The work that won Viye Diba
the Jury Prize at the Dak'Art
biennale (image courtesy of
Universes in Universe)


Universes in Universe

The Universes in Universe site, which focuses on information and news on the arts of Africa, the Americas and Asia/Pacific, continues to expand. On the page above, you will find news of an international painting exhibition to take place in Mexico City from November 26 to February 1999 entitled 'Five Continents and a City'. The curators include Okwui Enwezor, Yu Yeon Kim and Gerardo Mosquero. Another recent addition is Africa Light, an admirable report by Sabine Vogel on the 3rd Dak'Art Biennial, Senegal, held in April this year. Peruse Art Action for lists of art opportunities and projects - all kinds of info you won't easily find elsewhere.


The webmasters who commissioned 'Fidget' on this month's project page have also produced a number of other intriguing initiatives from a variety of artists. All of them are worth checking out.

Bringing Up Baby

Launched this month, this is the website of the 'Bringing Up Baby' exhibition, which has been extensively reviewed by ArtThrob in the last few months. This site brings you photographs of all the work on the show, plus catalogue material.

Other locally-related links
The new website for all of Cape Town's museums - an easy way for potential visitors to decide exactly how to spend their time. One of the most striking features on the South African National Gallery page is a 360 degree view of Jane Alexander's Butcher Boys, the gallery's best-known and most popular piece. fr-fineart_listings.htm
Luckily you can click through to the mega address of the Electronic Mail & Guardian's fine arts page, or you might pass up this extremely useful and concise listing of all the current visual art activity across the country.
Winner of the Arts and Culture Trust Award for best electronic media, when this fledgling site fulfils its aim of providing a comprehensive resource on all aspects of culture in the country, it will be truly valuable. The visual arts side needs serious attention. In the meantime, there's lots of info, particularly on the performing arts, and many connections to be made.
An online road trip by Paul and Charity, recently in South Africa, in which they meet artists of many persuasions, interview them and record their work.
Johannesburg's top gallery has recently revamped its site, making access to its information on many of the country's top artists more accessible
Cape Town's new-on-the-scene Lipschitz Gallery with news of recent exhibitions. The gallery will arrange tours of local artists' studios for visitors.


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