Galerie van der Mieden

Chapter 2, scene 029

Zander Blom
Chapter 2, scene 029, C-print on Kodak Endura metallic gloss paper , 60 x 87 cm


Pourbusstraat 15, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium

Hours: Wednesday - Saturday: 2pm - 6pm


Zander Blom at Galerie van der Mieden

'The Black Hole Universe' is a long-term photographic book and exhibition project. It involves building makeshift installations in different gallery and studio spaces in cities around the world, and employing them to generate photographic still images for an imaginary futuristic sci-fi noir space film. Each installation functions as a set from a film, and each photographic image functions as a still from a specific scene within a particular chapter of the film. Although the project has many qualities of a film it lacks the main component, that is: a film. The intended final outcome for the project is a publication that contains a series of still images and texts, together with an exhibition of photographic prints and props from the installations. In addition to the photographic works, props and installations from the individual chapters will be shown in the cities in which they are produced, including Sao Paulo, Berlin, Antwerp, Brussels and Miami.

09 December 2010 - 22 January 2011