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808 Gallery at Boston University

Caversham Press

Various Artists
Caversham Press, Collage ,


808 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, MA

Hours: Wednesday - Sunday: 11am-9pm


Various Artists at 808 Gallery at Boston University

This exhibition features a survey of work from the printmaking studio The Caversham Press, located in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. It will include over 120 prints and community-based projects produced by a diverse roster of South African and international artists. Founded in 1985 during the turbulent years of late apartheid, The Caversham Press has occupied an important place in the development of South African printmaking. From the founding years in which it focused almost exclusively on formally trained artists, to its current dedication to training young, emergent artists, Caversham’s history reflects the political and cultural shifts that have taken place in South Africa over the past two and half decades.

Through image, text, and public programming, the exhibition traces Caversham's development in South Africa—from the founding of The Caversham Press in 1985 to the establishment of The Caversham Press Educational Trust in 1993 and finally to the formation of the Caversham Centre for Artists and Writers in 2000—while simultaneously illustrating the rich visual diversity of South African printmaking.

08 February 2011 - 27 March 2011