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"Deep South Distribution (DSD) specialises in material not stocked by, difficult or impossible to locate in South African book shops. We offer obscure and mainstream material, at very good prices. Art magazines stocked include Art in America, Artforum, World Art and Third Text. DSD offers its services by mail order throughout South Africa. Our official Cape Town outlet is at 99 Loop Street. I used to offer an annual printed catalogue, with monthly updates. Sadly, these have become too expensive to produce. I now prefer to e-mail my lists. Please support our drive to carry the latest issues of some of the world's leading magazines and journals, by purchasing, and/or spreading the word." - Paul Wessels.

DSD can be contacted at tel/fax: (021) 24-0775 or preferably by e-mail at

Selected list of art-related journals now in stock: Third Text #43, Summer 1998 (R72,50); Modern Painters Summer 1998 (R60); Artforum Summer 1998 (R72); Flash Art Summer 1998 (R65).


Subject: ACE-mail

Missed any good shows lately? Sign up with ACE-mail (Arts, Culture, Entertainment e-mail) and you'll never be out of touch again.

You'll receive at your e-mail address news, views and updates on the topics that interest you.

Whether you're an opera buff, enjoy serious music, get hot under the collar about dance, favour fine art, or simply like a laugh and a night out at the theatre, ACE-mail can keep you informed and up to date. And it doesn't cost you a cent.

ACE-mail, a first for South Africa, is a project of the website, winner of the Arts and Culture Trust of the President Award for electronic media.

At present information and press releases are sent to and forwarded to artslink's media e-mail mailing list of more than 700 journalists on radio, TV, newspapers and magazines across the country.

"Through ACE-mail, we can not only e-mail the media, we can e-mail the audience," says TJ de Klerk,'s webmaster.

All members of the public need to do is fill in the electronic form at, giving their name, e-mail address and interests. Then, whenever a press release is received at which falls into the categories they specify, the information will be forwarded to their e-mail address, where it can be filtered into its own mailbox and read at leisure.

For publicists, ACE-mail offers a unique opportunity to communicate directly with their target market, the people who have already indicated that they are interested in the type of art or entertainment on offer.

For further information, contact TJ de Klerk at (011) 487-3689, fax (011) 648-6191, or e-mail him at Alternatively read all about ACE-mail and other arts and entertainment-related information at

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