artists. The drawing they begin will be fed into a fax machine, to emerge at the Rembrandt Gallery in Johannesburg. Young artists Robin Rhode and Usha Prajapat have been selected for this leg of the drawing's journey. As they draw, the paper will be fed into another fax machine to materialize in Delhi, where Subba Ghosh is the designated millennial draghtsperson. From there the fax will go to artists on hand at Sydney's Artspace, the Kitchen in New York, Porto in Northern Portugal and back to Glasgow where artists there will complete the last few metres. Given the corresponding global time zones, this will be happening in real time, so theoretically the fax will still be leaving Glasgow as it emerges again, now almost completed, from a second fax machine in the space. To create a continuous human link in this amazing venture, the project description states that a child will be on hand to pick up the simultaneously departing and emerging fax drawings. And each gallery in the 6 destinations will exhibit their section of received and 'added to' drawing once the project is completed.

The event will be broadcast live via BBC World, and webcam for internet junkies. Parts of the website are unfortunately still under construction, but considering the project gets underway in two weeks, it should be up and running soon.

More information can be had at You can email Stephen Hobbs at or direct to the project itself at: or

Wrap the World is produced by UZ events for Glasgow City Council, funded by the Millennium Commission and sponsored by Canon.

Market Theatre Galleries, First floor, Market Theatre complex, corner Bree and Wolhuter streets, Newtown
Tel: (011) 832-1641

Jen� Gindl

Jenö Gindl
From Durban Suite (legs) q998
Photo lithograph
97 x 128 cm

Johannes Segogela

Johannes Segogela
Eating the leg of Apartheid 1999
Pinted jelutong

Goodman Christmas Show

The Goodman Gallery has decided to see the old year (and its 34th in the art business) off with the impressive 'Artery', a five-gallery exhibition in Cape Town featuring the top end of the South African art tribe. While Capetonians can indulge themselves, the Goodman has not forgotten about those marooned in Gauteng : the Christmas exhibition of work from the gallery collection is on view during December for those with relatively well-lined pockets who are searching for the perfect gift for 'the person who has everything', or for those who just want to browse. It's always worthwhile. Johannes Segogela's bright Biblical-political tableaux are perfect for the festive season and reasonably priced too. Elzaby Laubscher's photo-lithographs and Tracy Moffat's photo-etchings are simply stunning. Artists include Andrew Verster, Norman Catherine, Sam Nhlengethwa, Willie Bester, William Kentridge, David Brown, Robert Hodgins, Deborah Bell, Cho and Yun, Peter Schutz, Kagiso Pat Mautloa and others. The gallery closes for 1999 on December 23 at 5 p.m.and reopens to hustle in the new year on January 18 at 9.30a.m.

Emergency contact numbers during closure: (011) 442 0742 or 082 574 5571.

Goodman Gallery, 163 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood
Tel: (011) 788-1113

Wim Botha

Wim Botha
Make Yourself Hurt 1999
digital image, dimensions variable

Gordon Froud

Gordon Froud
Ultimate Communication 1999
30 x 40 cm
mixed media

Babel Tower: a group show of 70 artists

The Johannesburg Civic Gallery, in conjunction with the MTN Art Institute and Ericsson, presents its annual fundraising show of good, affordable art and just in time for Christmas, too. Each artist was given two cell phone pouches, donated by Ericsson, as a starting point for a work of art. The result is eclectic cellular mania, ranging from paintings to videos to lithographs to performance art and sculpture. The opening, hosted by Dave Beasley, chairman of the MTN Art Institute, will feature a performance by Steven Cohen and Elu. Participating artists include Antoinette Murdoch, Anton Kannemeyer, Gordon Froud, Hentie van der Merwe, Mandla Mabila, Marc Edwards, Naeem Bismilla, Pitso Chimzima, Robin Rhode, Senzeni Marasela, Stompie Selibi, Veliswa Gwintsa, Wim Botha and 53 others. Catalogues of the exhibition are available, thanks to the sponsorship of the MTN Art Institute and Ericsson. We all love cell phones, so just admit it. Get down to the Civic and see what happens when they get turned into art.

November 30, 1999- January 25, 2000

See Review

Johannesburg Civic Gallery, Civic Theatre, Loveday Street, Braamfontein
Tel: (011) 403-3408
Fax: (011) 403-3412

Wits Tech

Invitation card

Wits Technikon 3rd Year Fine Art Exhibition

This is the 15th time this venue has been used to show the work of National Diploma students from the Wits Tech and in addition to this, the student body has compiled the latest issue of the gallery newsletter. It reads: " It is, thankfully, a while since a show of undergraduate artwork in this country guaranteed rows of demonstration type canvases, prints and sculptures." Well, at least from some departments in the country and this is one of them. The work produced by this year's group is incredibly diverse with a measure of sophistication not often seen at this level. Almost a century old, the Wits Tech department prides itself in nurturing inherent skills and talent and encouraging inter-cultural and inter-disciplinary dialogues, as well as inspiring a number of proactive projects from students beyond the immediate scope of the course, one of which is Terence Nzuza's The Roof Culture and accompanying newsletter The Blue Issue. The Roof Culture is a discussion forum that takes place every alternate Friday on the roof of the Tech building, overlooking the city. Lecturers and students gather to discuss all things arty, primarily how to access the broader public. We should be taking notes.

Exhibition ends December 17.

Rembrandt van Rijn Art Gallery, Market Theatre Precinct, Newtown
Tel: (011) 832-1641
Fax : (011) 834-2057

'Body Building'

The 1999 Bachelor of Architecture Thesis exhibition and prize giving, featuring speculative work on the project of transformation in the contemporary Johannesburg city will be opened by Prof. Andries Oliphant at 6.30 p.m. on Thursday December 2. For those of you interested in the goings-on at next year's mammoth Urban Futures 2000 conference, this should be an interesting precursor.

The exhibition is presented by the Department of Architecture at Wits and Corobrik.

December 2 - 13, 1999

Gertrude Posel Gallery, University of Witwatersrand, Braamfontein.
Gallery hours: Tuesday to Friday, 10a, to 4pm
Tel:(011) 716-3632

Francois Gouws

Francois Gouws
Sports Star

The Double Bill

An exhibition of works by Nuno Da Cruz and Francois Gouws opens Saturday, December 4, at the Firs Shop 28, Rosebank at 6.30 p.m. (lower level opposite Pick 'n Pay). Expect South African pop art for the imminent millennium. For more information, call Nuno on 083 430 2607 or fax 011 486 2431. Email:

See Review

Closing December 12.

Gallery hours: Monday - Friday: 10.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.; Saturday: 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

Paul Alberts

Invitation image for 'The Mask' by Paul Alberts - South Photographs, Soweto 1983

Democracy's Images

Invitation image for Democracy's Images

Double Feature Picture Show:
'Democracy's Images: Photography and Visual Art After Apartheid' at the JAG
November 21, 1999 - March 15, 2000

'The Mask' at the Bensusan in MuseuMAfricA
November 21, 1999 - January 9, 2000

One connection between these two shows is that they open within hours of each other on the same day. The other is they are both photographic, and thus continue a trend in exhibitions that has been quite marked in Johannesburg this year. Not that I'm complaining. There have been some real corkers. The much-lauded 'Democracy's Images' co-curated by scholar Rory Bester and Katarina Pierre of the BildMuseet, Umea, Sweden also continues a trend - that of a seemingly never ending and wonderful Sweden-South Africa 1999 partnership that has given rise to incredible opportunities, acquisition of skills and the sense that at least one country out there recognises the value of cultural production. The show features Kay Hassan, Minnette Vari, Joachim Schonfeldt, Santu Mofokeng and uber-young photojournalist Ruth Motau, amongst others.

'The Mask' at the Bensusan Museum in Museum Africa features images made by the members of South Photographs. This collective includes such major players as Jurgen Schadeburg, David Goldblatt, Motlhalefi Mahlabe, Paul Weinburg, Guy Tillim, Jodi Bieber (who also features on 'Democracy's Images')....the list goes on. Harrowing, amusing and lyrical, these masks don't hide but reveal wants, needs, desires and illicit agendas. South Africa has a fraught but fascinating history in terms of photographic images and photographic documentation and the 'harsh truth of the camera eye', once restricted and now emancipated, was and is still used to bear testimony and witness to the complex layering of experiences and realities. Don't miss these shows - they may just alter your point of view.

Gallery Hours:
JAG: Tuesday - Sunday 10.00 - 17.00
MuseuMAfricA: Tuesday - Sunday 10.00 - 17.00

Karel Nel
Karel Nel
Katanga Croses
Unknown group
DRC (S. Congo)
13 x 14 cm
24.6 x 20.5 cm
300g - 1310g

Karel Nel at the Standard Bank Gallery

'Solo Journeys' and 'Bridewealth, Currency and Other Assets: a bachelor's collection' showcase the two major, but certainly not only, aspects to Karel Nel's production - producing and collecting. 'Solo Journeys' takes its impetus from Nel's "pilgrimage" to the island of Reunion, where he has been working on a commission for the French government, constructing a three-kilometre walkway from the outer lip to the inner rim of the volcano Piton de la Fournaise. Out of this experience of working with palaeoanthropologists, astronomers and the like, he has produced a series of drawings dealing with his experiential navigation of internal and external worlds. As artist, he invites the viewer to recreate the journey, or find the way back together.

'Bridewealth, Currency and Other Assets ... A bachelor's collection' is an exhibition made up of selected items from an extensive personal collection begun at the age of 12. Based on forms encountered in everyday existence, but which were so modified to be useless in a practical sense, the currency was the work of skilled specialists thought to have metaphysical powers. The aesthetic dimension of these objects of status and power has only recently caught the attention of serious African art dealers and collectors.

The exhibitions will be opened by Stephan Welz of Stephan Welz & Company in association with Sotheby's.

Opening November 9

See Review

Walkabouts with the artist:

Solo Journeys: Wednesday November 10 and Wednesday November 24, noon - 1pm Bridewealth: Friday, November 12 and Friday, November 19, noon - 1pm.

Standard Bank Gallery, corner Simmonds and Fredericks streets
Gallery hours: Mon - Fri, 8am - 4.30pm; Sat 9am - 1pm

See October artbio for more information on the artist.

Leentjie du Plessis

Leentjie du Plessis
I have a headache
Steel, foam, tampons
Dimensions variable


Fourth Year Tukkies Fine Arts students at African Window
8 December, 1999 - 24 January, 2000

The African Window National Cultural History Museum in Pretoria plays host to the final year show of the Jacaranda City's best and brightest students. Sixteen students present diverse work from mixed media sculpture to lens-based media, painting and graphics. The African Window is not known for its skills in curatorial practice and exhibition installation, but the recent Africa Meets Africa may have taught them all a thing or two. Let's hope so. For more information you can contact them on (012) 324-6082.

Corner Bosman and Visagie Streets
Gallery hours: Monday - Sunday: 9.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.

Postcard Auction

The Durban Art Gallery has extended its deadline for the Postcard show


Postcard Auction 15 DECEMBER 1999 at the Durban Art Gallery

In their continuing quest to augment their acquisitions budget, the DAG have jumped on the postcard bandwagon, offering Christmas shoppers an alternative to shopping mall schlep and the opportunity to own some original local and international art at what could be very reasonable prices. Hundreds of cards from famous and awaiting-fame artists will go under the hammer on Wednesday 15 December at 7.00 p.m. and frames will be available on site. This will be the last exhibition at DAG of this century and perfect fare for the silly season.

Durban Art Gallery, 2nd Floor, City Hall,
Tel: (031) 300-6234/5/8
Gallery hours from 09:00 to 12:00

Ian Ferguson

An etching by Ian Ferguson

Etchings at the NSA

The classical technique of acid-biting lines into metal plates, inking them, and forcing the ink onto dampened paper under tremendous pressure - etching - is one utilised by Leon Soriano and Ian Ferguson on an exhibition which will run until the end of December at the NSA. Soriano is a painter and teacher based in Durban, and Ferguson, a retired professor of English, has been studying with Soriano since 1992.

NSA Gallery, 166 Bulwer Road, Glenwood

Dalai Lama at DAG

His Holiness the Dalai Lama will be giving a public address at the Durban Art Gallery on Monday 6th December at 6 p.m. This address will be a precursor to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Print Portfolio which will be officially opened at the Durban Art Gallery on Friday 10th December by Mme Danielle Mitterrand. The Dalai Lama's talk is free but bookings are essential. There is a limited amount of seating for early reservations but plenty of standing room. This will be the only public talk given in Durban and is an opportunity of a lifetime to hear to hear this important person speak. He is a man of peace, awarded the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize for his non-violent struggle for the liberation of Tibet. He has received numerous other awards, prizes, etc. in recognition of his message of peace, non-violence and inter-religious understanding but describes himself as a simple Buddhist monk. It is appropriate that he should launch the week leading up to the opening of the Human Rights Print Porfolio which will be on view at the Durban Art Gallery.

For bookings phone: (031) 300 6238
Enquiries: Carol Brown (031) 300 6230
Durban Art Gallery, 2nd Floor, City Hall,
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Mark Wilby

Mark Wilby
tomorrow night...
Mixed media installation
Part of 'Works for the new Linoleum'


Works for the new Linoleum

"Millennium. We stand poised at the threshold, as though we're entering another room. Taking stock. And then, tentatively, we inch our way across this new linoleum into (more of the same in the guise of) a new era, a new style, and a keener sensibility".

With these words, Mark Wilby of the Ibis Gallery in Nieu Bethesda introduces the upcoming show at the Ibis, which will open on December 11. Featured artists are Christine Dixie, Jacobus Kloppers, Clementina van der Walt and Mark Wilby. Each will present an installation. Dixie's Tracks considers the role of railways in relation to history, Kloppers works on the road as landscape - "those non-places and non-moments of deserted picnic spots next to the national road - somewhere in the Karoo." Being in transit. Van der Walt will present Impermanence, work inspired by an anthology of poetry by the Nigerian poet Ben Okri, called 'An African Elegy', and Mark Wilby will show tomorrow night... "I have resorted to visual procedures (mixed-media installation) for determination and disclosure in the diagnosis of unease. And into care for the complaint: tomorrow night... will you say those lovely things you said tonight?"

Opens 6pm, Saturday 11 December, closes January 22

Ibis Art Centre, Nieu-Bethesda

For further information contact:
Mark Wilby
tel/fax 04923-642

Candice Breitz

Candice Breitz
Rainbow Series 1996
Rephotographed photomontage
60 X 40"


Candice Breitz on Cologne mega show

Having debuted a new seven-monitor video installation entitled the Babel Series on the Istanbul Biennale in September, Candice Breitz follows up by showing a 1996 series of work, the Rainbow Series on 'Global Art 2000' which opens at the Museum Ludwig in Cologne on November 5 and runs until March 5, 2000. Curated by Marc Scheps and Yilmaz Dziewior, this is a historical show which includes artist ranging from Henri Matisse, Pablo Picassok Paul Gauguin and Hannah Hoech to Jackson Pollock, Seydou Keita, Jimmie Durham, Mona Hatoum and Breitz.

An excerpt from the press release reads: "The global dialogue between the various cultures of the world runs like a thread through the momentous history of the art of the last hundred years. In the early years of this century, the pioneers of modern art in Europe had discovered for themselves the tribal art of Africa and Oceania and simultaneously revealed their profound interest in the art of earlier non-European civilizations .... The highly selective and one-sided dialogue characteristic of the early years of this century has developed into a truly mutual dialogue between cultures.... The great variety of cultures of the world was and will continue to be the best guarantee for the vitality of art in the future."

Museum for African Art

The Museum for African Art
Broadway, New York City

'Liberated Voices: Contemporary Art from South Africa' in New York

The first large-scale exhibition of contemporary South African art production opened at the Museum for African Art in New York on September 22, and will remain on view until early next year.

Curated by the museum's director for exhibitions, Frank Herremans, and featuring the work of 12 artists living within the country, and Paul Stopforth, now resident in Boston, the show has received an extremely positive review in the prestigious New York Times and coverage on ABCTV, one of the big three television networks.

See Review.




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