SMAC Art Gallery 01

Brot Kunsthalle

Very, Very Good

Anton Kannemeyer
Very, Very Good, Ink and acrylic on paper , 152 x 166cm
Image courtesy of Michael Stevenson Gallery


1100 Vienna, Austria Absberggasse 27 / Stair 1

Hours: Tuesday - Saturday: 12pm - 6pm


Anton Kannemeyer and Cameron Platter at Brot Kunsthalle

'Coca-Colonized' is a selection of work by South-, Central America- and Africa-based artists (both physically and conceptually). It is a response to the ideology that the influence of mass culture on another, what is termed ‘less established’ or ‘developing’ region, implies an absolute relationship between the influencer and the impressionable. 'Coca-Colonized' is an attempt to question this relationship, exploring how mass cultural influence has been absorbed, reinterpreted and at times rejuvenated, inverting this implied power relationship. What results is a new ‘third language’ that is beyond dual identity and more than a straightforward combination of mass culture and local culture—rather, one that is a powerful cultural phenomenon in its own right.

The exhibition includes Anton Kannemeyer (South Africa), Peterson Kamwathi Waweru (Kenya), Cameron Platter (South Africa), Baudouin Mouanda (Congo), Maria Jose Arjona (Colombia), Simon Vega (El Salvador), Omar Obdulio Pena Forty (Puerto Rico), Reynier Leyva-Novo (Cuba), and Emilio Chapela Perez (Mexico).

16 September 2010 - 20 November 2010