Archive: Issue No. 28, December 1999

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Can't forget, can't remember

A snippet from the CD ROM
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Can't forget, can't remember

A burning question exists in the mind of a victim ... do you remember? Face to face at last with the perpetrator, this question can be asked. In this month's project, a clip is shown from an interactive video piece. Sue Williamson looks at moments in the proceedings of the Truth Commission when this occurred. Recorded transcripts from the hearings are played over text and flashback images of the event. In an exhibition situation, the viewer stands at a lectern in a darkened booth, and must move a courser over the screen via a computer mouse in order to get the action to advance.

The flawed nature of memory, and of the whole process of the TRC, becomes apparent as the gap between the recollections of victim and perpetrator emerge.

In this interactive video projection, Sue Williamson's collaborator is graphic designer Tracy Gander. The music was done by Arnold Erasmus.




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