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Cameron Platter
Monster, Invitation ,


Cameron Platter
You, You, You, Pencil crayon on paper , 238cm x 181.5cm


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Cameron Platter at Gallerie Hussenot

Cameron Platter’s interdisciplinary work examines consumption, excess, detritus, identity and violence within a fragmented society. Through engagement with unorthodox and transient sources, his work schizophrenically documents and unearths contemporary reality.

Entitled 'Monster', this exhibition presents an installation of new sculptures, drawings,
ceramics and tapestries that look towards an internal landscape while cannibalizing the
personal, political and social. These hybrid monuments to transience and impermanence and
nightmare highlight Platter’s continued subversion of both medium and content.

In his sculptural series, ‘Aliens’,carved wooden forms recreate totem-like artifacts. Drawn
from disparate sources such as Brancusi and Moore; ethnographic objects (from the future or
the past); futuristic sci-fi weapons; sex toys and fetish objects – they are an attempt to
produce an authentic sculpture in an inauthentic manner. The monolithic sculpture ‘Monster’ is a shape - shifting collage/ assemblage that embodies the collapse of meaning and medium. Standing over 3 m tall, it is parts totem, dysfunctional consumerist object, monument and portal to the 4th dimension, a relic from a dystopian future.

The drawings presented in Monster act as formal and conceptual links between the different
works. The focal point of these drawings is ‘Stations II’ a large - scale pencil crayon triptych
that reflects the artist’s ongoing investigation of the residues of excessive consumption and
decay. In the same vein, the ‘Stain’ series of pencil crayon studies capture fallouts and
defects, reclaiming unresolved fragments (of other drawings) and reanimating them as formal
compositions. ‘River’, a series of charcoal drawings, has its genus in a set of drawings made
in strip clubs. These nocturnal public performances have mutated into a meditative private
engagement with drawing and note - making in the studio.

‘Invasion’, a large tapestry, is part of an ongoing series called ‘Drift’, which reconfigures the
artist’s two - dim ensional oeuvre and acts as a bridge between his drawings, paintings and
digital works. The process - driven works in ‘Drift’ are concerned with therapy, and the collage
of archive, landscape and South African history. They challenge the assumed hierarchy of
the traditions of craft and painting.

07 June 2014 - 19 July 2014

Cameron Platter at Gallerie Hussenot

'What can you see? What? No! No! No! You? Ha! Ha! You die! You die! You lose your mind! And it doesn’t matter what happened to you'.
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (PhD)

Consisting of drawings, sculptural assemblages, and video, Cameron Platter's 'YOU' is an expanded collage of different signs, symbols, and signifiers informed by a contemporary South Africa.

Part documentary, part commentary, part allegory, an exploration of reality (far stranger than fiction) through concept, satire and subculture, Platter fills the ordinary and the marginal with incendiary new meaning. Interacting with transitory subjects and sources considered delinquent, sordid and lowbrow, he reconnoiters notions and concepts on the outside fringes of popular culture.

Platter’s unique vision - violent, sardonic, collaborative, and critical - is channeled through the mediums of chicken, advertising, death, poetry, chaos, weaving, activism, protest, profit-evangelists, portable toilets, political sloganeering, enlargers, empty guarantees, zombies, the disasters of war, unemployment, destitution, eternal love and forgiveness, debt, credit, money, money, money, sex classifieds, Life Solutions International, transvestites, dildos, buttplugs, pornography, privacy, concealment, miracle healing sessions, tabloids, the power of thoughts, nights of destiny, metaphysics, crime, rainbows, psychedelic dream sequences, transcendence, dolphins, doves, ecstasy, penises, visionary manifestos, alternate belief systems, anti-heroes, the 6th and 7th dimensions, True Ass Confessions, mind control, purgatory, cannibals, and self-help guides.

The drawings on show form part of Platter’s Everyday Apocalypse Pictures series, a projected ten-year series of 100 large-scale drawings. Thinking of these pencil on paper works as 'Nomadic Murals' (as Le Corbusier considered tapestries), and as steles, covered with today’s hieroglyphs, these drawings are a series of interlinking thoughts, capturing the most fleeting moment as well as the most expansive scene, linked together to form a single metanarrative.

08 September 2012 - 06 October 2012