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Musician Attie Brand performing at Q & A (Stellenbosch)

Joachim Schönfeldt
Musician Attie Brand performing at Q & A (Stellenbosch), Photographic print ,
(photo credit: Eric Palmer)


Luan Nel
Seisoen, Watercolour on paper ,

SEE LISTING Preparatory sketch for wall sculpture

Alain Clement
Preparatory sketch for wall sculpture, Mixed media on paper ,


Marcus Neustetter
Between, Photographic print ,


Sean Slemon
Shadow, Cement on Paper ,


Arts on Main 264 Fox St City & Suburban Johannesburg 2094;

Hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 10am - 4pm.


Joachim Schönfeldt at NIROX projects

If you were in Stellenbosch, for the Two Decades of South African Sculpture art festival, on Wednesday night, you would have been met with a most curious sight. The Delta Soetstemme choir and Delta Langbroeke band were vying for superiority in a musical battle, up and down Church Street. The Langbroeke, in blue jackets, were armed with loud, shiny brass instruments, while the Soetstemme, in white, held red and blue flags on long dangerous poles.

In my opinion, the Langbroeke started it all; they taunted and teased the Soetstemme with a cacophony of loud off-key music played defiantly too close to the Soetstemme. The Soetstemme retaliated by lowering their flagpoles; and moving forward in formation and singing boldly, the Langbroeke were forced to retreat. The sides were evenly matched song for song, high note for low. Ground was gained and then lost, gained and lost. Colours were changed from one song to the next, as the Soetstemme and Langbroeke were ingeniously wearing reversible jackets. First they were blue then white, and in the heat of the clash it was difficult to keep up with who was who.

Tiring, and realising there would be no resolution to this conflict, the Soetstemme and
Langbroeke wisely decided to join forces. They intermingled and walked alongside each other, playing and singing the last songs in harmony. Their sweating. battle-weary musical leader was delighted that the conflict had been resolved, and that the Delta bands had showed such strength and spirit by joining forces, and in the end the winner was the music.’ Cathy Macfarlane. 26-1

The concept for the exhibition performance at NIROXprojects, Arts on Main, is a continuance of this musical performance piece that took place in Stellenbosch, 2011, and also the Guild Flag performance at the Johannesburg Art Fair, 2011. Musician Attie Brand (Sprinbok Nude Girls) will be performing a piece with an accordion that was used during the Q & A performance in Stellenbosch, and various objects will be on display.

23 September 2012 - 10 October 2012

Luan Nel at NIROX projects

Entitled 'Swallow', Luan Nel’s most recent body of work presents the viewer with a ‘flock’ of prints of his watercolour birds. Painted with a lightness and brevity of hand, multiple impressionistic glimpses of the birds placed in organic rhythm conjure the idea of movement across space. This is further encouraged by the effective and rather quirky use of electric fans which cause the paper to literally flap in the breeze. The formal play of these elements in the work creates a graceful presentation suggestive of the lift and fall of wings of swallows in the configuration of their migratory flight.

Conceptually the visual vocabulary and symbolic potential of the natural world is not a new departure point for Luan Nel. In his previous exhibition, ’Aviary’, the rituals and habits of birds allude to our own and we are nudged towards this understanding through his personalised titles. Here the migratory patterns of swallows can become a way of speaking about human migration as a condition of contemporary life. However, on a different scale the imagery of these penguin-suited birds and the dance they perform can subtly refer to more intimate patterns of social ritual.

23 September 2012 - 10 October 2012

Alain Clement at NIROX projects

The singularity of Alain Clement's work lies on the close relations he establishes by constant round-trips between painting and sculpture. These relations are enriched by the practice of engraving to which he has dedicated particular care. As in drawings, this technique allows him to evaluate the situation of his research about the space by insisting on the work of the line. Dimensions, traits, lines and ribbons transform the space of the canvas. They deny this space, they force it, they dig into it, in a work that goes past the formalistic genres and asserts the expressive and polysemous power of painting

Alain Clément was born in 1941 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, and now lives and works in Paris and Nîmes. He began painting in the early 1960s. His work, built around recurring subjects, explores the specific qualities and characteristics of the medium: colour, shape, volume and representational modes. For the past twent years he has concentrated on an investigation of artistic processes, including painting, watercolor, sculpture and wall sculpture.

Organised as part of the  France-South Africa Seasons 2012 & 2013.

02 September 2012 - 18 September 2012

Marcus Neustetter at NIROX projects

For artist Marcus Neustetter the ‘vertical gaze’ is an act of looking, be it up into the night sky and down into the layers of our earth. It is an act of sensitive and intensive observation that brings many answers and even more questions to the observer. These acts have led Neustetter in his artistic processes to working directly with archeologists and astronomers, observing them as they gain more complex understanding of time and space. Both practices look back in time and create recorded history. The elements of light traveling back, or objects buried beneath hold rich evidence to our past as well as point to our futures.

From an archeological perspective “The ‘stuff’ between/around artefacts of an archeological dig is called ‘matrix’. It is all part of the context, without which the ‘finds’ mean nothing. Rather like the silences/pauses between notes that give music its meaning.” Sven Ouzman

The space and stuff in-between is not an unknown entity but contains information one needs to make sense of what is in-situ. Therefore the spoil heap, debris or waste (left behind after sieving and sorting) continues to contain evidence that is important to understanding context and time. The act of digging never destroys but it does radically displace. Similarly debitage or waste flakes that are knocked off in the creation of a tool, indicate the process of conceptualizing and making the tool. The discarded elements, once studied reveal the negative space or space between to be as significant to the context as the object.

It is the displacement of the debris, the negative spaces and those elements, which lie between that Marcus Neustetter focusses on in this exhibition.

NIROXprojects will host an 'Evening with the Artist' on Thursday evening, 02 August, to coincide with the Night Market at Arts on Main, Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg.

22 July 2012 - 08 August 2012

Sean Slemon at NIROX projects

The shadow is an indelible image for us all. It’s also something that we cannot possess, cannot hold and cannot own. Commodity is the driver of our daily existence and resources are constantly being co-opted from the realm of the “un-ownable” to that of “bought and sold” in a process of trade that has underpinned our existence for hundreds of years. However, there still remains an idea that there are some things belonging to all people: land, light, water and nature. These have transformed through our complex and insatiable economic systems from resources available to all to resources with commercial value, owned resources, and this is the focus of his recent work.

Sean Slemon’s work, while mostly drawn from nature, is concerned with the ephemeral becoming physical – making the intangible tactile.

It is through simple and subtle gestures that Slemon's concerns are brought to the fore through sculpture, drawing, installation and printmaking. The body of work presented here, still in progress, works towards a reminder that when things that belong to everyone are appropriated for personal gain, something that someone else needs to survive may be taken away from him.

08 July 2012 - 18 July 2012