Everard Read Gallery

Cape Mountains

Paul Augustinus
Cape Mountains, Oil on canvas ,

SEE LISTING From 'Landscape with a Twist'

Beezy Bailey
From 'Landscape with a Twist', Mixed media on canvas ,

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Group Show
Centenary Exhibition, Exhibition Invitation ,

SEE LISTING A Certain Commitment

John Meyer
A Certain Commitment, Oil on canvas , 115 x 155 cm

SEE LISTING Rocking Springbuck

Michaella Janse van Vuuren
Rocking Springbuck, Mixed media ,


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Paul Augustinus at Everard Read Gallery

Paul Augustinus shows a series of landscape paintings from across the continent which 'take a fresh look at
Africa, the immediacy of his work coming from the fact that he spends so much time living and painting in the bush'.

He still lives in the East African region and he has travelled extensively with decades of continuous safari in Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Zanzibar, Egypt, Mozambique, Sudan, Congo, Gabon, and the Central African Republic. However it is his love of the wilderness areas of Botswana, Namibia, Kenya and the Congolese rainforest that have inspired him the most.

05 February 2015 - 07 March 2015

Beezy Bailey at Everard Read Gallery

Da Vinci?? I couldn’t imagine that the introspective Madonnas from the Renaissance’s incomparable intellect could easily become immersed in the often acerbically witty commentary of Beezy Bailey. It is easy to be mesmerized by Leonardo’s iconic women set in idealized classical landscapes. It’s not easy to imagine vague images of them inhabiting brilliant yet somewhat dysfunctional landscapes of Southern Africa. Bailey however with this collection has achieved the unexpected seemingly effortlessly. A Renaissance beauty demurely floats in the night skies above Cape Town. Another finds herself in an arid wilderness; a smorgasbord of elements from the contemporary and the classical. (Mark Read, 2014)

15 May 2014 - 07 June 2014

Group Show at Everard Read Gallery


This exhibition, curated as an evolving collection of work from gallery artists both past and present, was opened in September 2013. A succession of powerful paintings and sculpture summarising the core of Everard Read has moved through the gallery, works of art being continuously replaced on the exhibition by new acquisitions. The centenary show has been an unprecedented success with visitors numbers at both Everard Read and CIRCA testifying to the institutions' position after 100 years as the pre-eminent commercial fine art gallery in Southern Africa. Now in the second half of its run the centenary exhibition continues to showcase major paintings and sculpture by the front rank artists associated with the gallery but also includes exciting visual art from artists that hint at the future of Everard Read. 

01 December 2013 - 31 January 2014

John Meyer at Everard Read Gallery

John Meyer, one of South Africa’s most celebrated modern landscape painters, presents a series of 10 iconic South African landscapes in his latest exhibition titled ‘My Country’ at Everard Read Johannesburg.

For many years the diverse and varied landscapes of South Africa have been an inspiration for John Meyer. Since his first solo exhibition with Everard Read in 1972, Meyer has dramatically captured the essence of the terrain of his birth country, from the arid Karoo to the spectacular Drakensberg; from the abandoned wilderness of the coast or the bushveld, to the ordered grandeur of the winelands. In these landscape works Meyer captures the soul and feeling of the land and our imagination. It is almost impossible for anyone who has had the pleasure of encountering his work to visit the places that have inspired them, without a sense of deja vu. This is why he is unequivocally the country’s pre-eminent contemporary painter of landscape.

This collection of paintings is a commissioned series which has taken two years to complete. Meyer has painted ten of the most arresting vistas that embody, for him, the essence of this country. It was created in response to a collector’s desire to have a coherent body of iconic works that celebrated the diversity and beauty of our South Africa. When confronted by these paintings one is reminded of J.H. Pierneef’s 'Station Panels', which were commissioned in 1929, and one suspects that eighty years hence they will represent a similarly legacy defining project for Meyer.

18 April 2013 - 04 May 2013

Various Artists at Everard Read Gallery

ArcelorMittal South Africa and Southern Guild join forces to present a six-week exhibition of the most important South African Collectable Design.

The exhibition will showcase new work from more than a hundred of South Africa’s top artists and designers such as William Kentridge, Conrad Botes, Brett Murray, Gregor Jenkin, Haldane Martin, Athi Patra, Michael McGarry, Egg, Tonic, Adriaan Hugo, Conrad Hicks, Ardmore, James Mudge, Silvio Rech, Pierre Swanepoel and many other luminary names. This year, Southern Guild will also be introducing a section dedicated to South African Ceramicists.

“There is no doubting the impact of South African talent on the international design scene. Buoyed by a spirit of entrepreneurship and a rich cultural landscape, South African designers are making their mark on the global forum”. “The ingredient that makes this work interesting is the narrative that is intertwined within the design of each piece and the unique way that is accomplished.”  Trevyn McGowan

To further broaden awareness of local design, the Southern Guild exhibition at Everard Read Gallery will include a series of interactive events, including a Southern Guild Talks programme and guided gallery tours for the public as well as schools.

02 August 2012 - 09 September 2012