Land of Judas

Conrad Botes
Land of Judas, (35 SMALL PANELS) , 25 x 25 cm


45 Vyner Street London


Hours: Wed - Sun: 12pm - 18pm, or by appointment


Conrad Botes at Fred

'House of Judas' comprises Botes’s newest work. He continues to explore the powerful existential ideas of a primal struggle at the root of Man’s suffering, but has moved from the strange allegories of the human condition, and the brutality and violence in the biblical story of Cain and Abel, to concentrate on the love and betrayal, and all its consequences, in Judas’s relationship with Jesus.

Cast as the archetypal outsider, and scapegoat, Judas has little understanding of the situation in which he finds himself. The moral complexities and black humour at the heart of the work are based on issues of gender and race.

He examines the challenges and tribulations of the Afrikaner male in modern, post-apartheid South Africa, as he emerges from the psychic and pathological chaos and disorder endemic in its past and present.

25 March 2010 - 30 April 2010